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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by habib, Feb 6, 2018.

By habib on Feb 6, 2018 at 7:36 PM
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    UPDATE MARCH 3 - 2018 via habib >>> LINK
    The PS3Xploit Team (@bguerville / @esc0rtd3w / @habib / "W") have been putting in alot of time further developing the exploit since the discoveries found initially on 4.81 OFW by bguerville, Which first spawn tools like IDPS & Flash Dumper's followed then by Flash Writer Tool which allowed all pre-25XXv (fat/Slim) Consoles to install CFW from 4.82 OFW with no Hardware Modifications. Since those releases we have seen PS3Xploit updated to v2.0 also seen alot of documentation and action with various POC Examples provided by esc0rtd3w (& team) in the "WebKit ROP Chain Tutorials [Creation/Editiing/Debugging]" thread, The one thing that has been missing has been a useable exploit for those "unhackable models" and the team has had a desire with their exploit as an ideal window, the task takes alot of time and developing but progress is being made. There is still much work to be done but an interesting announcement comes to us from one of the PS3xploit developer's habib as he states "STAY ON 4.81 IF YOU CAN!(2k5/3k/4k)" , now its unclear what has been achieved and its not certain that it can not be ported to 4.82, but currently in the early stages habib gives us great news but also maybe some bad news (maybe), but again these details and the development is extremely early. More details coming soon stay tuned as things are looking to progress but please exercise patients!!!​



    • Guys just an announcement.
      It's better if you guys stay at 4.81 ofw if you hope to take full advantage of future developments.
      i can't say why i want you guys to stay on this firmware but its for something good ;)

      if you have 4.82 it doesn't mean the stuff cant be applied to you but it means not 100% of stuff will be capable for you

      This applies to all late 25XX / 3XXX / and 4XXX 4.82 will work with limitations for upcoming developments .

      ok ppl, do not freak out about having 4.82....everything will be fine lol there may be some issues getting the current method 100% working with 4.82. that does not mean that nothing will ever work or that it wont work at some level and we didnt even say what its for yet lol


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by habib, Feb 6, 2018.

    1. D3XZU3LA
      It's funny because most of them will already be at 4.82 and this is because they never gave notice of this when they were on time
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    2. haznpapo
      thanx for the heads up habib
    3. STLcardsWS
      Things are still very early .... We should let this play out before we get excited or disappointed on firmware versions. .
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    4. STLcardsWS
      Added additional comments from @esc0rtd3w 's Twitter
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    5. 1986panzi1986
    6. -Rebugger-
      Well, I'm on 4.82, unfortunately, but I have faith. These guys never fail to amaze me.
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    7. supergamer101101
      if your on a custom firmware you can easily go back to any official firmware of your choice!
    8. kozarovv
      Notice is not for people that are on CFW now.
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    9. kozarovv
      Nobody saying there will be no support for 4.82 in future releases. Actually nobody even saying what kind of release it gonna be.

      Think what changed since 4.81 to 4.82. Imo there are some "parts" that are only available for 4.81 for now due to debug fw. Or something like that.

      Anyway is just my though, nothing more.
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    10. ChrxnicMods
      Got a 3001a on 4.82. wish I would have stayed at 4.81 now lol. Oh well I still have hope in the team! Ready to help with testing if needed.
      I mainly want to backup and play my backed up games, is this possible with hen style exploits? I haven't followed the Vita scene much. Any information is appreciated!
    11. habib
      That’s already a possibility unfortunately. I won’t send you link to the sites but you can find it out yourself.
      We are more interested in homebrews and proper support for everything(current backups method rely on the fact that the game must have an update)
      When I say HEN, I mean homebrews+perks such as no cinavia, install package files, ingame screenshots etc and maybe a bit more stuff.
      Also there are two levels of a HEN one with user level exploit and one with kernel exploit combined, I refer to the first
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    12. k9mo
      @habib , @esc0rtd3w , @bguerville Oh guys comon you know most of us updated to 4.82 because you said its safe as sony didn't touch the OS , no one is blaming you guys i get it problems come along but i guess we deserve some answers like is it totally confirmed that 4.82 wont be fully supported and what are those limitations and what are the future plans for 4.82 or is the xploit focused on 4.81 for now??
      I hope you guys answer as that will stop most of 4.82 users from punching themselves :boxing:
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    13. habib
      Development takes place on custom 4.81 and our current project is focused for 4.82. There’s not much to worry about really it’s just that for now we have potential for some even more fun stuff on 4.81
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    14. k9mo
      You mean 4.81 right?
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    15. dav1102
      respect for your work thank you
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    16. habib
      Yeah, sorry. Fixed
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    17. FartCompany
      i think they asked dump's before as some kind of specimen of testing
      i have one ready to submit

      i have no knowledge of offsets or javascript but i use java offsets are kinda foreign concept
      what javascript lines took to crash IE(patched)

      rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
      <!--font-selector -->
      <a id="crash-button" href="#"></a> onclick="document.getElementById('font-style-link').href='xx';">
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    18. must5llx
      Tell me there's a way to obtain the private keys again. That would be huge!!!
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    19. noctis90210
      @habib will it enable CFW installing or just homebrew? thanks :)
      cuz im planning to buy one SuperSlim if it will allow CFW installing, but if just homebrew. i'd rather keep the older slim.
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