PS3 PSN icons Collection disc ISO + Tools batch [PS3 EXTRA]

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By 0_obeWAN on Jun 25, 2016 at 8:02 PM
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    @0_obeWAN is back again with another PS3 Extra ISO Release, in other two previous PS3 Extra releases we seen a Coldboot Collection and XMB Wave Collection that allowed for Installation straight from the XMB. Now with PSN Icons Collection (PS3 Extra ISO) simply mount the ISO with your favorite manager / CFW supporting ISO loading of PS3 and with ease view and select from a number of PSN icons already supplied , but want to create your own PSN Icons? 0_obeWAN has you covered there as well, as a Tutorial is also provided in this release. ​


    psn icon.PNG

    • Hello PSX-PLACE's members

      Here is a PSN icons collection ISO installer. This ISO installer gives the ability to view and change your XMB PSN icon. With this I forward you an easy to use tools batch permit to create your own

    • Instructions:
      • Download and transfer ISO file to dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/
      • Mount with your favorite manager, like any PS3 ISO game
      • Navigate on "PSN icons collection disc", choose yours​
        psn icon2.PNG
      • Install press :but x: and answer YES, wait to XMB return.

    • Tools batch & sources: PSN logo batch
      Easy way to create PSN icons ISO disc

      Update 0.2
      - Add package installer to disc ISO
      - Finalise/create PSN icons disc ISO


      Turorial: Create a PSN icons disc ISO

      PSDK3v2 @Joonie
      "PSN_LOGO" folder extracted on your Desktop

      1 Create PSN icon package installer
      2 Add package installer to disc ISO
      3 Finalise/create PSN icons disc ISO

      1 Create a PSN icon installer package

      Run "Make_ISO.bat" file and choise option 1
      Place/replace tex_psn.png file in the folder that opens.
      Picture file must be PNG format, sized 128x128 pixels.
      When done press any key and wait end process

      2 Add PSN icon installer package to ISO structure

      From main menu choise option 2
      You have to choise/create a folder ID
      Exemples: D000, D001, D002...
      Must be between D000 and D999 that doesn't ever exist

      IDs numbers (D"000")determine order placement on ISO grid
      Order placements are Left to right and up to down

      ISO gride exemple:
      First line: D000 D001 D002
      Second line: D003 D004 D005
      Next... D006 D007 D008

      3 Finalise/create PSN icons disc ISO

      From main menu choise option 3
      Just wait end process

      Your PSN icon disc is ready :)

    • Credits

      Thanks a lot to all members that helped me...

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by 0_obeWAN, Jun 25, 2016.

    1. pinky
      I'm not sure which firmware did this, but the psn icon used to be part of the icontex.qrc 'til they moved it outside of that. the nvidia 3d plugin for photoshop can't display color or rather it uses color or wavelengths (I believe) for depth. I think that's the reason they moved it into an rco. ;)
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    2. bigbossu
      Just love these tools but I think would be great if the default icon/files are present just case people want to restore the originals.
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    3. Drag
      one more great tool, thank you
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    4. 1986panzi1986
      Gud work. I love this tools
    5. pinky
      be careful with the xmb_plugin_normal.rco. it's firmware-specific. using the wrong firmware rco shouldn't soft-brick the system, but it can have adverse effects such as the clock disappearing, since the clock positioning is within the file. ;)
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    6. 0_obeWAN
      Thanks for links and explains

      Thanks It was forget ^^ I added Original, Rebug, Ferroxl plus few others

      Does it meens I have to prevent user CFW 4.xx only ?
      I had a blanc rectangle on clock during some tests but it comes from a corrupted .GIM file

      Just pushed new release with fews adds. Links on download section
      Last edited: Jun 27, 2016
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    7. pinky
      it depends on which firmware is being used. most rco files r firmware-specific (i.e. this rco is for 4.80). using the wrong rco most likely won't soft-brick the system, but it could cause weird graphical glitches. that's been my experience anyway. sorry...I don't want to sound like a douche for mentioning this, 'cause I did mention the possibility of a soft-brick with ur waves iso as well. yeah, corrupted or large gim files can sometimes mess other things up. this usually results in a flashing white square or rectangle.
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    8. 0_obeWAN
      Just updated 0.2
      - Add package installer to disc ISO
      - Finalise/create PSN icons disc ISO
      + Tutorial text ans video

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    9. pinky
      ^^^ great job, my friend. I was thinking about the clock disappearing error, and I think the rco in question may have been the system_plugin.rco, the one with the clock icon itself, instead of the xmb_plugin.normal.rco, the digital portion and box of the clock. I hex compared the earliest (4.75) and latest (4.80) rebug firmware I have decrypted on my laptop - the files were identical - so what I said may not be an issue at all.
    10. 0_obeWAN
      I'm thinking now to others possibilities with this PS3 ISO batch
      But I'm failed with psn_package_npdrm.exe
      Is there a way to batch the "Make PKG..." menu option in PS3tools from @aldostools
      @echo off
      mode con cols=65 lines=26
      color 0b
      I mean simply make a package from desired folder (the folder ever contains all required files, no need to create PARAM.SFO...)
      If you know where I can found informations on psn_package_npdrm.exe, parameters options...
      Thanks in advance

      This code seems to work for me.
      @echo off
      mode con cols=65 lines=26
      color 0b
      echo ContentID = EP0001-PS3EXTISO_00-0000000000000000>package.conf
      echo Klicensee = 000000000000000000000000000000000000>>package.conf
      echo PackageVersion = 99.99>>package.conf
      echo DRMType = Free>>package.conf
      echo ContentType = GameExec>>package.conf
      psn_package_npdrm.exe -n package.conf PS3EXTISO
      ren EP0001-PS3EXTISO_00-0000000000000000.pkg DATA000.PKG
      if exist package.conf del package.conf
      Needs more tests... But it means easy way and multiple possibles
      - No more need PSDK3v2
      - Just repack existing package templates exemples with coldboots, waves, games mods, there are lots of possibles...
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    11. LuanTeles
      it lacks in game icons too
    12. pinky
      that should be in the xmb_ingame.rco. the psn icon supposedly was a part of the icontex.qrc until it was dropped into an rco file many firmwares ago. I remember reading about that, but I haven't checked that far back in the icontex.qrc files. the icontex.qrc will be all the icons on the xmb (outside of a game) minus the psn icon. all those icons r replicated in the xmb_ingame.rco, since u don't see the wave. the wave is meant to give the icons a 3d effect outside of a game. however, using the nvidia plugin to create those 3d icons meant that the icons would look greyish white. I have a tutorial on this. :-p
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    13. LuanTeles
      Thanks @pinky , you're amazing as usual
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    14. RuiCarneiro
      don't know why but i'm receiving an error from Tools/updater. It say that "make" command is not recognized :/.

      Here's an print of the error: transferir.png

      Please, Help. :(
    15. pinky
      change .bat to .txt to see what commands are being used.
    16. RuiCarneiro
      what file?? the Make_package.bat??
    17. pinky
      yes, if that's the one you're using.

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