PS3 PS3 PRO MOD - Give your XMB a new look with these mods by LuanTeles

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by LuanTeles, Jun 20, 2017.

By LuanTeles on Jun 20, 2017 at 3:47 PM
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    Here is a cool mod for 4.81 PS3 Custom Firmware user's as psx-place memeber LuanTeles has put together and released a suite of XMB modifications that he has dubbed the PS3 PRO MOD. This collections contains he PS3 PRO coldboot & gameboot, new boot & xmb sounds, New Custom Icons & new xmb wave , Checkout the video preview and see the included release post for additional details​


    • Hey Guys, I made a little mod for PS3 to PS3 PRO as long now we have PS4 PRO, and our PS3 (w/ CFW) just does everything better than a regular PS3 so i created this PS3 PRO MOD

      The Mod Contains
      • PS3 PRO Coldboot
      • PS4 Boot Sound
      • PS4 XMB Sounds
      • PS3 strings changed to PS3 PRO
      • Some Custom Icons
      • PS3 PRO Gameboot
      • PS4 Gameboot Sound
      • PSP Wave Background

      UPDATE 6/22/17:
      • Resized Pro Logo in GAMEBOOT to fit better
      • Dev_hdd0 custom RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher And Multiman ICONS like folders, to fit better the XMB

      Next Release: PS4 Browser Enter and Exiting Sounds

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by LuanTeles, Jun 20, 2017.

    1. nCadeRegal
      Pretty cool dude, hope you keep working on it. I like it so far.
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    2. LuanTeles
      Thanks XD

      Feel free to give me some suggestions
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    3. pinky
      that's a nice mod, my friend. I might have to check it out once I plug in a television.

      btw, @LuanTeles , were u asking me how to disable the particles (sparks)? were u able to find the option to do so in system settings? iirc, it's called "classic view" or something like that.
    4. sandungas
      Hehehe cool, a PS3 with CFW is more than a PS3

      I remember years ago i made a background for uLaunchelf with the logo that said PS2.5 hehehe
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    5. atreyu187
      I like the folders where did you get those?
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    6. LuanTeles
      Yeap. i found thank u so much
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    7. LuanTeles

      I made them, i will upload them to you
      Since i Have XMBM+, My games (all my games inside it), And The Obligatory Retro Arch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher not fit my XMB, i created its icons as a folder to make a clear and consistent look and moved the DISC ICON to the bottom
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    8. atreyu187
      I like the simplistic look of them. My XMB is a red and black them which I love. Been using the same one since 4.30

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    9. Zwei
      It was well done congratulations for the work

      Edit: I was wondering if anyone has the old PS3 gameboot with the original sound? Playstation 3
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    10. pinky
      u'll have to get the sound from ofw 2.76. it's located here: dev_blind/vsh/resource it's named gameboot_multi.at3 and gameboot_stereo.at3 . the normal gameboot video is still intact in custom_render_plugin.rco. all u need to do is hex edit the ext_game_plugin.sprx and fix cobra hashes (think it's still required now). I have the sprx already hex edited somewhere on the forums if u want to use mine. I didn't do the cobra hashes though. it's easy to fix them if u follow my tutorial in my sig.
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    11. STLcardsWS
      I wrote "The PlayStation 3.5" artlce awhile back (reminds me i need a follow up to that one :) )

      hmm wonder how this would look as a coldboot
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    12. LuanTeles

      I deleted it from my files today =S
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    13. LuanTeles
      LOL its nice
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    14. pinky
      if ur wanting the original custom_render_plugin.rco for 4.81-2 rex:

      that will have the original gameboot.
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    15. Zwei
      Is it possible to share with me?
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    16. pinky
      I uploaded the original gameboot in post 15. it's just the custom_render_plugin.rco. u'll have to patch ext_game_plugin.sprx to make it appear. @LuanTeles has already done that for u. u might need to patch cobra as well by recalculating its hash. not doing so can result in weird problems mostly with ps2 and psp playback/games.
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    17. LuanTeles

      - Resized Pro Logo in GAMEBOOT to fit better
      - Dev_hdd0 custom RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher
      And Multiman ICONS like folders, to fit better the XMB

      Next Relase
      PS4 Browser Enter and Exiting Sounds

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    18. LuanTeles
      Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
    19. STLcardsWS
      Just reported this on the mainpage and seen this update (so added that as well)
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