PS3 PS3Lock 0.92: System Update Block for 4.81 CFW Added

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    PS3 Developer MixeryMaxe has updated PS3Lock plugin to v 0.92 adding support for "System Update Block" for CFW 4.81 user's . While other features of PS3Lock work fine on 4.81 CFW, the System Update Block needs updated with each firmware update . This plugin is a great concept and is recommended if you need to protect your CFW enabled PlayStation 3 from unauthorized access.

    * Note that the System Update Block does not work in Recovery Mode, only blocked in settings on the XMB and PSN Alerts.​

    Ps3lock setting.jpg
    Checkout this thread to view additional PS3 Application & Custom Firmware updated to support 4.81

    • i have update PS3lock to version 0.92.

      Changelog PS3Lock v0.92:
      • added system update block for CFW 4.81 (thx to ermak86)

    • PS3Lock v0.92 (PS3 Plugin) by [email protected]

      PS3Lock is an authentication-system for cfw capable PlayStation 3. An personal password protects your PS3 against unauthorized access or gives you restricted access. XMB Settings, deleting of content files(apps/homebrews, game-data, video, music and pictures) and system update can be locked.​

      After installation, at first boot you will be prompted to define a password (min. 2 digits, max. 10 digits).

      To set the password you can use the following buttons:
      • :dir up:, :dir down:, :dir left:, :dir right: (D-PAD)
      • :but tri:, :but cir: , :but square: , :but x:
      • :but l1: , :but r1:

      With "L3" you can cancel the entry and with "R3" you can save the password. After saving, the PS3 is protected by this password and is required after each restart. After 3 incorrect entries the PS3 will shut down automatically. Authentication is done in the same way as you save it or via an USB device. You have to set up this USB device and this device have to be in "/dev_usb000" (most right, close to BD drive) on PS3 startup. Don't forget to enable "USB authentication" in the settings menu.

      Main Functions:

      • XMB password protection Password request while recur to XMB from apps, games and BD/DVD .
      • PS3Lock-settings password protection Password request for PS3Lock settings.

    • Additional Features
      • Lock XMB settings - XMB settings are locked and PS3 contents can NOT be deleted(apps/games, game-data, video, music and pictures). In-Game XMB disabled.
      • Block system update - System update is blocked in category "settings" and while try logging into PSN. (This DOESN'T work in recovery mode, game discs not properly tested)
      • Hide "GAMEZ" folder - Hide Games in GAMEZ folder.
      • PS3Lock Sleep Timer - Gives you a time-limited access to the PS3.The sleep timer can set to 0:30h, 1:00h, 1:30h, 2:00h, 2:30h, 3:00h After 3 warning messages (10, 5, 1min before the preset time), the PS3 will be shutdown.
      • Read "parental control" password - Shows you the "PS3 parental control" password.

    • Perfect child protection:
      Restricted mode + PS3Lock sleep timer is the perfect child protection. The restricted mode gives limited access to the PS3 without a password and through the sleep timer this mode is time-limited. After shutdown through the sleep timer the restricted mode is automatically disabled. If restricted mode is disabled you get access to the PS3 only with password.

    • Settings: In XMB push "R3+CIRCLE" to open the settings menu.​
      • PS3 password protection: Enable/Disable password request after every reboot.
      • XMB password protection: Enable/Disable password request after closing apps/games.
      • PS3Lock Sett. PW protection: Enable/Disable password request for PS3Lock settings(USB authentication NOT possible).
      • USB authentication: Enable/Disable USB authentication. This saves the password entry.
      • Restricted mode: *1 Provides restricted access to the PS3 without a password.
      • Buzzer -incorrect PW-: Enable/Disable PS3 buzzer if the entry is false.
        • 1. misentry = 1 beep
        • 2. misentry = 2 bepp
        • 3. misentry = 3 beep = PS3 shutdown
      • Menu sound: Enable/Disable Menu sound effects.
      *1Restricted mode: - With this option enabled, you have the possibility to press the START button at the password entry and use the PS3 in restricted mode.

      In restricted mode following things are disabled/hidden:

      • GAMEZ folder hidden (advanced settings -> hide GAMEZ -> must be set to "auto")
      • XMB settings are locked
      • System Update Blocked (advanced settings -> block system update -> must be set to your real CFW)

    • # Advanced settings (L1)
      • PS3Lock (sleep) timer: Automatically turn off the PS3 after the defined time. 0:30h, 1:00h, 1:30h, 2:00h, 2:30h, 3:00h.
      • Hide "GAMEZ" folder:
        • disable = always visilbe
        • hidden = always hidden (renamed to GAMEZx)
        • auto = only hidden if "Resticted mode" is active
      • Lock XMB settings: Lock XMB settings and prevents from deleting PS3 content(apps/games, game-data, video, music und pictures). In-Game XMB disabled.
        • disable = full access to PS3 content and settings
        • enable = temporary locked (after restart disabled)
        • permanent = always locked (locked even after restart)
      • Block system update: *1 Prevent system update in XMB and while trying loggin to PSN.
        • disable = system update is possible
        • enable = temporarily blocked (after restart disabled)
        • permanent = always blocked (even after restart)
      • PS3Lock start delay: *2 PS3Lock start delay after system start (in seconds).
      • Language: *3 Set your language for PS3Lock.
      • Set new password: Here you can set a new password (min 2 digits, max 10 digits).
        • !! CAUTION !! If you use the "USB authentication", you have to set up again the USB device.

      *1 Block system update:
      You can block the system update, following CFW are supported:
      - 4.46
      - 4.50
      - 4.55
      - 4.60
      - 4.66
      - 4.70
      - 4.75
      - 4.76
      - 4.78
      - 4.80
      - 4.81​
      In order to block the system update, i use the modified files from XMB Lock from ermak86. Thank you mate :)

      NOTHING is changed in dev_flash so this CAN'T cause a brick by incorrect use!
      If you setup your CFW (the real, NOT the spoofed version) and the option is enabled then PS3Lock redirect the original file "/dev_flash/vsh/module/software_update_plugin.sprx" to
      "/dev_hdd0/Plugins/PS3Lock/Block_Update/software_update.block_XXX" (XXX your CFW). NOTHING touched in dev_flash!

      This option is auto-enabled in "Restricted mode" or you can manually enable/disable in advanced settings.

      You can also set the update block to "permanent", then the update block is auto-enabled after each restart (independent from restricted mode).

      Thanks at aldostools for the hint with "sys_map_path()" ;)
      - Open the PS3Lock settings -> Advanced settings
      - Go to "Block system update"
      - setup your CFW and push SQUARE​
      *2 PS3Lock start delay:
      For CFWs without epilepsy warning i recommend 0-3 sec, for CFWs with epilepsy warning 6-9 sec.
      If the menu seems to "frozen" after first password entry then try to open the settings menu (R3+O),
      if you see the settings menu then try to increase delay time and push L2+R2+L3 for restart.
      *3 PS3Lock languages (ps3l_lang.db):
      Since version 0.6 the languages are in an extern file. This language file (ps3l_lang.db) can be edit with normal text editor (i use Notepad++). Don't add or remove the lines! Just edit! There are 12 languages (number 11 and 12 are placeholder for new languages). PS3Lock has a language update function.
      - Copy "ps3l_lang.db" on any USB device in fat32 format (X:/ps3l_lang.db)
      - This USB device have to be in "/dev_usb000" (most right, close to BD drive)
      - Open the PS3Lock settings -> Advanced settings (L1)
      - Go to "Language" and push SQUARE​

    • PS3Lock statistics (R1)
      In settings screen you can look at the PS3Lock statistics.​

      There are following infos:

      • PS3/PS3Lock starts: How often the PS3 was launched (with PS3Lock).
      • Correct password: How often the correct password has been entered.
      • Incorrect password: How often the incorrect password has been entered.
      • USB authentication: How often performed an USB authentication.
      • Shutdown through PS3Lock: How often the PS3 was shutdown by PS3Lock.

      In the statistics screen you have also following options:
      • "R3 + /\" Reset the PS3Lock config file
      • "R3 + []" Reset all statistics
      • ! Hidden option !
      • "L3 + R3" Show password "Parental Control"

    • PKG installation:
      Since version 0.9 there is an easy installer pkg with UI. Thanks aldostools(webMAN updater) and Hermes(TINY3D sample @PSL1GHT).
      • Copy "PS3Lock_0.9x_Installer_Updater.pkg" on any USB device in fat32 format and install via Install Package Files.
      • Start the Installer/Updater and follow the instructions on screen.

    • Manual installation:
      If you update this plugin it's recommended to delete "ps3lock_cfg.bin" before restart.

      1. (Plugin installation on Cobra CFW)
      • - Copy the content from "~hdd0" to "/dev_hdd0".
      • - Copy the boot_plugins.txt to "/dev_hdd0"
      • - If boot_plugins.txt already exist on /dev_hdd0 then add the following line:
      • /dev_hdd0/plugins/PS3Lock/ps3lock_vsh.sprx
      • - Reboot the PS3.

      • - Create the flag file "ps3.lock" on any USB device in fat32 format (X:/ps3.lock)
      • - This USB device have to be in "/dev_usb000" (most right, close to BD drive)
      • - Open the PS3Lock settings
      • - Go to "USB authentication" and push SQUARE

      3. (Backgroung)
      • - PS3Lock can also load a background pic from "/dev_hdd0/plugins/PS3Lock/PS3Lock_BG.png" (720x464).

    • Forgot Password ?

      Forgot password, what can i do? There are several ways to reset the password:

      1. PS3Lock fail-safe button combo + flag file on USB device.
      • - Create the flag file "ps3lock.reset" on any USB device in fat32 format (X:/ps3lock.reset).
      • - This USB device have to be in "/dev_usb000" (most right, close to BD drive).
      • - Start the PS3 and hit "R3 + [] + O" on startup.
      • - PS3Lock delete Config and the flag file "/dev_usb000/ps3lock.reset" from USB device.
      • - PS3Lock now behaves like at the first start, now set up a new password.

      2. With a correctly set up USB device AND "USB authentication" enabled in the settings.
      • - Boot into XMB with this USB device.
      • - Delete the PS3Lock config file with multiMAN or other file manager.
      • "/dev_hdd0/plugins/PS3Lock/ps3lock_cfg.bin"
      • - Reboot your PS3.
      • - PS3Lock now behaves like at the first start, now set up a new password.

      3. If you don't have an USB device OR "USB authentication" is disabled.
      • - Boot into recovery mode.
      • - Enter "3. Restore File System".
      • The "boot_plugins.txt" will be delete, now all plugins are disabled.
      • - Delete the PS3Lock config file with multiMAN or other file manager.
      • "/dev_hdd0/plugins/PS3Lock/ps3lock_cfg.bin"
      • - Rebuild the "boot_plugins.txt" on "/dev_hdd0/" and reboot your PS3.
      • - PS3Lock now behaves like at the first start, now set up a new password.

    • For Devs:
      For lock/unlock XMB settings and "deleting of apps/games" i use a vsh export:
      vshmain_4F99DA2B(int) (with 1 and 8 you can lock "settings" column items )

    • NEW -- 0.92
      • added system update block for CFW 4.81 (thx to ermak86)
      • fixed a bug that didn't shut down the PS3 after 3 incorrect password entries (thx to noctis90210)
      • added system update block for CFW 4.80 (thx to ermak86)
      • added support for all pad ports (1-7) and BD-Remote (thx to atreyu187 and stefa11)
      • added polish language (thx to darekspy)
      • added installer-pkg
      • added "permanent" lock XMB settings
      • bugfix in "permanent" block system update
      • hide GAMEZ optimized (can be disabled completely)
      • added new background (GIMP-project in src-folder)
      • added system update block for CFW 4.78
      • remove plugin update function
      • small change in control handling. self-explanatory!
      • change pluginpath to /dev_hdd0/plugin/PS3Lock/
      • bugfix in restricted mode
      • added PS3Lock start delay
      • set your language in settings, now in extern file
      • block software update (thanks to ermak86 for files)
      • added ability to show "Parental Control" password
      • added plugin update funktion
      • re-added restricted mode
      • added xmb pw protektion
      • added ps3lock settings pw protection
      • added sleep timer
      • added manually hide/unhide hdd0/GAMEZ folder
      • added manually lock/unlock xmb settings and "deleting apps/games"
      • confirm password while set a new password
      • added fail-safe button combo (password reset)
      • re-wrote the whole plugin (now based on VSH Menu)
      • added statistics
      • added restricted mode
      • initial release
      • added usb authentication

    • Knowing bugs:
      - The first start of this plugin could "freeze" your system if your CFW has epilepsy warning enabled.
      But it's not really a freeze. Try to open the PS3Lock settings (R3+O) and go to
      "Advanced settings -> PS3Lock start delay". Set the timer to 7-8 sec and press L2+R2+L3 for restart the PS3.

      - If you set "Lock XMB settings" to "permanent" then you have to enable the autologin function for any
      user account (local PS3 user account). If you disable the autologin function you get a damaged XMB
      (no access to most settings) at every startup. But this error can be fixed easily by start and close
      any app/game like multiMAN (or any other hdd game).
    • Credits to:
      A special thank goes to 3141card, without him this plugin wouldn't be possible.
      A special thank goes also to ermak86 for his files from "XMB Lock" (Block system update).
      Also thanks to:
      and all who made backgrounds or translations.

    Download: PS3Lock (v0.92)

    Source: (via dev msg.)​
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