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    Here is collection of Tools / Utilities and various other Files useful for the PlayStation 4 from Scene Contributor @eXtreme. This simple organized collection is very useful for the PS4 owner rockin' firmware v1.76 which is currently the "king" of PS4 firmwares, as far as the PS4 Hacking Community is concerned. As scene hackers and developers have utilized the holes in the webkit exploit that has since been patched in post 1.76 firmware. Currently one of the biggest accomplishments for the end user enjoyment has been the ability to boot Linux which has allowed things such as Running the Steam App and playing games through that on your PS4 hardware and your Steam Account. If you have or will soon obtain a 1.76 PS4 then this is a great page to have bookmarked as eXtreme put a bit of effort in this organized collection of community resources titled PS4_DEV. ​



    • root.png
      • 1.76_DUMP_part1.rar - Dump of 20 System Modules in .bin Format
      • 1.76_RAW_DATA_DUMP_part2.rar - Raw Data Dump of 20 System Modules
      • 1.76_CSS_DUMP.rar - Dump of 27 .css Files
      • 1.76_DB_DUMP.rar - Dump of 17 .db Files
      • 1.76_ELF_DUMP.rar - Dump of 22 .elf Files
      • 1.76_RCO_DUMP.rar - Dump of 87 .rco Files
      • 1.76_SDLL_DUMP.rar - Dump of 78 .sdll Files and 1 .ddl File
      • 1.76_SELF_DUMP.rar - Dump of 10 .self Files
      • 1.76_SPRX_DUMP.rar - Dump of 183 .sprx Files
      • common_resource.rco - Dumped Resource File
      • COREDMP.rar - Dump of 2 Core Files
      • kernel-1.76.elf - Dumped Kernel from RAM
      • Sce.Vsh.DiscPlayer.rco - Dumped Resource File
      • Test-Kit-FW-00.820-Root.rar - Dumped System Files

    • kex.jpg
      • ps4_dev_BadIRET_payload_(incomplete).bin - Kernel Exploit (Payload) to use Code Execution (Compiled with IP:
      • ps4_dev-dlclose_Kernel_Patch.bin - Kernel Exploit to modify the Kernel (Compiled with IP:
      • ps4_dev-dlclose_(Debug_Menu)_Kernel_Patch.bin - Kernel Exploit to enable Debug Settings
      • ps4_dev-dlclose_(FTP)_Kernel_Patch.bin - Kernel Exploit to get FTP Access to the System
      • ps4_dev-dlclose_(FTP-Debug_Menu)_Kernel_Patch.bin - Kernel Exploit to get FTP Access and to enable Debug Settings
      • PS4-WebKit-Exploit-POC-1.76.rar - Entry Point to modify the System and Dumps Modules

    • fw.jpg
      • 1.760.000_RECovery_EU_PS4UPDATE.PUP - System Software to Install on Retail Console
      • 1.760.000_SYStem_EU_PS4UPDATE.PUP - System Software to Install on Retail Console
      • 1.760.001_testkit-GEN3_DEX_PS4UPDATE.PUP - System Software to Install on Developer Console

    • hack1.png
      • Hack-The-PS4.html - User Guide to Hack the PS4

    • kernel.jpg
      • ps4_dev_dex_kernel_1.76.bin - DEX Kernel

    • IMAG2624.jpg
      • PS4-1.76-Linux.rar - Kernel image and initial file system using the WebKit-Playground
      • ps4-radeon-rpms.rar - Small patches to add PS4 support to Linux userspace libraries

    • package1.png
      • NPXX51150_TEST_APP_HELLO_WORLD_0.01_[DEBUG].pkg - Test App to Install on DEX Console

    • playground.jpg
      • PS4-WebKit-Playground.rar - Set of Experiments using the WebKit Exploit
      • PS4-WebKit-Playground_Mod.rar - FTP Access and Debug Settings added
      • PS4-Custom-WebKit-Playground_v2.00.01.rar - Custom Version + Lite Version

    • code.jpeg
      • PS4-BadIRET-master.rar - Source Code to compile Kernel Exploit
      • ps4client-master.rar - Tool for Homebrew Development
      • PS4-dlclose-master.rar - Fully implemented dlclose Kernel Exploit
      • ps4-kexec-master.rar - Implementation of the Kexec System Call (LinuxOS Loader)
      • ps4link-master.rar - Tool for Homebrew Development
      • ps4-linux-wip.rar - Linux Kernel Fork (Work in Progress)
      • ps4-elfloader-master.rar
      • ps4sdk-master.rar -Open source PS4 SDK

    • tools1.png
      • netcat.exe - Send a File over TCPPS4-AC1D-​
      • Flash-Tool.rar - Dump/Flash/Extract the NOR Chip
      • PS4-FW-Tool.rar
      • PS4-NOR-Validator_(Flash-Tool-Mod).rar
      • PS4-PKG-Assesser.rar
      • PS4-PUP-Extractor.rar
      • PS4-Trophy-Extractor.rar - Extract the Content of Trophy Files
      • Simply-NextGen-RCO-Extractor.rar - Extract the Data Table of Resource Files
      • SKFUPr0xy_3.0.3.exe - Proxy Server to Redirect html Links
      • TCP-Dump.exe - Dumps incoming TCP Packets
      • WiFi-Loader.exe - Send a File over TCP (Compiled with IP:

    Links to Content & Up-to-Date details checkout:
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by eXtreme, Jun 23, 2016.

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    2. bguerville
      Thanks @eXtreme.
      Very handy to have a one stop shop for PS4 related development tools. [emoji4]

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    3. atreyu187
      Glad they made this public and not password protected anymore. When first released in certain devs had access to this. I went through he'll to get this as I was one of the in crowd to have access to the password when it was on playststionhax
    4. eXtreme
      hax was not the main source, you should check my site I'm always post first on this site.

      some guys said all files are useless, some people want the files, now without pw.

      thanks for the news article, always a great edit here.

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