PSP [PSP] 6.61 Infinity Released + The "final farewell to the PSP" by Davee

Discussion in 'PS Portable News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 13, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Feb 13, 2016 at 8:27 PM
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    (UPDATE) In the PSP Community we have seen the release of 6.61 Infinity and this is very exciting news for the PSP community, the release does however come with sad news that this is the last release for the PSP by developer Davee (however, bug fixes will be made still), The developer has been a presence in the PSP community for years and has been responsible for a variety of releases and countless contributions. 6.61 Infinity utilizes a bug that is present in 6.31 to achieve a similar technique used in CFW installation of v1.50 firmware. View all the details that Davee [break]sss[/break] presents in the release quote included below:

    Update: Possible Brick Alert - See Post #2 for atreyu187 (psx-place mod) experience and warning.

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Discussion in 'PS Portable News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 13, 2016.

    1. atreyu187
      BE CAREFUL!!! My PSP Go is now a paperweight. I made sure I used the Go PBP files, built my hybrid FW and went to flash my other system. Well it shut down at 100% and now will not boot into anything. I haven't heard anything back from the dev but I assume it is toast. Weird as it worked for one of my systems but my kids Go is done for. Guess I will be giving it to her now. I was running 6.61 LME 2.3 prior to install but yea it is what it is I guess. Just a heads up for those out there but it did work for one system but not the other. I do not blame the dev at all in this as be knows what he is doing. Just not sure what happened. It got to 100% then shut down. I have used his tools countless times to downgrade other systems and knew the risk prior to this. I just want to make that perfectly clear. I even made sure to not use the files from my other Go. Oh well I got a Vita and a 2000 model still.
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    2. ed89
      Well thanks for hint as we all should know (not forget) there is always a possible brick risk on PSP and PS3 CFW i hope its not a critical bug in the infinity software...for PSP Go
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    3. tehrzky
      after i installed this. can i install any firmware from 5.xx to 6.xx cfw? (psp 3g board)(for curiosity only) same as 3DS hack sysnand & emunand? ty
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    4. reiyu
      i was afraid that this might not work for PSP GO. thank god i waited. but still unfortunate that it had to happen to atreyu187...
    5. atreyu187
      It worked for me for one system trouble free. I went to set it up on a second and it completed the flash just powered off. But install 6.61 firmware OFW or CFW first then follow the instructions. It will build a file for you that is exclusive to the system it was made for only. Then move to your flasher folder and run. It will flash the hyrid firmware then install ME or Pro CFW. I have been playing around with my white Go and it works great. I am stumped as to what happened on my Black one. Battery was fully charged as well and I used the internal memory not the flash memory. No one else seems to have any issues. As I said I have used Davee's firmware downgrader many times and Infinity I am one for two. Maybe a fix will be released but I am not hopeful. It got all the way to 100% then just powered off instead of the screen I had on my other that said press :but x: to restart.
    6. sandungas
      Still waiting for a 6.61 based psp cfw with permanent install, but no hurry i guess we can wait 5 more years
    7. nCadeRegal
      Hey [MENTION=7]atreyu187[/MENTION], I was under the impression that the infinity installer gave the option to unbrick unfixable psps like the go? Or is it only after a successful install that is possible. Have you ever backed up the nand of that system before any cfw installs? I have many system backups from dead systems that might be of some use to you. I know they are unique to each PSP, but I know some time back I was able to successfully install another systems nand to a corrupted system with only Mac issues after. Needless to say though they were 2k series with a Pandora. I have a backup of pspgo that has a bad screen, let me know if that might help you.
    8. atreyu187
      This will not do anything. Powers on for maybe 20 seconds but not display or actions can be done then immediately shut off.
    9. atreyu187
      He has released his 6.60 spoofing plugin as well that allows all 6.60 apps to boot on 6.61. He has also added Infinity support to chronoswitch. I don't know what could have happened to my system as the one that flashed works amazing. But there is no PSP Street support as it can't run 6.31 firmware.
    10. kozarovv
      Try boot with keep pushing home button.
    11. atreyu187
      Thanks BTW what does this do? Never heard of accessing a more this way. I really hope to get it fixed as I didn't get to reinstall LME
    12. kozarovv
      Home button should boot to clear OFW. Also try booting with L button. Is a recovery that don't exist.. If i understand corectly, anyway maybe this will do something.
    13. pinky
      what does this do exactly? I have triple firmware (permanent) lme 2.2 (can I install 2.3?), pro 10, and ofw 6.60.
    14. kozarovv
      Infinity is for gain permanent 6.61 cfw on systems without cIPL. Some 200X models, all 300X models and PSP Go. Only street is.not supported due to higher minver than 6.31.
    15. atreyu187
      No such luck but thanks for trying. It's good for a parts system at least. I only traded a modded GameCube for it and my slim has been neglected for far too long.
    16. Red-j
      Alteryu have you use the right 6.31 and 6.61 update specific to psp go to make the hybrid fw? I have updated my pso go 05g with no issue ..recovery is R at boot not L
      Last edited: Feb 15, 2016
    17. atreyu187
      Yes I did two systems and one worked fine the other the flasher went to 100% then just shut off. I used the same eboots for both. Made the hybrid firmware then used PSP Filer to move the MPC file into the flasher folder. Connected via USB just to make sure they were there then proceeded to install. That Go would give me issues from time to time like only the M33 drivers would launch ISO's. Like I said I do not feel the dev is to blame but maybe I had some faulty hardware. I went from 6.20 ME perma patch to 6.61 LME with Lightspeed on that system to try to fix my ISO driver issue so I could use Inferno driver for FF Type-0 but even then it would load but gave me issues with the videos and such. I was only saying it so others would be careful. While the perma is nice there is no real reason to ditch 6.20 as games could easily be patched the needed above 6.20 the few good ones after that. It's dead and toast as nothing responds on it. I would and will use his patcher again as I used his ChronoSwitch to take that PSP from 6.60 Pro (the firmware that was on it when I bought it) to 6.20 ME perma patch. But using lightspeed is just as good IMO as it is fast and CFW is reinstalled instantly. Just weight the benefits is all I was trying to say. My white Go is working just fine still with Infinity but I have a slim 2000 that I am using now that has full CFW support and Pandora ability for making and debricking. It's not a big loss to me as I have multiple systems.
    18. kozarovv
      In infinity recovery is L not R.

      [MENTION=7]atreyu187[/MENTION] Put recovry in to ms0:/infinity/recovery.prx and hold L on boot. Solution from DaveeFTW
    19. atreyu187
      No way to add file to my M2 card ATM but I will give it a try when I can.

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