PS3 PS3DumpChecker: Build 488 Released - Supporting 4.80 FW

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    A new update for PS3DumpChecker has been made by littlebalup with the release of Build 488 that gives support for 4.80 Firmware Support. This PS3 tool is useful in downgrades for to check your PS3 NOR and NAND Dumps. Checkers are not always 100% accurate and its best to use this tool and similar checkers as a guide. View additional details about this update and tool in the descriptions provided below in our new tabs ...


    • PS3DumpChecker

      A PS3 NOR/NAND Dump Checker/Verifier
      NOTE: Nobody takes ANY responsibility for any false negative/false positive given by this app, the responsibility that your dump is valid is YOURS and yours alone... this tool should be treated as an easy way to make a quick check to see if it's at all worth looking closer at, to really verify your dump read the latest information here:

      You may use this tool any way you like, you may also use the code on this repo any way you like If you find any bugs let me know so i can fix them! if i don't hear about bugs i can't fix them ;)
      swizzy[at] is my e-mail if you have any bug reports to give or just wanna talk... I'm also available on the irc network Efnet if you wanna contact me in person, i ussually go by the name "Swizzy" or "_Swizzy"

    • NEW -- > Build 488 2016-04-29:
      • Changed: The embedded 4.78 patch replaced by a 4.80 patch build from the FERROX 4.80 CEX custom firmware CoreOS.
      • Added: OFW and Patched 4.80 ROS hashs.

      Previous Updates
      Build 487 2016-01-24:
      - Changed: The embedded 4.76 patch replaced by a 4.78 patch build from the FERROX 4.78 CEX custom firmware CoreOS.
      - Added: OFW and Patched 4.78 ROS hashs.
      - Added cisd2 no-wifi entry and one CECHB SKU ID data.
      Build 486 2015-09-11:
      - Updated UpdateHelper.exe to not delete itself (this was causing some antivirus software to call it a trojan/virus/malicious/suspicious software)
      Build 485 2015-09-06:
      - Changed: The embedded 4.75 patch replaced by a 4.76 patch build from the FERROX 4.76 CEX custom firmware CoreOS.
      - Added: OFW and Patched 4.76 ROS hashs.
      Build 484 2015-06-08:
      - Changed: The embedded 4.70 patch replaced by a 4.75 patch build from the FERROX 4.75 CEX custom firmware CoreOS.
      - Added: OFW and Patched 4.75 ROS hashs
      - Fixed: metldr threshold stats slightly adjusted
      Build 481 2015-02-27:
      - Changed: The embedded 4.66 patch replaced by the Darkjiros's 4.70 fixed patch
      - Added: OFW and Patched 4.70 ROS hashs
      - Fixed: cvtrm checks 010.04 & 010.06 (NAND) and 010.06 & 010.11 (NOR) are deactivated as they are causing false negative on some rare flash images. Those checks are commented into the default.config files and can be restaured.
      - Fixed: datas of cISD semistatic2 check completed for refurbished NAND consoles. Added one SKU datas for a CECHG refurbished console as well.
      Build 479 2015-01-23:
      - Added: embedded ROS patch version now displayed in settings.
      - Added: new button to restore default values of settings (clear registry then restart the application).
      - Improved: settings form, some tooltips...
      - Fixed: now "Restore ROS header" option is disabled if internal patcher is not used.
      - Fixed: cvtrm Header static check (NAND)
      Build 475 2015-01-11:
      - Added: New option to select a custom ROS patch instead of the default embedded one. (a patch.bin file in the root directory still working if exist)
      - Added: new cISD1 semistatic 2 entry (NOR check)
      Build 473 2014-12-05:
      - Added: Some tooltips in the settings menu.
      - Added: New option to restore ROS headers. May be useful for dumps coming from jailbroken consoles. The option can be enabled in the settings menu, "Restore ROS headers".
      - Added: The embedded TRVK patches have been reinstated as an option. Can be enabled in the settings menu, "Apply TRVK patches".
      Build 470 2014-11-22:
      - Changed: Because it was causing some soft-bricks on slim models, the embedded 4.66 patch is replaced by Darkjiros 4.66 patch.
      Build 469 2014-11-20:
      - Changed: The embedded 4.65 patch replaced by a 4.66 patch (Littlebalup's build)
      - Added: OFW and Patched 4.66 ROS hashs
      - Added: one new cISD1 Semistatic 2 entry (NAND)
      - Fixed: cell_ext_os_area check (NAND)
      Build 468 2014-10-14:
      - Changed: The embedded Darkiris's 4.65 patch replaced by a patch made from "Ferrox 4.65 DB" firmware CoreOS (as the Darkiris's patch has some issues).
      - Added: VTRM 0xFF filled area checks (variable size/starting offset depending of VTRM entries count)
      - Added: Bootldr & asecure_loader 0x00 / 0xFF filled area checks (variable size/starting offset depending on version)
      - Added: A "Force Patch" option allowing to apply patches even if the dump failed verification. Can be enabled/disabled in the settings menu, disabled by default. Must be used with care and knowledge
      - Added: The Three Musketeer's patch MD5 to the hashlist
      - Changed: Font of the displayed data in text boxes is now monospaced
      - Added: Some check adjustments. Added some cell_ext_os_area checks (NAND)
      - Fixed: Some output wouldn't show properly, now it does (ascii null issues along with non-ascii beeing converted to [])
      - Fixed: ROS Version checks are now performed properly, if the hash don't match any known version, it'll still pass now... (as that's what it was intended for... besides, if this value is bad... the hash won't match ;))
      - Fixed: The log now contains all data from the Datamatch check aswell (it only shows the data if there's a missmatch somewhere, otherwise it'll just show you the result of the check for each part)
      - Fixed: Alignment issues with some hex output (all output is now aligned to be per-byte (space in between every 2 hex chars) and 0x10 bytes per line)
      - Added: SequenceRepetition to the Datamatch check (enables vtrm checking which has > 500 sequences which should match...)
      - Added: DisableDisplay to the Datamatch check (enables checking large data to be a match without displaying the actual data...)
      Build 416 2014-09-18:
      (Swizzy's changes):
        - Added: ROS version checks. Can be enabled/disabled in settings menu, ROS versions and patch status displayed in "Image Information" group. If a known patched ROS recognized, it will not ask to patch the dump
        - Added: new "datafill" type checks, Now large 0x00 and 0xFF areas can be checked
      (Littlebalup's changes):
        - Updated: The embedded CFG Added, improved, corrected and reorganized some checks (more than 100 checks now for both NOR and NAND)
        - Updated: The embedded hashlist (to the latest one today)
        - Changed: The embedded 4.55 patch replaced by the Darkiris's 4.65 patch (which has its size corrected to 6.99MB)
      Build 348 2014-02-27:
      - Fixed: Dropping a dump on the exe will now work again (Thanks to Baileyscream for the bug report!)
      Build 347 2014-02-27:
      - Fixed: Old format for the disclaimer was still partially used by accident, doesn't really have a big effect, as it's converted on each boot untill you disable the disclaimer...
      Build 346 2014-02-27:
      - Fixed: Crash when using the new version for the first time, and some errors with the Disclaimer disablement stuff... didn't always work quite as it should...
      - Added: Crash log will now also reflect the version used...
      - Added: New check type (Data Matches) This type checks for areas of the NAND/NOR which should be the same at specified offsets, such as bootldr size (they should always be a match) and per console nonce
      - Fixed: Check count is now correct (each part of the repetition check is a different check, so it should be counted as such...)
      Build 344 2014-02-25:
      - Added: You can now disable the disclaimer that pops up during startup from the settings menu, it has always been possible by editing the registry manually or pressing Ctrl + F1...
      Build 343 2014-02-25:
      - Fixed: Loading "patch.bin" now works properly...
      - Added: When repetitions are failing you'll be told what address line(s) to check in order to solve the problem
        - NOTE: The feature have been tested properly now... and... If A0 is bad the whole image will look REALLY bad... there is no way i can reliably check for this error atm (repetitions don't happen because the check size is too big)
      Build 342 2014-02-25:
      - Fixed: Wording in settings (I originally added 3.55 patching as an option, but spoke to rogero and he explained that his 4.55 works the same way with better compatibility for newer consoles, and also with the noFSM...)
      Build 341 2014-02-25:
      - Added: Option to use internal patcher (Currently included patches are Rogero's 4.55 Patches, they support ALL methods of downgrading [FactoryServiceMode and "NoFSM" CFW install])
        - NOTE: This will be disabled for metldr2 dumps...
        - NOTE: The embedded patches can be overridden by placing a new one as "patch.bin" next to the exe...
      - Added: Version check for the application update check
      - Fixed: Better error handling when checking for updates, and moved the code to check for cfg/hashlist updates to form load instead (allowing for it to load first so you know it haven't crashed...)
      - Added: You'll now be notified if you're already using the latest hashlist/cfg when doing a manual update check
      - Added: There's now a tool to fix problems with NOR dumps that were made with address lines swapped by accident... you can access it by pressing Ctrl + F9 (Thanks goes to Judges for the code snippet to do this! :D)
        - NOTE: This was added as a way for me to simulate errors, thus the name of it "Simulate Shit" xD There's also a tool to edit a dump to simulate a bad address line... (not useful for most of you ;))
      - Changed: The changelog now uses the font "Consolas" to make sure the formatting is the same as when i write it in Visual Studio :)
      Build 338 2014-02-20:
      - Changed: Better error handler, it'll now show you where it saves the crash log and also save it next to the exe instead...
      - Fixed: Downloading the hashlist/config now properly checks default.cfg/default.hashlist before downloading and not latest.cfg/latest.hashlist
      Build 337 2014-02-20:
      - Added: Error handler for a different type of crash which only effected some users (dafuq?)
      - Fixed: Hopefully fixed the crash some of you experienced with the previous builds (325 & 332 atleast)
      Build 332 2014-02-20:
      - Added: Button/Icon for Settings
      - Added: Repetitions check (look for data that should only exist once...) [ Enabled by default]
      - Fixed: Hash checking of the app is now done correctly :)
      Build 325 2014-02-17:
      - Fixed: Error beeing shown while checking for app updates then the file beeing downloaded anyways... maybe i need more sleep?
      Build 323 2014-02-17:
      - Fixed: AutoDLHashlist now downloads the hashlist and not the cfg (woops!)
      - Added: Before downloading any file an attempt will be made to check if the current file is the same as the online one, if it is... then it'll be ignored...
      Build 322 2014-02-17:
      - Fixed: The app can now properly download itself from github (my bad!)
      Build 319 2014-02-17:
      - Added: Auto download the latest hashlist/cfg automatically on load
      - Changed: Now using Github as the update server instead... (easier for me to maintain)
      - Updated: The embedded cfg/hashlist are updated as all other builds before (to the latest one today)
      - Removed: I've removed the TRVK_PRG# and TRVK_PKG# hashes from the list, they're quite useless anyways ;)
      Build 305 2013-08-20:
      - Added: Upon getting a smaller screen height of 600 pixels it'll now resize the window to fit...
      Build 304 2013-08-12:
      - Added disclaimer message everytime you launch it, to disable that hit Ctrl + F1
      - Fixed an issue with the hashchecks and added a new hash (Thanks to BwE's tool, it was identified as 3.66 so i added it ;)) there'll be many more to add later on...
      - Fixed a typo in the CFG for identifying CECHJxx (DIA-002) datecode: 8B
      Build 299 2013-08-08:
      - Added Settings menu (Ctrl + F12)
      - Added A Way for you to bypass the HashCheck (if you don't want it, just disable it!)
      - Updates are now completed, the app will now update itself on request...
      Build 282 - 2013-08-07:
      - Added Hash checks for:
        - ROS0
        - ROS1
        - TRVK_PRG0
        - TRVK_PRG1
        - TRVK_PKG0
        - TRVK_PKG1
      - Fixed a couple of bugs
      - Added The inital Internet Updates function (somewhat broken)
      Build 252 - 2013-07-29:
      - Fixed a bug caused by computers completing checks faster then it could process the checks list
      Build 250 - 2013-07-26:
      - Added Auto Launching Rogero's Patcher if present and dump verified...
      - Removed statistics check from the default cfg (they're rarely ever passing anyways unless 3.55 patched first)

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