PS4 PSProxy (v2.0.0.0) - Bypass New PS4 Firmware

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 4, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Jul 4, 2016 at 4:12 PM
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    [ARTICLE UPDATED] Here is an interesting release for the PlayStation 4 community from developer Red-EyeX32, As a new update to the PSProxy utility is released , This update will Bypass a new PS4 firmware updates. We have not tested this here at yet, but the developer states that this has been tested on a US console with 3.50 firmware and with the utility one is able to bypass 3.55 FW and thus sign into PSN with 3.50 System. This has had limited testing from the developer's own quote and it appears limited testing has been done on lower firmwares, so be sure to use this at your own risk..


    Update: PSX-Place Mod and Well known scene contributor @arteyu187 confirms this does not work on firmware 1.76, which is a bit of bad news since this would of been useful for 1.76 user's as that is the highest firmware the webkit exploits work. Which is the firmware used for PS4 Linux. ​

    • As I promised, I have made a Playstation 4 update bypasser. This little utility will allow you to bypass the 3.55 update making your system stay on a lower firmware.

      Currently this has only been tested on a US console on a 3.50 firmware. To make this work for EU users all you have to do is edit the ps4-updatelist.xml included inside the .rar file from "us" to "eu". Also don't mind the PSP/PS3 Mode as those haven't been tested yet.

      Please let me know any bugs you encounter, I would gladly fix the problem for you. [​IMG]

      Changes in v2.0.0.0 update:
      • Added "Copy" to Log List by right clicking the list.
      • You can now export the log by right clicking.
      • Few bug bixes. (Adding PS3 support next update)
      Any donations would be appreciated!

      • Dacoco (Testing and video)

    • Instructions:
      • Press start on the utility.
      • Add IP and Port to the PS4.
      • Sign-In to PSN
      • Profit?

    Download :PSProxy.rar
    Virus Scan: Antivirus scan

    Release Source:
    Additional Source:
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 4, 2016.

    1. pinky
      dammit. I updated to 3.55 in order to download the dlc for star ocean 5. :-/ they have a 3.55 for the vita that blocks everything. it seems sony is trying to fix the nightmare of 3.55 on the ps3. this seems to be using a proxy through ur computer which is what I use for the wii-u, and how vita update blocker works.
    2. pinky
      I would also like to add that the port u choose for ur ps4 might need to be different from 8080 since most apps use this port for proxy by default including vita update blocker. ur ip will be the same in each instance since it's the ip ur router uses to define ur computer. however, more than one app using the same port, 8080, will result in a conflict.
    3. atreyu187
      Not working g on 1.76 console and already updated my 3.50 system. Not sure what good PSP mode would be when PSN is down for PSP but if this could work for the Vita would be amazing.
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    4. pinky
      I can't test since I don't have a ps4 on that firmware, but u changed the port, didn't u? the reason I ask is that vita update blocker will conflict with the normal credentials of this app assuming u have vita update blocker enabled atm. I don't think u can change the vita update blocker port (maybe u can?), but it looks like u can with this app. if not, disable vita update blocker. ;)
    5. bguerville
      If confirmed to work as advertised it would be fantastic news for 1.76 console owners.
      Remember how we spoke not long ago of the little joy there was to be had with a 1.76 ps4 unless of course you're developing for it.
      We also said that cool brews & apps would eventually trickle down to change that situation... [emoji5]️

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    6. STLcardsWS
      Updated article based on your test. Thanks
    7. bguerville
      Oh dear... [emoji54]

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    8. atreyu187
      Yes I changed the firmware to represent the one I was using. I did for the heck of it test my 3.55 system and of course I was able to connect. If the PS4 follows suit with its older brother the PS3 and little sis the Vita this will work to allow PSN access only one firmware lower. VitaUpdateBlocker used to allow PSN access but Sony put a stop to that but one can still access one firmware lower then the latest firmware for a week or two.
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    9. pinky
      just checking. :p seems like something sony can and will patch like with the vita. I guess even for 1.76 users not much could be made of this since most games can't be played with firmware that old.
    10. atreyu187
      Shoot I rocked 1.76 for AGES not till Batman Arkham Knight did I upgrade. I went from 1.76 to 3.10 on mine as most of my games are just HD remakes of the HD PS3 variants LOL some of them are quiet nice like The Last of Us (once it was all patched up) but others fail HARD like Resident Evil 6 which only maybe half of the game has improved textures. Makes a god awful game even worse.
    11. pinky
      as u know, I have the slime ps4. afaik, it was released with firmware higher than 1.76, so there was nothing I could do. iirc, the system, which was used, arrived with 3.10 on it.
    12. atreyu187
      Yea I ditched my old CUH-1001 for the newer CUH-1115 I got for $70 as it has a borked HDMI port. I was afraid of getting one of the faulty first models so I got rid of it only to buy another TLoU bundle we had at our local Walmart, as here NO ONE owns a PS4. People ask me why I even bother with the PS3 when I have a RGH'd 360. So we had one laying around at the store for a long time. Only the Call of Duty bundles sold here.
    13. pinky
      I think the ps3 has better exclusives than the 360. however, I love the 360. the fake anim is insane and far outdoes the ps3's coldboot:

      plus, there r over 3,000 indie games which u can play by faking a live connection. dashlaunch, somewhat like the vsh menu, allows u to control the fan, fake that live connection, use fake anim, check temps in game, etc. it's an amazing piece of software. ;)
    14. atreyu187
      Yea I have quiet a few good men is on the 360 which really beats the XEXMenu when it first launched.
    15. pinky
      freestyle dash and aurora really beat xexmenu. :p that coupled with dashlaunch = win. ;) I think I got us off topic as usual. lol
    16. bguerville
      Is this a 360 thread on psx-place? [emoji6]

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    17. pinky
      of course! I know a lot of ps3 gamers hate the system, so I felt a need to defend it. :p
    18. atreyu187
      Guilty as charged. Mine sits like the red headed step child it is in my closet. I am just oing my part to keep one less 360 off the streets. Every little bit helps, if I can keep an Xbox out of the hands of one more child I can die a happy man.
    19. bguerville
      Always been a S#ny console fan even though I used many consoles thru the years.

      My first games were played on my home computer (there were no PC yet). It was a ZX81 from Sinclair, 3.5Mhz CPU with 1Kb RAM, imagine that!
      It was required to type in the source code of the games then you could save the game on an audio tape! !

      I have played successively with the PS1, the PS2, the PS3 & now the PS4. Yeah I know I am old.... [emoji6]

      In contrast I never really felt much attachment for the 1st xbox & later the 360 I owned for a while.

      If only S#ny would rethink its strategy & drop its pathetic attempt to control every machine it sells & every user.
      I love the consoles & some of the exclusive games but I really despise the short-sighted bully attitude towards its own clientele.

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