PSP PSP 6.61 (L)ME-2.3 Released By Rahim - DarkSpeed & LightSpeed Updates By The Z

Discussion in 'PS Portable News' started by Tranced, Jan 22, 2015.

By Tranced on Jan 22, 2015 at 2:31 AM
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    Following the release of 6.61 PRO-C f3 here are some more updates regarding the PSP. First up is the update and release of 6.61 (L)ME-2.3 CFW by Rahim with all the usual flavors one can expect. Do note that these recent firmwares are not permanent custom firmware builds. They need the likes of DarkSpeed or LightSpeed, updated below for 6.61, to temporary install them after booting up your PSP. So for now many would most likely stick to 6.60 perma CFW builds.

    6.61 (L)ME-2.3.gif


    Sources: @Rahim_US | Wololo/talk | Wololo/talk | @The_Zett


Discussion in 'PS Portable News' started by Tranced, Jan 22, 2015.

    1. kozarovv
      What is "release_661me2.3 (OFW Version)"?

      I want go from 6.60 pro to 6.61me and i don't know i should install ofw version or normal.
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    2. Tranced
      The Official version is for those on 6.61 Official Firmware.
    3. atreyu187
      Um the ME has a perma install for PSP's that can run full CFW. Dark speed and Lightspeed don't do anything more then speed up boot times of a LCFW one for Pro series the other for ME series CFW's. ME can be installed perma if you have the proper system as it is a full install on my slim but not the Go/3000/Street series until a new exploit is found.

      Darkspeed - Pro CFW speedup boot times

      Lightspeed - ME CFW speedup boot times

      Pro 6.61 - No cIPL support (no prema install, just hex edits from 6.60 so its a hack job and still has the Pro-C fix 3 PSX PSN error. They should have hacked Pro B that has no errors but is lacking Pro Online support)

      ME 6.61 - HAS cIPL support (has perma install, built from scratch and first TRUE 6.61 CFW)
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    4. ch3mn3y

      How can I move from 6.60 OFW to 6.61 ME 2.3?
      Is it enough to update to 6.61, than using cipl flasher for permanent ME 2.3?
      Or any other method for permanent 6.61 ME 2.3?

      What is online 1.0 and how to use it?

    5. kozarovv
      Install 6.61 OFW then install release_661me2.3 (OFW Version)

      Only flashing cIPL can make 6.30-6.61 CFW permanent, but you need compatibile PSP or you brick it. All first 1000 and some 2000 (with board <ta-88v2) are compatibile. 3000,go,street are not compatibile.


      With this you can play online on prometeus server, this is not work on first 1000 series (i think..).
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    6. ch3mn3y
      I did this:
      1. Uninstalled 6.60 Pro-C2 (thought that it's needed to do)
      2. Installed it again
      3. Downloaded nonOFW ME 2.3
      4. Copied EBOOT.PBP with 6.61 ME 2.3 to /UPDATE
      5. Renamed 6.61 OFW's EBOOT.PBP to 661.PBP
      6. Run Ubdate of 6.61 ME 2.3
      7. It updated OFW to 6.61 and installed ME

      So now im on 6.61 ME 2.3 and saved 1GB with .dax (had a lot isos, as some csos was lagging so i prefered isos over them, will see how daxes will work)

      Now i will try online files

      My question for now: is it worth to use LightSpeed when i have nonlight CFW?
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    7. ch3mn3y
      Additionally: where should i copy online files? To seplugins or root?

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    8. atreyu187
      Correct only slims and Go can use online server. Lightspeed is for ME and makes the times speed up when powered off and CFW needs to be reinstalled.
    9. saeedahmed15
      to Rahim

      i downloaded the custom version 6.1 and installled it sucessfully it demanded restart and now my psp wont turn on. even if it does green light will come on when you turn it on but my psp 1000 wont come on. help me fix that
    10. atreyu187
      Don't think he is a member here but you will need a Pandora battery to debrick it. I have installed it myself no issues on a 1000, 2000, and Go all were fine. Did you check MD5 of PUP first? We're you on 6.61 already? Need more info to help you.
      Last edited: Jul 24, 2015
    11. kozarovv
      [MENTION=12481]saeedahmed15[/MENTION] Try turn ON psp while keep pressing R button. Also check for sure that you turned OFF psp not just put it in to sleep state. If this don't help you need pandora like [MENTION=7]atreyu187[/MENTION] mentioned.
    12. atreyu187
      You can also turn your battery into a Pandora battery there are simple guides to do so you only have to lift one of the traces and it can be repaired easily.
    13. RocDocker
      Can anyone explain how to install the online plugin on LME? Or point me to a tutorial to enable online game play on LME 6.61.

      I am running LME 6.61 on an E 1004
    14. atreyu187
      You can't run and install it I am afraid. The Pro online servers require the extra RAM the Slim, Bite and Go models have. The 1000 and "E" models don't have this so their are certain things that silly will not work as they require the RAM. This and a few emulators need it.
      Last edited: Dec 9, 2015
    15. kozarovv
      Are you sure that e1000 have only 32mb? All sources are confirm that is 64mb.
    16. atreyu187
      Your right I recall what it was now, the E Street lacked a WiFi module to keep prices down so you can't do anything online.
    17. arcadekidflo
      PSP 6.61 (L)ME-2.3 Released By Rahim - DarkSpeed &amp; LightSpeed Updates By The Z

      How do i uninstall ME 2.3 ? I tried to launch it again and there is no uninstall option , attempting to reinstall OFW 6.61 also failed

      If you only have a HEN PSP does it warn you in any way when trying to install the permanent ME ? If not , you really need to know what you are doing when using ME

      Can you keep the installation folders of LME and ME on the same memory card ?

      Any news for a permanent patch for Date Code 8c and higher ?
    18. ronalys
      I'm sorry if anyone already asked this, but I really late since I have my PSP have problem a long time ago. But now I already have it on and running after servicing it and replace the faulty hardware.

      I have PSP Slim 2006, and I checked that I'm on 6.39 ME-9.4 CFW.
      How do I upgrade to 6.61 ME 2.3 permanently?
      I supposed my psp able to be hacked permanently since I don't remember to reflash cfw everytime I fully switch off and on or replace the battery.
      It just work and stayed on CFW.

      Thanks in advance
    19. klx
      Me is full cfw

      Just update to 6.61 me, follow the instructions to install

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