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By STLcardsWS on May 25, 2015 at 6:33 PM
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    Developer 3141card has released a very nice Proof of Concept of a PS3 VSH Menu (like the PSP days) this feat however has proved to be alot harder for the PS3 as the console sends out a HD signal so blitting has been problematic, but the developer has been working on this off and on for awhile, making a bit of progress here and there and as you see in the included pic this VSH Menu has alot of potential. Checkout all the details from the dev in the release quote below


    • PS3 VSH Menu
      For a week a friend from psXtools, [email protected], ask me regarding this blitting thing.

      He is also a plugin coder :) look e.g. here:

      PS3Lock (Translation to English --> Link)
      Gameboot-Cycle (Translated to English --> Link)

      So I try it again and here is the result:
      PS3 VSH Menu + src

      I give usually a shit on "eye candy" graphics, things have to work, how she looks is secondary.
      Anyway, there is a function, draw_png(), to blitt a part of a loaded png on a given place.
      So a menu bitmap with background, buttons, ... can be created+used to make "eye candy" graphics.
      Alpha blending is available, for things like rounded edges or light effects.

      The file font.png must be placed in /dev_usb000. @Mod ders, make no changes to this
      file, there are hidden pixels containing information about char-width!

      The screenshot.bmp created with menu entry 4 is placed in /dev_hdd0, there is
      no id into the name like a timestamp, so a new file kills the old one.

      Coded under rebug 4.46 CEX, but code should be generic.

      THX to [email protected] for help and testings, and @mysis for the idea last year:
      "why not freezing the framebuffer" :)

    PS3 VSH Menu + src ( Mirror )

    (Thank to tthousand for the news tip)​
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, May 25, 2015.

    1. chris
      w00t! the end of button combos is nigh.
    2. STLcardsWS
      Hopefully, while they can be useful a VSH menu would be great !!!

      Nice work [MENTION=21]3141card[/MENTION]
    3. Tranced
      I like this, good work.
    4. atreyu187
      Ok while this is great I don't like having to have a USB HDD hooked up to use this. If it could he coded to be used on the internal HDD I would oh so grateful. Not everyone uses a FAT32 format HDD/USB drive. My CU3 uses one port and my other port stopped working a long time ago. I am oh so happy with my 1tb internal. Had it all these years and still have 500gb left with all my games and such. Once it evolves more I hope to see this feature added first but great job none the less.


      So I was thinking, would it be possible if I could get one of my dev friends that could compile this for me to make a simple edit of where the sprx looks for the font.png to be say the root of the internal hdd would that work? Or would there need to be more done? Don't think the dev of this is a member here but maybe one of our devs here could answer this for me. [metion]haxxxen[/mention] do you think this could be done or maybe [MENTION=29]Joonie[/MENTION] if you are still lurking around. Haven't seen you in a while or [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] if you are around.
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    5. 3141card

      Place font.png in /dev_hdd0

      And keep in mind, its a test plugin, showing possibilities. E.g. the screenshot, I need a pic for my post, thats all, therefore no timestamp in name and
      showing the menu and not the XMB without menu. ;)
    6. STLcardsWS
      Hopefully to see some devs use this POC.. VSH menu on the ps3 is just epic IMO. :)

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