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PS3HEN PSA: HFW causes issue with capture card, no video! fixed

Discussion in 'Ps3Xploit [Official Forum]' started by Zoilus, Sep 8, 2019.

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    Zoilus Member

    Dec 8, 2014
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    I ran into this issue with two 2501A systems using HFW 4.84 and 4.85

    On the first system- The issue: whether I installed hen or full cfw, my external El Gato capture device would ONLY capture the XMB screen video, go into any homebrew or start a game and there would be no signal and the software for el gato would display NO SIGNAL in red. I swapped cables, restored the ps3, put ofw back in, did a bunch of other things and nothing.

    On the second system- I was able to see games fine through el gato before HFW install. After install, game video would not be captured, got the no signal again. Just XMB footage was captured. After cfw install then hen install , still only xmb would come through but no game footage or homebrews.

    Solution - Go into safe mode and rebuild the &%^*! database :mad: hours of testing and cursing for it to be the database. To confirm and duplicate the issue, I wiped the drive, put everything back to stock ofw, rebuilt the database on 2nd system, all footage captured, installed HFW and game video not captured, just XMB. installed hen, no homebrews either. Rebuilt the db, everything good!

    Oh and one other weird thing, this issue ONLY seems to happen to the signal going from the capture device to the pc. On the tv, I can see everything fine, after HFW install, even if the signal is going through the el gato or connected directly to the tv, no problems. Its on the pc end where I had the issues and rebuilding the db fixed it.

    I explained things in detail in case any of the devs want to look into it
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    MrMario2011 PSX-Place Supporter

    Apr 9, 2019
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    I've recorded countless hours of footage using multiple Elgato devices through the PS3. From OFW, CFW, and HFW, there shouldn't be any difference. This doesn't sound like a problem related to the modification, if anymore more of a coincidence.

    Let me ask you a few questions:
    - What exact capture card are you using?
    - What program are you using to capture?
    - Most important - What hookups are you using to record from your PS3?

    Remember the PS3 over HDMI contains HDCP. I currently bypass this by using a RGB SCART to HDMI upscaler, which also has an HDMI input on it. I hook up my PS3 to the upscaler's input, then hook up my Elgato's input to the upscaler's output. Once that's done, I can capture anything through my PS3 consoles as it bypasses HDCP. What you're describing sounds much closer to HDCP interference.

    If that's the case, your options are as follows from cheapest to most expensive:
    - Switch to using component cables.
    - Use another piece of hardware to bypass the HDCP, like what I mentioned above.
    - Obtain a test/dev/debug system and disable HDCP through system settings.
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