PS3 PSX Classics Tools Updated (w/ Tutorial) + CDDA & Multi-Disc Support by Most Hated

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    About 10 months ago Scene Contributor zecoxao released some tools and information from ZeroTolerance pertaining to PSXclassic's working with decompressed ISO's . Since that time Most Hated has published some new advancements following the previous work, adding Multi-Disc Support with updated Tools and also a new tutorial for providing CDDA support. Two welcome editions to this previous release that I am sure many will make use of. view all the details provided by Most Hated.


    • Here goes my (Most Hated) compiled version of updated tools from zecoxao and ZeroTolerance.
      • ISO.BIN.DAT is automated now with the new tool. Python 2.7 is still needed.
      • Multidisc games work now but the size limit on PSX2PSP 1.4 is a little under 2GB.
      • Anything over the size limit will black screen.

      PSX Classics Tools Instructions:

      1. Install python 2.7
      2. Use pip to install ecdsa
      3. Create EBOOT.PBP from iso with PSX2PSP (Compression:0-None)
      4. Place EBOOT.PBP in workbench directory
      5. Drop EBOOT.PBP into "make_psone_classic_metadata.exe"
      6. Run (on command line for R/S value data output)
      7. Copy R and place it on the end of ISO.BIN.DAT (append, leave out first 00)
      8. Copy S and place it on the end of ISO.BIN.DAT after R (append, leave out first 00)
      9. Take note of title id
      10. Encrypt ISO.BIN.DAT: (Title id)
      11. make_npdata -e ISO.BIN.DAT ISO.BIN.EDAT 1 1 1 0 16 3 00 UP9000-SLPS01901_00-0000000000000001 5
      12. Replace EBOOT on a psx classic decrypted pkg (or use template)
      13. Replace ISO.BIN.EDAT on a psx classic decrypted pkg (or use template)
      14. Replace Pictures (or use template)
      15. Replace Param.SFO (or use template)
      16. Make PKG.
      17. Done!

    • "Here goes Tutorial Revision 03.
      I tried to simplify everything and added images with notes.
      Good luck!" - Most Hated

      PS3 / PSX Classics CDDA Revised by: MOST Hated (REV_03)
      Tools needed:
      • Sony Sound Forge
      • Cryptor Tools
      • Hex Editor
      • Hex Calculator
      • psx_classics tool

      First off, make sure the eboot works. If you have a multi-bin CDDA game, convert it to a full bin/cue with cdmage before converting the eboot. Otherwise PSX2PSP ignores the audio.​


        • Have your wav files out of the full bin/cue and ready to convert.
        • Rename wav files to Track01, Track02, etc.
        • Open sony sound forge, tools, batch convert


        • Select all wav files.


        • Go into the Save tab, Add save options.
        • Convert to: Type: ATRAC Audio (*.aa3)
        • Template: Custom tab, Attributes 132 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, Stereo (ATRAC3)


        • Delete headers off all aa3 files.
        • Headers start from the very top and end at 0x450.
        • Audio begins at 0x460

        • Run cryptor.exe tool on all headerless aa3 files.
        • Usage: cryptor.exe <input_file> <output_file> <key>
          • (eg. cryptor.exe track01.aa3 track01.bin 01223344)
        • The key is random but keep it simple.
          • (eg. Track01 = 01223344 Track02 = 02223344)


        • Open up the working eboot in an hex editor. Seach for STARTDAT.


        • Scroll up from STARTDAT and pick an offset to place the encrypted bin files.
        • Write down all the start & length offsets in PSX_CDDA_VALUES_TEMPLATE.txt


        • Length offsets can be found at the bottom of HxD after selecting
        • the full encrypted bin file. It always 8bytes. So add bytes if it's short.
        • Just look at the left column offsets to add how many bytes you need.
        • (eg. D3680 is 000D3680)


      • Write out the length offsets in little endian, in the
        PSX_CDDA_VALUES_TEMPLATE.txt on the far right table value column.


      • Go to a hex calculator (
        Subtract 0x110000 from each encrypted bin's start offset and write it down
        in the PSX_CDDA_VALUES_TEMPLATE.txt on the middle right iso offset column.


      • Write each iso offset in little endian, in the PSX_CDDA_VALUES_TEMPLATE.txt
        on the far right table value column under the length table values.


        • Now in your PSX_CDDA_VALUES_TEMPLATE.txt, little endian table values.
        • Take your iso offset table value and place it in front of the length
        • offset table value.
        • Copy & paste it to the bottom Full Tables Values column in front of
        • the 4bytes / key.


        • Now back to your eboot, in the hex editor. Go to 0x10C00
        • Paste write your Full Table Values.
        • Save your eboot.


        • Enjoy your PSX Classic with CDDA

        **Original Tutorial credits:
        **reverse engineering by some person, who doesn't want to be named
        **source code for cryptor.exe & decryptor.exe by ZecoXao
        **testing & mini-guide by MrSSL & me***

        ***Special Thanks to GGL0L for guiding me through this madness.

    • PSX Classics Values Template
      data track end offset  /
              eboot offset      iso offest       table value
      track 01
      track 02
      track 03
      track 04
      Full Table Values

    Download: PSX Classic Tools (Multi-Disc/CDDA Support)

    Source(s): ( Link 2)
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 20, 2016.

    1. STLcardsWS
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    2. Death_Dealer
      Not sure why python would need to be installed to the system.. I have remade py2exe for 3.5 with a very small GUI, if @MOST Hated needs some help packaging this properly as a stand alone executable i would be more than happy to help.
      Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
    3. MOST Hated
      MOST Hated
      Python is only needed for the CDDA bat tool by Omage.
      There were more updated posts in that thread as well as this thread here. (< Click that)
      Almost everything is automated now so, some of those instructions are outdated.
      I only compiled everything.. I had no involvement in the tool creation.

      Also give credit to:

      Aldostools for the Fix_EBOOT_PBP.exe that automated the PSX Classics Tool edat process.
      MrSSL, zecoxao, GGL0L and Anonymous for the CDDA fix tool & research.
      Omage for the CDDA bat tool.

      Here is the newest compile of PSX_Classics_Tools:

      PSX Classics Tool instructions:

      Create eboot.pbp with PSX2PSP (Compression: 0)
      Place eboot.pbp into workbench directory
      Drag & drop eboot.pbp into Fix_EBOOT_PBP.exe
      Make PKG

      CDDA Fix instructions:

      Extract wav files from the psx game (With ultraiso or name rule: Track01, Track02, etc.)
      Convert wav files to aa3 [132 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, Stereo (ATRAC3)] files with Sony Sound Forge
      Place aa3 files in the CDDA_Cryptor folder
      Write the eboot.pbp STARTDAT offset into cdda.bat, then run cdda.bat
      Paste insert aa3.bin hex data in the eboot.pbp on the STARTDAT offset
      Paste write table.bin hex data in the eboot.pbp on the 10C00 offset
      Save new eboot.pbp
      Run the new eboot.pbp through PSX Classics Tool


      So, PSX Classics on PS3 is pretty much locked down now..
      All we need to know is sony's compression algorithm..
      An updated PSX2PSP with the 2GB+ multidisc eboot bug fixed would be nice too.
      Sadly, no PSX2PSP source was made public..
      Special thanks to everyone involved in PSX Classics on PS3 that showed interest.
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    4. Omage
      I hope to have the pc-engine classic reverse engineering
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    5. jjkkyu
      exactly, the core of PSX2PSP is popstation.
      the source of popstation is located under \PSX2PSP 1.4\Files\Popstation src.
      hope a fix for the limit of 2gb+ pbp converting.
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    6. izuna
      Friend please! Make a video tutorial. I'm lock on step 2 Use pip to install ecdsa .. i don't know use python..

      sorry for my bad english..

      please make a video tutorial
    7. nCadeRegal
      I'm not familiar with the tool, but if you use our tagging system you can tag in the devs and next time they come to the place they will get a notification and could possibly help you if you ask nicely. @jjkkyu, @MOST Hated, @kozarovv. Hope that helps and good luck.
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    8. kozarovv


      • Now open command prompt (windows cmd, not python shell) and type:
      python -m pip install ecdsa
      • Push enter, ecdsa should install now.
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    9. kai0n7
      Anyone know where to get the "cryptor.exe" file needed for the audio tracks, or another tool that can encrypt the files? The link in the tutorial doesn't appear to be valid anymore.

      >Cryptor Tools
    11. Light_Warrior
      Link is broken... where can i find this new compile of Psx classic tools?
    12. ayassinsayed
      PSX-CDDA-Injector v1.0 By ayassinsayed
      I develop Tool which it can inject aa3 files into EBOOT.PBP automatically and update
      offest,inject aa3 files in
      EBOOT.PBP to run iso+ccda
      step to usage:-
      1.Setup python .
      1.Extarct PSX-CDDA-Injector v1.0 By ayassinsayed.rar file using winrar.
      2.convert track (wav file) to (aa3 files ) by using by using Sound Forge Pro 11.0
      3.put your track files(aa3 files) into aa3 folder (PSX-CDDA-Injector v1.0 By and enjoy.

      Attached Files:

      Last edited: Mar 31, 2018
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    13. yelevey
      Hi. Need some help with CDDA PS1 games. Tried the tutorial and the tool from ayassinsayed and still can't get CDDA games to play music. I've tried Wipeout XL and Rage Racer, different rips of the games and every try is the same, the game runs but no music. I'm installing them on a PS3 Super Slim. I can get other PS1 games to work, just not CDDA games.
    14. ayassinsayed
      [TUTORIAL] Convert PSX/PS2/PSP Games for PS3Xploit 3.0 HAN

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    15. yelevey
      Tried that and still the same output
    16. ayassinsayed
      When you create eboot.pbp make sure compress 0 and make sure not add image when you convert iso to eboot.pbp by using popsclassic gui?
      Only select iso game and make sure compress 0 and convert .
      2. And when using sound forge must use configration in my post picture i use my script in alot of game i convert and work done no game i converted failed to run sound

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      Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
    17. yelevey
      And image? You mean icon pic?
    18. ayassinsayed
      Yes leave all icon and picture default empty because when select any picture or icon the offest in file change and make error

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    19. yelevey
      OK made sure everything was set correct and no images were added and still no CDDA. I'm using psx2psp 1.4 clasic mode to convert my bin to eboot with 0 compression then use your program to inject the the aa3 files to the eboot then I follow the /tutorial-convert-psx-ps2-psp-games-for-ps3xploit-3-0-han.16690/ guide for the rest

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