PS4 PS4 4.74 Kernel Exploit released by @CelesteBlue - including "NoBD" Support !!!

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, Nov 19, 2018.

By Roxanne on Nov 19, 2018 at 1:02 PM
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    Folks, we have to talk. Today, well-known Developer @CelesteBlue released a new Kernel Exploit for System Firmware 4.74. Now you will probably think: "Wait a minute, we already have a Kernel Exploit for System Firmware 5.05. Why I would need one for an older System Firmware?" This is a legitimate question and if you have "exploited" your PS4 using System Firmware 5.05 already, then you won't need to do anything. But you don't have to forget that back in Time, when Sony released newer System Firmwares after Version >4.74, like Version 5.05 for example, they included a "banana skin" for PS4 owners with a broken Blu-ray Drive where their Consoles are refused to get updated by giving them the famous "E-801809A8" Error Code in return. And since those users weren't able to update their PS4's to System Firmware 5.05, they were likely being stuck on Version 4.74 without having any chance to exploit their PS4's at all. But luckily, Developers like @CelesteBlue - together in Collaboration with @SpecterDev and @notzecoxao - didn't forget those users by giving them a Kernel Exploit for System Firmware 4.74, so they can overcome those "security measures" made by Sony and by making their Consoles updatable again, so they can enjoy the latest PS4 Kernel Exploit as well!​

    You got this same Error code as well when updating to System Firmware 5.05? Don't worry. Now you can thanks to @CelesteBlue, @SpecterDev and @notzecoxao

    So similar to the PS3-era - which also had several Customs Firmwares (CFW) for Consoles, with a broken Blu-ray Drive (namely "NoBD CFW" for example) - this release shows that even when you have the same problems with your PS4, you will be now able to enjoy the latest Kernel Exploit by using several Homebrew Releases, which are still getting updated by the "5.05 Kernel Exploit" News Coverage when you click on the "Releases for 5.05" tab. Of course it is recommended to stay then on Firmware 5.05 not only because this Version got all the latest support for new Releases, it will be also necessary to keep staying there since your Blu-ray Drive will be still broken and a new Kernel Exploit for newer System Firmwares will give you the guarantee that your PS4 will still keep running on that newer Firmware even with a broken Blu-ray Drive.

    Source: @CelesteBlue123 (via Twitter)


Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, Nov 19, 2018.

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