PS3 PS3P PKG Ripper v1.4.1: Several Bug Fixes contained in this update by Rudi Rastelli

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Rudi Rastelli, Nov 12, 2017.

By Rudi Rastelli on Nov 12, 2017 at 9:58 AM
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    Developer Rudi Rastelli has made a stop by the psx-place forums to let us know the utility PS3P PKG Ripper has been updated to v1.4.1. This update is small but provides several bug fixes to make this very fast PKG Ripper even better. If you have a large PKG File then this utility will server you well in extracting those PKG files much faster then PKGView utility. This PC tool comes with a handful of useful features that are defined in the release details below along with the exact changes made in v1.4.1.


    • Here's a little update to 'PS3P PKG Ripper'.

      PS3P PKG Ripper v1.4.1

      by @Rudi Rastelli

      • Supports PS3-, PSP-, PS1/PS2-Classic-, DLC-, Minis-, Avatar-, Theme-PKGs
      • Supports Retail- and Debug-PKGs
      • Supports PKGs of any size
      • Extracts whole PKG
      • Extracts selectable single files and/or directorys
      • Options to short select 'All files', 'System files', 'EBOOT.BIN' and all '*.self', '*.sprx', '*.edat', '*.sdat'
      • Options and window size are saved and restored
      • Progress Output (Overall/File)
      • Lists contents of a PKG with size of files
      • Changeable output directory
      • Optimized for speed
      • Optional GUI included
      • Source code included
      • Doesn't need any DLL's or any installed runtimes

      Wanna say THX to

      • @mathieulh, @mysis - I've learned a lot from their sources
      • @Ifcaro - From his 'PKGView' I've learned how to handle Debug-PKGs
      • @No0bZiLLa - For testing

      PS3P PKG Ripper - Changelog(s)
      New V1.4.1
      • - [CLI] Fixed a bug which causes PSP-directories been interpreted as files
      • - [CLI] Now i shouldn't be deteced as virus/trojan from some antivir software
      • - [GUI] Little bug fixing
      - [CLI] Fixed a bug which caused crashes or incorrect extracted files on some systems
      - [CLI] Added and changed a few switches (use -h to check it out)
      - [GUI] Adapted GUI to the changed switches

      - [GUI] Check if 'PS3P_PKG_Ripper.exe' exists
      - [CLI] Fixed a bug that caused multiple extraction of a single file

      - [GUI] Changed short select buttons to option-checkboxes
      - [GUI] Added config file to save and restore selected options and window size

      - [GUI] Added Buttons to short select 'PARAM.SFO', 'EBOOT.BIN' and all '*.self', '*.sprx', '*.edat', '*.sdat'



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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Rudi Rastelli, Nov 12, 2017.

    1. STLcardsWS
      Hey @Rudi Rastelli Good to see you, hope all is well. Thanks for the update.
      (Added to front page (made a few edits to original post adding some extra details)
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    2. GregoryRasputin
    3. STLcardsWS
      Virus wise nothing on my end,
    4. GregoryRasputin
      No, of course there is nothing wrong with the file, just find it amusing that my AV decided to upload the file and interrogate it, can't even use it to take a screenshot of it...
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    5. kozarovv
      Is "normal" behavior on current AV engines that can't recognize file. For example Avast take many bruteforcers (also x86, and wps ones), and found nothing suspicious then. Never used AVG, but you should be able to use file when click more details --> file is safe, or something like this.
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    6. alpakeno
      Thanks for updating it, can you also make it support PS vita? so it can be all-in-one tool?
    7. Aragornovix
      This soft deleted my 4tb disk. Lost everything on it.
      DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. for real
    8. DeViL303
      What happened exactly, the partition is gone or empty? If your content was only soft deleted you should be able to recover it all quite easy by scanning the drive with some recovery software.
    9. Aragornovix
      The partition is nearly 99% empty, I don't know why there is like 4/5 files left including the Ripper itself, temp/desktop folders...
      I am actually doing a restore with GetDataBack software recovery but it had to go deep so it's processing for another 5 hours.
      Hope I can restore all as I'm a lazy bastard who didn't make backup.

      What happened is I might have missclicked on a non pkg file, it went blank, not responding then the disk were empty. It deleted only the disk in which the software was installed.
      But even if I miss used the soft, it isn't really safe to keep a software that can delete all your files.

      Sorry for my english.
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    10. DeViL303
      Thanks for the info, You are right, misclicking a wrong file type should not do anything like that, Do you happen to know what file type it was, in case it is relevant for tracking this bug down?

      @Rudi Rastelli Any ideas?
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    11. Aragornovix
      I think .EDAT files

      Edit : So if by accident it happens to anyone else : don't rewrite anything on the disk, just use a recovery software. GetDataBack for NTFS on deleted file section worked 100% for me.
      Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
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    12. klx
      There s no bug, it s a programmer error!
      If you want to stop the extraction the app will delete the output folder, that is wrong!!
      This f*ing app deleted my desktop folder.
    13. Rudi Rastelli
      Rudi Rastelli
      Ure totaly right... it's all my fault and i'm so sry about it.
      Never thought some will not use a seperate folder to extract all the files and folders of a pkg.

      I'm currently sick so i can't really investigate this atm... but as soon i'm well again i'll fix this.
      If u like gimme some suggestions how it should act on aborting... may be just ask if extraction folder should be deleted !?
      Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
    14. klx

      I m sorry to ear that, get well soon.

      About the abort action, well...people usually use the desktop or any other folder as a temp directory to extract things.

      You don t know if this may happen so you should never delete the output folder, instead you should create a new folder there named TITLEID and extract the content of the pkg.

      This way, if i click cancel, you delete the TITLEID folder.
      That s the right way.

      Almost any app works like that to prevent any misunderstanding or fatal errors.
      Just think about "extract here" option of every zip app.
      It does not extract the files "here", instead it creates a new folder where the files are extracted to.

      Also, some other pkg tools do this, and that is what i expected when your app asked for an outup folder.
      Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
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    15. pink1
      A zip tool will normally create a directory in the users TEMP directory to extract to then moves the files to the final location after the extraction. The reason when you use the "extract here" option & it puts the file in a folder is because it's in a folder in the zip otherwise you just get the file.

      Three ways I can think to fix this is doing as @klx suggested, using the users TEMP directory then moving the files or tracking the files to a temp file as you extract them so you have a list of files to delete & after extraction you can delete the temp file.
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    16. DeViL303
      I think just automatically creating a folder using the name of pkg or the content ID would be a good simple solution, like what happens when you "extract to current path" with aldostools ps3 tools. I think the user can be left to delete the folders manually if it fails to extract for some reason, as they might like to see the partial extraction anyway to try see where it failed. If the folder already exists when the app tries to create it, then there could be a pop up, with options to overwrite or rename the folder with an incrementing number, or something like that.
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    17. klx
      It creates a folder even when there s no folders inside the zip, or at least every zip app i use do this.(when the zip contains more than one file/folder of course)
    18. DeViL303
      I think that is just the way it can seem. 99 times out of 100 the person who made the zip is not selecting a load of separate files and then zipping them, what they do is fill a folder with the files, and then zip that. it is a best practice to do it like that, as it is very annoying when you extract a zip on the root of a drive, and it dumps a load of files and folders everywhere which get sorted by name and then you cant even figure out what came from the zip.

      Right click on a zip/rar with WinRAR, it will show options to "extract here", or "extract to xxxxxxxx". If you "extract here" you will find most times you get a folder anyway as the top folder was included in the zip, and if you "extract to folder with zip name", then you will get a folder within a folder.

      Try with this, I made it with no folder and just 2 files inside. If you right click and "extract here" you will just get files, or at least I do, its possible you have some extra setting that always creates a folder.

      Attached Files:

        File size:
        730 bytes
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    19. klx
      I get a folder named test with the content of the zip, default settings.

      Anyway we are OT now xD
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