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PS3 HAN PS3Xploit v3 Debug Settings Installer + Debug/XMB Swappers

Discussion in 'Ps3Xploit Tools & Utilities' started by esc0rtd3w, Apr 10, 2018.

By esc0rtd3w on Apr 10, 2018 at 6:57 PM
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    Mar 10, 2017
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    Now Supports 4.84 HFW!

    PS3Xploit Team has unveiled the latest progression in the form of an experimental Tool (Debug Settings Installer + Debug/XMB Swappers) for PS3Xploit v3 HAN user's (tools compatible with CFW also), with the release of REBUG REX that means a 4.82 DEX Firmware is out in the wild and that means with 4.82 DEX files, PS3 HAN user's will not have some added features and was one of the reasons why developer HABIB was suggesting user's stay on 4.81 for use of these DEX features as the status was unknown if a public 4.82 DEX would emerge, but with REBUG REX CFW release, the various files for swapping can be done, but devs will lend more details about that throughout this thread.

    3333333333.jpg 44444444.jpg

    • PS3Xploit v3 Debug Settings Installer + Debug/XMB Swappers

      This tool is released for experimentation purposes only, it is not meant to be installed by every HAN user!


      CHANGE YOUR NP ENVIRONMENT (thanks @Joonie) to invalid or anything else and reboot to block PSN access.

      11111111.png 22222.png

      This is a set of 3 tools for installing and swapping Debug Settings Files in flash

      DEX XML Files Have Support For PS3Xploit/HAN Toolbox XML Menus

      NOTE: Once Installed, You Have A DEX Hybrid and Must Choose DEX Checkbox To Use Exploits or Will Freeze! Restoring Is Simple, Just Replace Files With CEX For Your FW Version!

      This has the potential to corrupt your system and require you to install OFW (Original Firmware) if not used correctly!

      Exploit Page(s):

      555.png 666666666.png 777777.png


      HAN "DOES NOT" Need Enabled For This!

      UPDATE (2018-04-18): DEX Menu Links Have Been Added To DEX XML (category_game_tool2.xml) thanks @DeViL303 >> GitHub Changes Here <<


    • How To Use:
      1. 4.82 OFW: Download Debug Settings Installer ZIP archive
        4.84 HFW: Download Debug Settings Installer ZIP archive
      2. Extract the files

      to install DEX files + VSH: use files from INSTALL folder and run debug_settings_installer.html

      to install CEX files + VSH: use files from RESTORE folder and run debug_settings_installer.html

      Main Installation:
      • Place all files matching your FW version and desired target [CEX/DEX] on USB flash drive or select one of the internal HDD options**
      • 4.82 OFW: Navigate to this link or use local files above and a webserver
      • 4.84 HFW: Navigate to this link or use local files above and a webserver

      Change Debug Settings Menu To CEX/DEX:
      • DEX is used as default settings and ONLY use this to swap between CEX/DEX versions of menu
      • Place sysconf_plugin.sprx matching your FW version and desired target [CEX/DEX] on USB flash drive or select one of the internal HDD options**
      • 4.82 OFW: Navigate to this link or use local files above and a webserver
      • 4.84 HFW: Navigate to this link or use local files above and a webserver

      Change XMB Plugin To CEX/DEX (Hide/Show Host Info):
      • Place xmb_plugin.sprx matching your FW version and desired target [CEX/DEX] on USB flash drive or select one of the internal HDD options**
      • 4.82 OFW: Navigate to this link or use local files above and a webserver
      • 4.84 HFW: Navigate to this link or use local files above and a webserver

      Run the exploit from page and allow console to reboot fully
      Done! New Debug Settings/XMB Menu will take effect after reboot :D

      ** You can also create a package that holds resources or files to copy using Extra Tools and use this instead of USB as source. Default directories are /dev_hdd0/game/PS3XPLOIT/extras/ and /dev_hdd0/game/HANTOOLBX/files/

    Hosted on official site: ps3xploit.com
    (v3 HAN Tools -> Extra Tools -> Debug Settings Installer)

    Source Code @:
    Forum @: psx-place.com
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019


Discussion in 'Ps3Xploit Tools & Utilities' started by esc0rtd3w, Apr 10, 2018.

    1. sejer33
      Is this for 4.82 too or 4.81?
    2. DeViL303
      Both, read the bit at the top of the page ;)

      EDIT: although there is a typo where it says "not" instead of "now" which is a bit confusing..

      "PS3 HAN user's will not have "
      Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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    3. DeViL303
      Does this include the file injectors or are they separate? I ask because the webpage still says
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    4. sejer33
      I need help.
      Everytime when i try to install Debug files it keep failing.
    5. Kitsumi
      Hm. The only thing of interest to _ as of now is the ‘O Button Behavior’ setting. Just why this is a debug setting, not a normal one is beyond _. Some games use the system settings for Cancel/Confirm in some (in-game) menus while having the buttons hardcoded in others… It’s a pain, really. _ think one game was even unplayable — one had to press X or O in a tutorial, but instead of doing the intended thing, it opened up a menu or something and one couldn’t progress through the tutorial… =_=' Had to skip it IIRC.

      Said that, would this setting stay if one would install Debug Settings, changed the value and reverted back to CEX?
    6. WrathC
      No it does not work.
      All this does is add some dev settings to the PS3, as of right now almost all of these settings are useless for the average user, this is more a testing phase and a great start and stepping stone for hackers/developers to build on.
      aldostools likes this.
    7. esc0rtd3w
      hmmm probably...try it :)

      yeah those are separate. i just have to update js for those. same file. just needs tested

      any testers? lol
    8. Omar Bassala
      Omar Bassala
      i installed the debug and i'm on 4.82 OFW with CEX PS3, can i go online and if i want to remove the debug from my PS3 how could that be done ?
    9. SleepSid
      Re intall Original Fireware XD
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    10. Daniel Watson
      Daniel Watson
      Is it possible to install only the swap xmb plugin on cex and can go online and everything like normal cex?
    11. pinky
      my guess is yes. it;s just an xregistry setting which shouldn't be affected by switching between cex and dex.

      on a side note, I changed my confirm button behavior with the vita through the system.dreg . it stuck even on normal firmware.

      also, I own a JP ps4 with circle as the confirm button. I tried changing it to cross through system settings (since they're no longer debug only), but it affected in game as well, so circle would be cross and cross would be circle going against the button displayed (if there was one) which was confusing as hell. I tested this with trials. I reverted everything back after that.

      the wii u, or any Nintendo system, uses A as the confirm button which is where circle is located. this is true of both JP and USA/EUR I believe. I only play the wii u, so that confirm button is ingrained in me. however, I did revert the vita's confirm button back to cross through henkaku settings. I'm not sure if that changes the system.dreg or if it's changed in memory. ;)
    12. pinky
      afaik, yes. I don't know for sure though. I just know a lot of people on cfw switched to the dex version of that plugin just to see their ip on the xmb. I don't recall any issues with psn, at least they never mentioned any.
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    13. Daniel Watson
      Daniel Watson
      So can I do it and go online? I really like to see it:D
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    14. pinky
      I've never heard of any issues doing that, but at the same time, sony can detect which plugins are being used. I think that's how I got banned actually. they detected psn patch. :(
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    15. Daniel Watson
      Daniel Watson
      Ok I won't do it then. Thanks for the response though, really appreciate it.
    16. pinky
      I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help. I know @atreyu187 swapped the cex version with the dex one, but he never mentioned to me if he got banned for doing so or anything.

      banned ps3's probably don't go for much, so even if you self ban yourself from psn, your console will be worth more in the long run. that's how it is with the 360. when using a jtag//rgh, even though you can't sign in to xbox live or else an instant ban, a console that's not been banned is still worth more than a jtag/rgh that's been banned. ;)
    17. myname_is_myname
      I was wondering if it is possible RTM with this "dex"...? Any answer ? Dont hate on me ... I dontd use that much ps3 console
    18. bguerville
      No. RTM is not possible.
      This tool uses DEX vsh but not the DEX kernel, as a result, it is not a true DEX OS.

      To get RTM capabilities, you would need an API to allow you to patch the memory & get/set system info.

      TMAPI requires the DEX kernel, DEX vsh isn't sufficient to get TMAPI.
      CCAPI & PS3MAPI are homebrews & homebrews cannot be run on OFW for the moment. A lot more work is required before homebrews can be run on ofw.
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    19. myname_is_myname
      thanks a lot , this is clear answer.
    20. Joel&Elie(Bro-From-ID)
      so it is possible to mount dev/usb00 as BD if I switch my CECH 4000C console CEX to DEX ?
      is possible @esc0rtd3w

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