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    Have you noticed that mystery timer on the mainpage counting down to this date? Well, hopefully you were not too excited as it has nothing to do with any new releases but the countdown is rather to celebrate the 4th birthday for the community. It was back on October 14, 2014 that we officially launched to the public. Since that 4 years, alot has changed in this community and its been the location for many great things in the community, This is thanks to many great people who visit these virtual hallways leaving a piece of their wisdom and supporting the community.

    psx-place_old_site.png (2015) Mainpage
    dddd.png (2018) Mainpage

    The focus of our vision from day 1 has been to create a community that highlights and represents the homebrew and system hacks of the console's we love, We love to document and save homebrew from being lost, its a constant battle with links dying but we have tried to do our part and help preserve the community, we are always looking at ways we can improve and we also know we can do many things to improve much more, so your feedback has always been appreciative

    Download Section (2015)
    Download Section (2018)

    The forums here at have become a special place over the years. A home for many developer's to share project and idea's. Where inspiring developer's can come and seek advice from some of the communities most talented developer's. Where some of these developer's have been able to collaborate easy as putting in a website url and reaching many is easier then finding which Discord or IRC one may be on psx-place proves that forums still play a huge part in the community and always will.

    old_psx-place forum.png Forum (2015)
    new.png forum (2018)
    The moderation staff is often overlooked and really want to take this time to applaud their efforts. Without the staff members of the past and present, no way would psx-place be what it is today. All having their individual strengths it has made for a great mix of minds over the years that accepted the challenges in maintaining and running one of the elite communities in the homebrew scene.

    We have seen many great people like @UniqueUserName (RIP) who was a great inspiration and did alot behind the scene and someone who sadly lost his life to illness recently. His spirit remands strong within community. A great member and a great inspiration to many.

    Our Supermods of
    @bitsbubba and @kozarovv both developer's in their own right and class acts. They help elevate psx-place anytime they are around. Helping members of the community, being apart of their own releases and projects they are truly a great inspiration to myself and i am sure many of you.

    Our moderation team has some of the brightest minds on various platforms. One of them just happens to be one of the masterminds behind the PS3Xploit exploit in
    @bguerville who not only does some amazing work with his PS3Xploit team, but is always in the forums lending advice often to members.

    is a great contributor on the team and is a great moderator, upholding the rules, pointing user's in the right direction and keeping the forums clean . A fun person to have on the team and always looking where he can lend a hand..

    @Roxanne is one of our newer mods on staff, but her presence has been felt throughout the site. She has done an amazing job lending a hand on the news and writing some great articles in the process. She does tons of work on the PSDEV wiki as well and just a great person to have around and apart of the team.

    Man we have an already impressive bunch on this team but we have even more bright minds
    @pink1 is a developer who is working on several projects and gave many contributions to the community over the years. Also someone that is not shy to give some advice or lend some help when he see's a question arise.

    @sandungas is always around giving advice and sharing his extensive knowledge to the community ,also a great contributor to the PSDEV wiki, always looking at ways we can improve the community as well. Never shy with idea's and i always loved that about him. A great person as well, like everyone on this team

    @RandQalan this is someone i have known for a very long time, has been a great moderator and great person to have in the forums, Always lending a hand on things and doing many of those things that are important but may sometimes go unnoticed by some but always doing what it takes to make it a better community for everyone and will not take any shit from anyone either and always loved that about him as well. A great person in this community and very glad to have worked with him in this scene for so long.

    @playerkp420 Another great mind/moderator on this team and also has had his share of various releases in the community. Still one of the newer mods here and is still getting his feet wet a bit but been a welcome addition to this team and has the experience of being a great moderator in the scene.

    @Tranced (currently on temporary leave) & @Grimm our fellow founders of, along with myself (STLcardsWS), How all three of our lives have changed over these 4 years and running and maintaining psx-place has not been easy with our personal lives and time nowadays , but with the help of SO many that have supported us it has made it easier and not only have we maintained but we have quickly grown to one of the top sites in the scene. A situation caused by culmination of so many great people and events. This is a time we should reflect on how far we have come, but we also must look to the future as well.

    (October 14, 2014 debuted to the public)

    The Future?: its going to depend on the community alot, we do need to recruit some new staff members on the moderation team and also on the news team. I myself have been writing news in the scene for 6-7 years now and i want to ease off.. I will not stop completely but more help is needed so I can lighten the load on myself, which will free me up for other psx-place needs elsewhere (too many logs in the fire, honestly). So a News Team will be needed in the future and quite honestly not an easy task to fill so hopefully the community can help..The scene needs news writers and its sadly missing them, all sites have a shortage here.

    Also, has not plastered ads on the site, its something we do not want to do but will keep it as a last resort option to fund the site.. We have paid all expenses out of pocket and those expenses continue to grow and if we want to maintain and grow well into the future, we do need to look into some funding options. A couple months ago for the first time in our existence we asked for community help in the form of monetary donations. We have seen a couple of our members step up and we can not thank them enough (thanks guys!!!), but psx-place is going to need more support then from just two of many members and lurkers.. So everyone reading, the next time you sit on that couch lift up a cushion and see if there is any spare change, or next time you clean out your vehicle and see a coin by that old "french fry" think of psx-place (not the french fry, but that random change :) ). A small portion from many goes a long way and hopefully we see many small donations, because truly that is the type of support we need.

    If you would like to support this community's operation cost. Please consider a small donation: Additional info > > > LINK
    Patreon / Ko-Fi

    Thanks to Everyone (Members / Developer's / Staff / Contributors) it takes everyone to make a great community !!!!! Lets continue the traditions well into the future....
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Discussion in 'Site Rules & Announcements' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 14, 2018.

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