PS3 PSA - PS3Xploit v3 (Dangerous Version Leaked)

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 5, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 5, 2018 at 8:58 PM
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    Following the v3 Recent Preview we are aware there has been another leak of Ps3Xploit we must warn about this leak that surfaced a couple times already. IT'S POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TO INSTALL, while some may not have any issues installing, some may experience some rather serious issues, this is a very early Proof of Concept build and was NEVER intended to be released in the current form. It's not stable and missing alot of checks and features (its a simple PoC). Its possible you could even damage your console, especially if used wrong as the instructions are not official ones from the developer's who built the hack. The leaked files were recovered due to a breached account of one of the dev (similar (but different) to v1 leak), so the leakers do not even know what they quite have or seem to care if they may be putting others at risk. NO NEED TO INSTALL INCOMPLETE DAMAGING VERSION when the Real Version due out very SOON.


    PSX-Place will be the first to know when this is READY (and i did get a new status update) and it for sure will be released in March and it might even be early March at that. So ABSOLUTELY no need to risk your PS3 by installing the leaked version that was stolen from the team. Thankfully some place have removed the leak, while other's have promoted it. Something dangerous should never be promoted. .

    PS3 3k+ owner's you have had the choice to Buy/Sell/Exchange/Trade your SuperSlim/Late Slims for a CFW compatible PS3 (i know easier said then done). You have not and you waited patiently for something to arise and now there is something so close but is it worth damaging your console to get something that even if you do get lucky and not damage your console is INCOMPLETE and missing features (that could still lead to serious errors) and is only a matter of days away until the real thing that will be properly tested and proper instructions provided from the developer;s who built the hack.​
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 5, 2018.

    1. FeauxTiger
      I cannot seem to get V 2.0 to work on my phat PS3, so maybe I should just wait on this third method and it'll do the trick!
    2. haznpapo
      thanx for the heads up
    3. Olvido
      The time has come c:
    4. esc0rtd3w
    5. in1975
      However, we can see what it is. And this leak is placed on the server, which you probably know. Also, we face tasks that you may not have thought of. Due to limitations of FAT32 filesystem, Pkg will have to be split into several (because of games with *.rap not so much and Sony can easily restrict users by splitting the game into parts and providing only the demo version and the rest only by subscription). While ready-made solutions this is no problem. Also PS3xploit-resigner in the current version gives an error. I made a patch, if you're interested.
    6. ThomLa5
      In what languages are the ps3 firmware hacks programmed?
    7. in1975
      There is also an official SDK available for download.
    8. Ps3_dev
      Hacker account also hacked so there is no safe to all in internet
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    9. Ps3_dev
    10. kixx
      Not all games have one single file larger than 4gb, it's only about 4 games, I think you can download a demo version of that before sony updates 4.83
    11. habib
      Everything was made into consideration only if you guys would have waited only few days.
      Possibly taken down the files when you were requested
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    12. habib
      Psarc files can be extracted, splits can be made.
      Who knows what version 2 of etHANol brings ;)
    13. c.link86
      guys don't piss the devs off you act like damn chrildren i swear
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    14. kixx
      Am not a dev but I surely know it's gonna be something good when I see that wink:cool:
    15. kixx
      Hats off to @bguerville @esc0rtd3w @habib @W for doing what others didn't have the gats to do, against all odds they managed to exploit it...
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    16. mohammedkhaled
      so can i run homebrews like multiman and can i go online with this jailbreak or i will get banned
    17. c.link86
      for the 1000th time no hb this can run "backups" that is resigned for the exploit now maybe in the far future it will but not now (if even that)
    18. PS3 SUPERSLIM (OFW) -_-
      PS3 SUPERSLIM (OFW) -_-
      Does It Needs To Be On 4.81 Or 4.82 To Make This Exploit Works...
    19. PS3 SUPERSLIM (OFW) -_-
      PS3 SUPERSLIM (OFW) -_-
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