PS3 PS3Xploit NOTICE - Stay clear of any Incoming Firmware Updates on the PS3.

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 12, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Nov 12, 2017 at 12:35 PM
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    Its very possible, we could see a new PS3 Firmware Update Coming in the near future for the PS3, the PS3Xploit Team wanted to be farther along with the project before any released files relating to the Exploit were released, so the project couldn't be patched before completion.The plan was not to release the IDPS dumper by itself, but with the entire project. However, when the leak occurred there was enough to give Sony a direction on what they needed to patch. So, that is when the team figured it was best to release what they have ready and tested. Which was the IDPS Dumper, since this Moronic Leak did nothing but alert Sony on what was coming down the road with enough clues to patch. The team detail what they have been doing/plans and then released the finished IDPS Dumper, to get awareness on this hack before an eventual firmware update arise, note that could be marked as 4.82 or higher when released. PS3Xploit will run on 4.81 Official Firmware. Do not update if a new System Software (firmware) update does arise.

    UPDATE (11/13/17): Sony has released 4.82 as expected but not expected this quickly. Advised not to update, as more info becomes available we will post via this link
    UPDATE 2 - THIS UPDATE DID NOT CLOSE PS3XPLOIT BUT ITS EXPECTED TO BE PATCHED WITH A FUTURE UPDATE, IT WAS JUST COINCIDENCE SONY HAD A PLANNED UPDATE< NEXT firmware update is sure to patch this exploit and we would assume it would be in the next week(s).


    (Do not UPDATE System Software (Firmware) past 4.81, IF an update is released)

    Now the good news unlike the PS3 in its prime days, or the PS4 currently. A firmware update to block this exploit is not as impactful and since files and alertness is taking place prior to an update this helps user's out a bit but we must make sure there is proper awareness. There is very little to no PS3 Game releases at this point in the lifecycle, There is not any exciting and new features we are going to see Sony add (those will come from the homebrew community from here on out). The only thing that would of been nice to have all the goodies released at once and it would of gave the community more time to be educated and choose a path for the system, before a possible firmware update closes the hole.. The leak was essentially an alert to Sony, that the community has an exploit and you need to look in this direction. As that is the only purpose this leak ended up servingg,

    The PS3Xploit targets Firmware 4.81 (currently the latest firmware on the PS3, but next update is sure to close the hole) DO NOT UPDATE THE PS3 past firmware 4.81 if your are interested in PS3Xploit )

    Additional Coverage of PS3Xploit
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 12, 2017.

    1. RandQalan
      Thanks for reminding me to get 4.81 update before Sony replaces it :)
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    2. Jaroslav_01
      This should be spread everywhere
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    3. kadorna2
      I was gonna point you towards gxarena but the site seems to have been taken down? Anyone else knows what happened?
    4. STLcardsWS
      This place is well known and all the news sites come here. So give it a day or so.

      I do not expect to see an update for at least a couple weeks, they took almost 3 weeks to patch HENkaku on the Vita. BUT you never know........
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    5. Mozzy5837
      I got decent link for all or mostly every firmwares ofw cex dex deh message me if you need it.
    6. NewFile
      Don't worry, they can't remove the OFW from the web.
      Even if they did we can simply rip the PUP from an official game disc with that firmware.
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    7. Amaan Khan
      Amaan Khan
      Great bro

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