PS3 PSP Emu Selector - Use Decrypted MINIS2.EDAT with PSP emulator on PS3

Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew' started by kozarovv, Jan 26, 2018.

By kozarovv on Jan 26, 2018 at 10:59 AM
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    Not so long ago I (kozarovv) asked developer mysis about possibility of use decrypted minis2 config to increase game compatibility of the PSP emulator that resides within the PS3. A few days later he responded and gave us patches to make it now a real possibility ti use these configs. Big thanks to @mysis for that! Here is noob-friendly app I created PSP EMU Selector to change PSP emulator version. One is standard cobra patched emu, Second is cobra emu patched to read unencrypted minis2.edat config. Enjoy!

    Also, for PS2 emulation on the PS3 (non-bc) be sure to checkout the PS2 NetEmu Selector released earlier in the week


    • PSP Emu Selector
      Application for changing psp_emulator file versions on firmware 4.81, 4.82 (CEX, DEX, DECR (decr untested)). Based on modified version of XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) Installer. For original installer readme check file "READMEinstaller.markdown"
      Usage: Install pkg file. Open application, and follow onscreen instuctions.​

      How to use DECRYPTED MINIS2 with PSP ISO

      • Run app and select "USE DECRYPTED MINIS2.EDAT" then exit app.
      • Go to Remaster Launcher folder, usually dev_hdd0/game/PSPC66820/USRDIR
      • Here you can place your custom config called MINIS2.EDAT
      • File MINIS2.EDAT should be simple renamed txt file.

      Example of MINIS2.EDAT:
      Now simple mount, and run game.
      This will run game in Remaster Mode, with 42MB ram available, and tweak frame buffer (not sure about that). This config allow game 3rd Birthday to run without blue overlay on full screen.

      Available commands for config:

      Available options
      • USE ENCRYPTED MINIS2.EDAT - Clean emulator without additional features. Only standard cobra patches are applied.
      • USE DECRYPTED MINIS2.EDAT - Custom emulator version with patches by mysis to allow decrypted minis2.txt to be read.

      Works only on 4.81, 4.82 cobra and non cobra firmware. App is changing
      files on dev_flash!

    • Changes from Installer to Selector
      • Obviously renamed project
      • Removed reboot prompt for devflash operations (not needed for netemu change)
      • Fixed string centering in menus (ugly hack)
      • Graphical changes (strings, colors, target names, etc.)
      • Changed usleep values for buttons
      • Changed way of naming backups folder.
      • Removed some refers to variable names in dialogs. Specially app_choice ones.
      • More that I forgot, anyway source is here
      • Only backup of last used emu is created. Old backup is overwritten with new.
      • require noRSX 0.29 to build
      • Added scetool flags to makefile


      • andreus, and XMBM+ Team for great installer
      • mysis for r.e. and patches to psp_emulator
      • deroad for noRSX

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Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew' started by kozarovv, Jan 26, 2018.

    1. STLcardsWS
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    2. Omage
      powerstone added elf path is invalid
      ELF_PATH = disc0: /PSP_GAME/USRDIR/prx/pws1.prx
    3. kozarovv
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    4. Omage
      may not be related to cobra / mamba issue
      I use mamba, disabled DO_PATCH_PSP from mamba or disabled mamba
      Get the same problem
    5. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      Is this better compatibility then using webman to load up PSP games?
    6. kozarovv
      No, it doesn't matter.
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    7. haxxxen
      just want to know how you get 3rd birthday running. i have also patched the emu and even tried 4.81 one resigned but no luck. this game hangs on black screen. shortly i can see an image but then only black. and i have to reboot ps3 cause it will hang

      only have tried with cobra and remaster launcher and no pkg
    8. kozarovv
      Remaster launcher have included config in it (minis2), maybe it broke game. Anyway 3rdB should work, when you get black screen at start just push start or X. Or add AW.LINEAR_ADRS = 40 to remove black screen. Anyway with that setting game have more issues. Also keep in mind that 4.21 emu is old. $ony improved it here, and there. Maybe here is a reason.
    9. haxxxen
      huh, wtf? it works now lol. dunno why
      ok, it was your tip with pressing X. how embarassing
    10. kozarovv
      Don't worry, it took me 2 days to realize it :)
    11. XeCuTioNR
      @kozarovv is it possible to make a PS1 Netemu fork soon? Im using sMan and theres no way to select the netemu versions of booting titles & would help with compatibility issues. Thanks for all your hard work!
    12. DEX357
      Will it be integrated in COBRA?
    13. LuanTeles
      @mysis and @kozarovv , is there a possibility to make the remasters launcher , when a PSP ISO with a edat with the same name, load it as a minis.edat?

      it would be more efficient, since it will load the conf automatically, so more compatibility
    14. kozarovv
      Yes it is possible, but only in cobra system. Actually @habib thrown that idea for his cfw some time ago. Not sure that he is working on it as ps3xploit stuff is time consuming, but maybe. :)
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    15. LuanTeles
      i'd like to see this, also with the ps2 emu.

      Yeap i know, and i really hope after the ps3xploit scene the devs can bring us some new exiting features
    16. kozarovv
      Is already done for ps2 emu
    17. MannyMania
      I've got MediEvil Resurrection that does a blue screen overlay. I tried this fix and there was no change. Anyone know if this method fixes Medievil?


      PS3 Fat, Rebug 4.82.2
    18. Frosthaxx
      Psp emulation on PS3. Sounds good. I'm on Hans but I believe it's possible on that. So far I've only done ps2 though (is it normal to not fit entire screen?)
    19. Omage
      My settings 720P RESOLUTION

      SDRAM_SIZE = 03000000
      AW.EXT_MODE = 3
      AW.EXT_CMD = 2
      ADDITIONAL_KEY_ASSIGN = 8000000000000000
      S3D.ENABLE = 2
      VSYNC_OFFSET_US = 2000
      ADHOC_PARTY = 0
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