PS3 PS3HEN: A Homebrew ENabler (& more) for SuperSlim & all nonCFW PS3 Consoles !!!

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    UPDATE v1.01/.02 have been released v2.0 has been released

    Original Thread See Link above for Updated PS3HEN ^

    Huge news for nonCFW compatible
    PS3 Models (
    SuperSlims and late Slim Models) as anonymous developer's have dropped a huge bombshell with the release of PS3HEN. Just recently we seen the release of HFW (Hybrid Firmware) for the PS3, proving once again that the development scene is still alive and kicking to bring a new window of exploration to 4.84 by bringing back a patched webkit (from 4.82) in a rather clever approach. Which restored the PS3Xploit Tools for 4.84 for both Custom Firmware Compatible Models (for CFW installs) and for nonCFW models that utilized the less powerful etHANel (aka HAN) exploit that with today's news will be an obsolete hack with the emergence of the PlayStation3 first HEN or otherwise known as a Homebrew ENabler. So, yes that means SuperSlim Console's and late Slims PS3 Models (aka nonCFW models) can now FINALLY enjoy PS3 Homebrew at last, but that is not all this PS3HEN release brings to the table. As there is a number of CFW patches / features that come along for the ride as well, while not on quite par with CFW functionality completely it does provide a number of functions that is very exciting and very close to a CFW experience (especially with homebrew support)..Some additional features include things like Boot-Plugin Support, BDISO Support, Cinavia patches are just a few of the features/patches you can see outlined in the release notes:


    This has been a long journey for the SuperSlim's/late slims who were left on the outside of the community for a very long time and then finally got an introduction to hacks with the HAN exploit and now with a more powerful HEN that has now emerged finally there will be plenty of new possibilities.

    • UPDATED v1.01 /.02 Released

      • Renamed stackframe_v11.bin to stackframe.bin
      • Added boot_plugins_nocobra.txt
      • Added USB and HDD offline packages
      • HAN-signed PS3HENtai package
      • Fixed missing "Enable HEN" icon while CFW files are being used, with new USB and HDD offline packages

      A Powerful Homebrew ENabler (HEN) for nonCFW compatible PS3 Models

      What is HEN?:
      • HEN stands for Homebrew ENabler. it also consists of many more new functions relatively close to a Custom Firmware (CFW)

      How does it work?:
      • Install HAN Enabler. Copy PS3HEN.BIN, HENTAI.pkg and stackframe.bin(READ:rename) to /dev_usb000 and run the HTML.
      • Once done, go to Package manager and install the HENTAI.pkg and reboot console
      • From now on to enable HEN simply use usb000 stackframe.bin and PS3HEN.BIN and run html...HEN ENABLED!

      Noob Friendly Instructions (Added by thanks @Louay)
      • Install HFW 4.84.2 (Found here) from Official firmware 4.84
      • Then use HAN Installer to get Package Manger in XMB Game colmun
      • Copy the 2 BINs (PS3HEN.bin + stackframe.bin) from download file (of PS3HEN v1.0.0) along with HENTAI.pkg to root of USB
      • Install the HENTAI PKG via Package Manager on the XMB
      • Use HEN Enabler @ website (there is offline see @esc0rtd3w twitter post or next tab)
      • Now HEN is Enabled launch your chosen homebrew and run if it give you 80010017 then re use HEN Enabler cause it didn't activate properly

      FEATURES (as of v1.00):

      • ManaGunz backup manager works best for jb rips(ISO not supported)!
      • MULTIMAN works too but compatibility is not the same.
      • PSXISO Support is there!!!!
      • BD/DVD Region patches
      • BDISO support(stutter with xmb, use showtime)
      • BOOT-PLUGINS WORK location "/dev_usb000/boot_plugins_nocobra.txt"(Use webman original one and not the mod one. also disable content scan on boot in settings)
      • Discless games work with disc icon!
      • Syscall 6 added
      • Syscall 7 added (address>0x8000000000352230) and disabled overwriting syscall 0->15
      • Syscall 15 added
      • Syscall 8 opcodes added for detection HEN and for advanced lv2 poke(read DEVELOPER SECTION)
      • Whole kernel memory RWX (execute kernel payload like this at high locations or hook syscalls etc)
      • PS3MAPI support for modding
      • Debug PKG install
      • Homebrew resigned for 3.55 and less support!
      • Homebrew Root Flags enabled!
      • HAN PKG insall support
      • PSN Connectivity
      • All process executed after HEN have rwx permissions!
      • HAN Enabled by default!
      • CFW settings
      • Retail/DEBUG pkg installation
      • Unlink to Delete
      • Remote play with PC
      • Download debug pkg on retail
      • Remote play ignores SFO check
      • Cinavia protection
      • videoplayer_plugin
      • DVD region check (not cracking RCE)
      • REBUG themed RCO & XML
      • AIO copy

      • if you get error 80010017 launching homebrew that simply means HEN failure, restart console and try again!(restart is important!)
      • also try deleting cache, browsing data, cookies and the likes from browser, make the exploit page the home page
      • Added by psx-place (via @esc0rtd3w) -msg source
      • without boot_plugins_nocobra.txt file on usb000 it wont load WebMan at /dev_hdd0/plugins/webftp_server.sprx (/boot_plugins_nocobra.txt/file) Note: its actually not a problem or an issue. it prevents bad plugins from running
      • Added by psx-place (via @habib) - msg Source
        Error Code 80028f22 occurs with trying to launch currently unsupported ISO games (ps3)
      • Added by psx-place (via @habib)
        Black screen occurs on homebrew when not re-signed or rarely occurs for no reason (hen failure)

      • #define SYSCALL8_OPCODE_IS_HEN 0x1337
      • using this if return 0x1337 its hen
      • ADVANCED POKE:syscall8(0x7003, addr, value);
      • this allows poking any location in lv2 memory BUT you have to restore original value before exiting to another application or exiting to xmb.USE WISELY OTHERWISE PS3 SHUTS DOWN
      • BDMIRROR:Managunz FTW!(please use Cobra payload because by default its MULTIMAN)
      • NOTE:mounting dev_blind will actually mount dev_flash. change files directly from dev_flash instead or hdd0/plugins/CFW/
      • Kernel Mode returns 0x53434500 on success to user webkit 0x8a000000. its good to measure HEN success. right now hen is already close to or is 100%


      • CONNECTION TO PSN SHOULD BE DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DISABLING CFW SYSCALLS MAY NOT HIDE YOUR HEN WHILE ON PSN (a popular method used by CFW user's may not be suited for PS3HEN user's)
      • DO NOT INSTALL CCAPI (ControlConsole API)

    • Apps / Utilities / Tools updated for PS3HEN Support (if needed)

    • F.A.Q.
      This section has been added by

      Q.) What is the differences between PS3HEN & Custom Firmware?

      A.) (via habib) So, the limitations of hen
      1.resigning is needed of homebrews!
      2.some homebrews need updates to support(READ:Readme)
      3.erk dumper or tools such as IDPSet are not possible
      4.ps3 iso are not possible
      5.(could be fixed with some reversing) NPDRM paid licenses won’t work if not signed with HAN key(tools such as reactpsn need update or fix in hen needed)
      6.(BUG)since NPDRM paid licenses won’t work when HEN enabled(thus HAN with it), original paid content won’t work without resign or when hen enabled
      7.its just not permenant like CFW​

    UPDATED v2.0.0
    SEE: PS3HEN v2.0.0

    See the (Work In Progress) PS3 Starter Guide for PS3 HEN user's
    We will be adding alot of content to over the next days >>> LINK <<<
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 26, 2019.

    1. Itroublve Hacker
      Itroublve Hacker
      It happen to me too. What I needed to do was connect my usb with the webman.nocobra.txt thing in root to the port next to the blu-ray drive and then it worked like a charm. You should try it and also try installing the fix. I also found a video on YouTube and it had a fix that was 187MB and then it started working,
    2. HRVAT
      Do we need to use SEN Enabler to go online now or we can just use PS3 like we used it with PS3 HAN?
    3. Itroublve Hacker
      Itroublve Hacker
      There is a strict warning! DON'T GO ONLINE! So if you get banned it is not their fault. SEN Enabler and stuff doesn't work on HEN according to them.

      I know but it is HEN and I suppose it can't delete history and stuff automatically as CFW does! I'm not sure!
      Last edited by a moderator: Apr 29, 2019
    4. 93simon
      Sakimotor likes this.
    5. AlettaDiPollo
      Okay im tired of this. now webman MOD installer just black screen'd me on my 45th attempt to install it, rebooted, tried again... still nothing! i get a blank webman Mod folder on my xmb! this is getting on my nerves... i got the txt boot file on my usb but still nothing... can somebody please help me?
      webman Mod is ver. 17
    6. AlettaDiPollo
      i am the stupidest [email protected]#ing thing on earth...... i put the usb on the right side and now it loads.
      please kill me
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    7. Freddy Castro
      Freddy Castro
      I'm noob and i need to ask, how can i use boot-plugis? i'm trying to use ps3xpad but i have no clue.
    8. Coldheart2236
      I'm not sure. I do know it's not recommended for use with CFW due to more effective, up to date methods used implemented in PSNpatch and SEN Enabler. With that said, no good can come of trying to use any of them with HEN in an effort to be online safely as there's a likely chance it would have the opposite effect.

      I don't recall seeing many - if any - bans from signing on while using HAN - on 4.82 using a proxy server or more recently on 4.84. It is your 'safest' bet to get online, and I say 'safest' because nobody truly knows what Sony can detect when a user is signed in to PSN, or what's the limit so to speak before they issue an account and/or console ban.
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    9. serhatordulu
      Okay Multiman works now
    10. esc0rtd3w
      That method sucks. Use offline HDD method

      I said for lack of a better term, it is COBRA lol. It's not really COBRA, but shares many features.
      Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
      oneohthree likes this.
      Freezes when enable hen..why?
    12. esc0rtd3w
      Because you no follow directions

      Use offline HDD package. It's easier.
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    13. oneohthree
      LOL, thanks anyway for the explanation. I have to test sMAN on my HFW console. It's the only homebrew I like on my CFW console, really simple and functional. I haven't heard of anybody has done it. Is it worth it?
      ecto and esc0rtd3w like this.
    14. esc0rtd3w
      @STLcardsWS please also link 1.0.2 zip in OP to save the million questions of why stackframe is named incorrectly, causing freezing.

      Thanks :D

      I sent you link to post with zip info to also include, but nothing was modified, just offline packages added, boot_plugins_nocobra.txt added, HAN-signed PS3HENtai PKG, and renamed stackframe.bin correctly.

      The 1.0.0 zip should be demoted.
    15. ReddMcKnight
      I don't get it, what does this actually allow us to do? I know we can install things like Multiman and ManaGunZ now, but they don't appear to actually work, say, when trying to play PS3 Games like Tales of Vesperia. The PS3 just locks up. Is it incompatible with fan-translated games? PS2 Games don't seem to work either. Did I just screw something up on my end, perhaps? Sorry, I'm still a total newb to PS3 stuff.
    16. falah1989
      enable dynamic fan control not working in webman :(
    17. ramzidz15
      I have games in the format of pkg I want to install inside the multiMAN
      Got it thanxs
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    19. esc0rtd3w
      My games work fine with Managunz and cobra as payload. PS2 games are different and will need special attention, others probably too like PSP.
    20. ReddMcKnight
      HA! All I had to do was switch to Cobra?! How do you like that?! Thanks! :D I still feel stupid though...
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