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Discussion in 'General PS5 Discussion' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 6, 2020.

By STLcardsWS on Jan 6, 2020 at 8:47 PM
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    The latest move in the next gen hype has embarked on us as Sony unveils the PS4 PS5 logo as CES to leave the gaming community on a cliffhanger. While not much was mentioned about the next generation console we have came to one conclusion that the PS5 logo budget seems to be about the same as the budget for PS3 firmware updates. Also a few days ago i figured it was due time to add a PlayStation 5 Section to the forum as well. Right now there is just a general discussion area for now, it will evolve as the PlayStation 5 is released in the 2020 holiday season We have a dissuasion thread here in the forum about some of the rumors and specs of the next generation console here.

    Are you hyped for the PS5? Will you buy at launch or do you like to give the platform time to mature?


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Discussion in 'General PS5 Discussion' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 6, 2020.

    1. Tentro
      I'll get one on launch and probably leave it unupdated for research into vulnerabilities for the early homebrew scene
    2. Fin9ersMcGee
      I will probably, finally buy a ps4 when the ps5 is released lol
    3. Berion
      They must working long and very hard to make this new logo. :)
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    4. DeViL303
      It is a complete shocker. :)

      We could probably create and reveal the future PS6 logo now too. :)
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    5. Naked_Snake1995
      I don't know what the CES fuss was all about, knowing $ony too well, i knew they wouldn't reveal sh!t at CES, and now you have YouTubers stating that $ony committed a major flop, and that they were stupid for not revealing the machine to the general public, what they don't know is that $ony is preparing the heavy artillery for February's Event, and the full reveal at E3 2020,mark my words, this isn't some kind of wizard tricks, is just common sense, Micro$oft rushed to early with the Series X, worrying about that $ony would deliver the major blow, $ony decided to capitalise on the PS4 sales while they can, so is normal for them to hold on to the reveal and polish the machine up for final consumer specifications.

      Remember previous PlayStation's had the same reveal pattern, but before PSX, was at TGS for the specs and E3 for final reveal, but they would leave almost a one year gap until the product hit stores shelfs, they don't want to keep people waiting, thus why they reveal, only a couple of months before the launch.

      On the logo, we already knew what it would be like based on previous concept design that flooded the web almost two years ago, so this is anything knew, is just that now is official, and $ony acknowledges that the PS5 is a thing, previously they did mention the next-gen system was in works, but it didn't had quite the feeling it would be named PS5, although logical speaking we all knew is going to be PS5, and not PSV like some were speculating.

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    6. DeViL303
      My "classic" version :)

    7. Naked_Snake1995
      I prefer that design to stay with the Legend, but actually since the redesign in 2009,the old PS3, now Implement into the PS4 and PS5, has taken design cues from the old PlayStation2 Logo, but is sort of recreated, it actually has a meaning towards it if you think about it, the old PS2 angular design reflected the console design itself, and also the analog era, on how everything is symmetric, meanwhile the 2009 PlayStation3 logo and the current shape used reflects more on the digital age, and a rebirth of the PlayStation brand itself, predefined by the predecessor, the PlayStation2, and the more curved design, but the PS4, the same 4 is reflected into the Consoles design itself, if you look closely to the side Consoles shape you'll notice it makes a 4,is just hidden subliminal messages behind logos,as i designer myself, we face this everyday for the consumers, with hidden little messages that only the trained eye would notice.

      Ill make some designs to explain it what i mean, but basically the PS3 and PS4 numbers are reflected in the chassis designs itself,only the original PS3 you can see the side vent kinda reflect the shape of the Spider-Man's 3 number due to the curvature, although not entirely visible, you can still see the design cues, i would be surprised if $ony continued this trend with the PS5

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    8. sandungas
      Damn, we dont have anything to comment other than the logo design, lol
      It looks they doesnt have any pressure, but as far i know they have a stand in CES all this week, i hope the press and news media squeezes them along the week to tease some details of the PS5
    9. DeViL303
      Speculation I already posted this on discord, but here it is again.

      I hope this bit is a hint at full BC :)


      And this is a hint at VR PS Home:

      But I'm probably just dreaming. :)
    10. sandungas
      Well, you are not far away from the latest rumours... there is people commenting sony is preparing a "remastering engine" to improve the graphical quality of the emulated games ;)

      And you know... they have been trying to have full backward compatibility with the previous playstation desktop consoles since loooot of years ago
      Now they can do it, PS1 is easy, the PS2 emulator should be mature enought to reach over 95% compatibility, PS4 is easy too because is sharing the same procesor arquitecture than the PS5 (both x-64), and the only doubtful is emulating the PS3
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    11. TnA
      Just like the PS3 slim logo!!! :rolleyes:

      PS3 Slim logo recycled!
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    12. gMemo92
      I usually wait until the Slim versions come out. It's what i did with the PS3 back in 2009. Just recently i got the Pro PS4. But i was going to get the PS4 Slim. I might get the slim as well seeing as there is a different bundle with 3 different games. But normally i usually always wait until the bugs, etc get all fixed and obliviously there are enough games to play and also the price has to be good but i am differently going to get the PS5. I'm gonna get both systems. The Series X and the PS5.
    13. LuanTeles
      I'll wait fot the PS5 slim or Pro too

      since i got psone slim, ps2 slim, ps3 slim, ps4 pro ( only because is more powerfull), psp slim, psvita slim =P
    14. pinky
      the irony is that microsoft probably spent as much time as sony coming up with a name for their next gen console. :-p
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    15. DeViL303
      Sounds cool, could mean anything though. Imagine how many consoles they would make if this engine could run even PS1 and PS2 discs and upscale a LOT, and add in trophies on the fly. :)

      That would be great even if no PS3 or just "PS3 classics".
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    16. sandungas
      The concept of the remastering engine as "a single thing that can be applyed to several different emulators"... makes me think that maybe is supported by hardware components (something inside the video controller chip, or inside the AMD APU)
      In that case is going to work nice

      The other reason why i think this rumour could be true is because they are targeting to the next generation of TV's that are going to have very good quality, and that feature fits into the strategy :D

      Some months ago they patented some technologies to replace game files, i guess this works by including a "memory map" of the game, this way the firmware knows the memory position where is going to be copyed the file before is copyed. This should work pretty fine with textures and audios
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    17. Bloodmoons366466
      Hopefully this keeps Sony busy enough on the ps5 so the PS4 continues to get new exploits
    18. Agoni212
      PS5 Logo had more hype than the whole xbox series x reveal
    19. Berion
      There he is. Going to 2028 back and forth took me a while but finally I'm back now (Thank You dr. Emmett!). But shhshh don't tell anyone ok? They revealed it on closed meeting and I heard it cost less than 700 000$ which MS paid some scammers to made Win10 logo. :)


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