PS3 PS3xploit Resigner v1.3.0 + How to Convert PSX / PS2 / PSP for PS3Xploit HAN (v3.0)

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by habib, Mar 14, 2018.

By habib on Mar 14, 2018 at 8:01 PM
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    UPDATE 2.0 RELEASED (See Below)
    Ps3Xploit HAN (v3.0) has been a successful release and the team has continued the progression of the Resigning Tool. Since the release of the et"HAN"ol hack, developer habib has made several updates to the resigning tool, However some users have been having difficulty using conversion tools and finding instructions for them so here is a great tutorial by PSX-Place user's @Sakimotor which cover the conversion of PSX / PS2 / PSP for PS3Xploit HAN, various details about this release can be found in the included notes attached.


    • PS3xploit Resigner
      A tool to resign ps2/ps3/psx/psp content for use with PS3Xploit v3.0-HAN 4.82 To resign RIF file you need act.dat, idps.hex and a rap file. output will be signed_act.dat and rif
      PKG files are resigned when converting from debug to HAN style PKG but seperate resigning for .ENC/.EDAT/CONFIG is supported PKG resigning is supported including every PKG type i could find​

      Resigning pkg files:
      • creates han style pkgs to be installed with han enabler, simply drag and drop
      • also patches pkg content to run apps which require rifs such as ps2 classics

      • added rifgen-master, putting act.dat and idps.hex in the folder and raps in the raps folder and running batch outputs installable pkg with custom act.dat and rifs resigned for han
      • installation should take place while on secondary user created for ps3xploit, activated with psn


      • 64 bit os supported only

    • Changelogs:
      • slightly improved speed
      • raps can be dragged and dropped from another folder
      • rifgen-master added and now one click makes up a pkg with rifs
      NOTE: install rif package only on secondary psn user

      • fixed bug when folder exdata not present in rifgen-master

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by habib, Mar 14, 2018.

    1. Iqs
      Habib, I only have one main PSN user which is throwaway. Is that okay or do I need to secondary to run HAN?
      I am finding running signed PS2 not working properly.

    2. FmTGamer
      @habib thanks so much. the improved speed and rigen master will help alot
      habib likes this.
    3. habib
      It is recommended to not to touch that user with throwaway psn account when playing/logging in psn

      To answer your question, yes it will work
    4. Iqs
      great. thank you
    5. PattrickH
      What pkg types support? Thanks in advice
    6. Destiny
      Should we leave or delete 2 rap files in RAPS dir that came included?
    7. Franco64
      32 BITS PLEASE
    8. habib
      You don’t need that, can be deleted
      Put your raps in that folder
      Act.dat and idps.hex in root folder
      Run the batch
      Install pkg on secondary user with throwaway psn account
    9. habib
      Who even uses 32 bits still...weird, one should never use 32 bit now because it’s useless and pretty much every cpu in at least last 12 years support it

      I need to test the source code on 32 but first and then we will see
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    10. Hurt Locker
      Hurt Locker
      Is there like a rif/rap generator for "ps2 pkg" or "ps3 folder to pkg"?
      I'm a bit stuck on how to get them for my own pkgs.
    11. habib
      Npdrm pkgs require licenses such as psn packages and all ps2(including resigned custom classics)
      Ps3 disc with game update convert does not need rap/rif
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    12. Hurt Locker
      Hurt Locker
      Thank you for your fast reply!
      I know this question is stupid but how or where do I get the license files for my custom ps2 classic?
      I resigned my classic ps2 pkg with the resigner but I don't know where to get the license (rap/rif).
    13. deaknaew
      I have official split pkg files,
      for first time i resign file without rejoin those files before
      it generate corrupt pkg file with same size of rejoin file.

      can you add support for these scenario?
    14. habib
      I assume you are using classic placeholder, there is a rap supplied with it. Google will help you
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    15. ChrxnicMods
      Can this resigner be used with Linux mint? I've tried placing my idps.hex and act.dat in the root folder and my rap file is the raps folder but when I launch the .exe via wine nothing happens. I currently have no access to a Windows PC.
    16. Destiny
      Thank you
    17. habib
      Didn’t try lol
      But it can be compiled under Linux so do that
    18. NebulaNoctis
      @habib noob question but what's the use of 2 raf on raf folder?
    19. habib
      Not needed
      You can delete them

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