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    Developer @LigthingMods has released an update to the PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store App that is currently in the Alpha Stages of development. We have now seen several releases of this homebrew store and the functionality of delivering you a homebrew package (pkg's) works very well."Simply" select and download then boom the app installs the homebrew and is ready to use on your Homebrew Enabled PS4. So the foundation seems solid in terms of the functionality. However you must be warned the User -Interface could use a bit of work but we are sure the developer is aware of this and plans to make further improvements as we embark into the future. One of more annoying quirks you will find in the UI will be with navigation as homebrew is randomly listed and you must navigate pages of listing to find Homebrew. In this update there has been the inclusion of a search feature and in my honest opinion it can be a bit picky (if you do not know the exact name of the homebrew) also a pagejump does allow you to navigate any page on demand, but not the most ideal way of browsing the Homebrew contained in the store. A suggestion to help the browsing of pages would be to add some category listing's and even a newly released section :). Now this update there has been plenty of changes/improvements for those changes lets take a look @ligthingmods take it from here with the release details for this huge update found below, also @MasterTurkey has a video showing a bit of the update also.​
    - Introduction by @STLcardsWS

    • upload_2019-5-27_10-19-10.png upload_2019-5-27_10-22-33.png
      Welcome to the New Store Update - Labelled (1-1/2 Month Update)
      Huge Update

      • - [Settings] Now when you change Temp. path it will try to create the folder or see if it exsists
      • - [Settings] if Temp Path is invild it will show you a message and change to default path
      • - Game DL Page also checks Temp. Path before Download
      • - Added black bk to every Main Menu Pics
      • - New Navbar added to gamedl page WITH new cords
      • - Background FTP
      • - Remote PKG installation via FTP
      • - White Box outline UI
      • - upon Download 1 Buzzer beep and Blinking light
      • - Upon Cancel or Finish download white LED reset
      • - Added the Following Options
        • 1. Fan Control
        • 2. Game Explorer
        • 3. Page Selector
      • - Fixed Page selector Bug
      • - Main Menu Title and Author text limit changed to 10 and 11 characters
      • - Game Explorer
        • 1. See installed games
        • 2. see Title id
        • 3. see Game details
        • 4. see amount of installed Games
        • 5. see game Splashs
      • - Added Support for 512x512 icons
      • - now Main Menu and Game DL Page can both use the same 512x512 icon0.png with Backwards Comp.
      • - New Navbar
      • - Uninstalled Button on DL page moved from Sqaure to Triangle
      • - Page Selector has NUM Pad instead of Keyboard
      • - Code Cleaned to improve load times
      • - CDNs no longer need to put size as the App calcs the size for you
      • - **BETA ONLY** Added beta tester message and Add. Details
      • - Search Func now reloads the prev. page you were on instead of just page 1
      • - Added in Settings ability to Turn on and Off Beeps/light on DL
      • - changed Main Menu names and author character limits to 8 and 9
      • - On Startup App now re-downloads store background, the first 8 main menu app icons AND navbar
      • - added (after BG error) "Re-Download Main Menu Icons" loading dialog on Start Up
      • - added a 20 Character Limit to DL page Author names
      • - Added Beep/Light ini settings in the DKS Test build pre-app startup msg
      • - Added "Saving settings" loading dialog unpon saving settings
      • - DL Page Selector changed
      • -Store Logs go to
        • /user/app/NPXS39041/logs/Store_Logs.txt
      • -ALL Search Query Game Icons are now Cached and Stored as
      • -ok messages and fatal messages are now included in the Logs
      • - Added DL button BG to Gray
      • - Added advanced Download Data to klog and Store_Logs
      • - Added Log CheckSize, Once it reachs 1 => GiB it will delete the Log
      • - Forcefully draws User BGs as 1280x720 (Includes a Warning if pic is NOT 1280x720)

    • Credits

    • upload_2019-5-27_10-29-25.png

      1. Put in your Local IP (can be found in the Store settings menu)
      2. . Open a PKG
      3. Click Install
      This is a VERY early build and should only be used to test the Stores Remote install abilities

      it has alot of bugs

      Download HERE

    • Normal Users:

      The Store will auto-apply the Update No action needed

      How to Update your CDN

      Replace your Homebrew.elf with the Latest from the Release Section of this Github

    • With this release comes MANY new and exciting features for CDNs like the following

      1. being able to now use 512x512 Icon0.pngs natively (same png can be used for the both DL and main menu
      2. CDNs no longer need to put size as the App now Calcs the size for you
      3. New Character Limits
        1. Main menu title and author names are now reduced to 8 and 9 char
        2. Author names in DL page is now limited to 20 char

      1. Background FTP with PKG install Support
      2. Game Explorer
      3. Search Feature
      4. UI Selector

      More About the Search Feature

      ALL Search are Case Sensitive

      some examples

      to Search for PS4Vibe
      you can put the following


      or for Overcome


      if you put something general like PS4 it will display the FIRST result it finds with PS4 DONT DO IT

    if you havn't download the Store pkg here

    If installed just launch and will update.
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Discussion in 'PS4 Homebrew' started by LightningMods, May 27, 2019.

    1. STLcardsWS
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    2. pinky
      this could be interesting. I haven't updated my offline cache in a long time, but I might try this out. I liked some of options from your other release like dumping the notification.db. I renamed all of my pkgs to their content ids. I assume that wrongly named installs would be a red flag if/when we can sign in.
    3. LightningMods
      .....ummm the SprcterDev webexploit 6.20...

      Still waiting
    5. pinky
      if there is a new exploit, they may not be releasing it for concerns of rampant piracy and cheating. I believe that's the reason cited by the hen developer for not adding external hdd support.
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      ....true but Not everyone will be waiting.. guessing alot of ppl already updated there systems..
    7. pinky
      I've only played my ps4 for about ten hours total over the 5 or so years I've owned it. it's on 5.05 too. however, my account was banned, so I have no interest in continuing to play with my account. the only reason I don't just do a system restore is because without an account you can't export saves via usb.

      also, I believe the ps4 save wizard, to transfer saves from one account to another, requires the latest firmware and possibly access to psn. I think it also needs saves that weren't made from a fake pkg'd game. if you try to export a save that's been made with a fake pkg'd game, it will show up as corrupt. it will also show up as corrupt with a legit save and a fake pkg'd game unless you 0 out the keystone of the package (must make the package modifiable by checking its box in orbis/fake package generator when initially making the package or else you can't 0 out the keystone). I didn't know that at first, so I had to redo my entire collection. now, all saves work.

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