PS3 PSXclassic's working with decompressed ISOs (w/ Tutorial)

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 23, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Sep 23, 2015 at 8:30 PM
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    Additional Research from PS3 developer zecoxao as the dev shares some information & findings from ZeroTolerance pertaining to PSXclassics working with decompressed ISOs. Great news coming for the PlayStation 1 gamer on CFW enabled PS3 consoles. See full details and the tutorial in the various quotes from the source (PlayStationHAX) link provided:


    Download: Tools (Windows)

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 23, 2015.

    1. atreyu187
      What's the advantage of this? Faster loading? Does the compression effect visuals? I know PS1 games look worse loading via webMAN over IRIS
    2. zecoxao
      it's not a matter of advantage. the initial issue we had was actually compressing the isos, because sony uses a custom tlzrc algorithm that we don't know about. however, ZeroTolerance found out that it's possible to just put a decompressed inside and it'd work :)
      i assume however, that what you're saying IS true. using decompressed isos should allow for a faster loading .
      ah, and i have no idea if this method works with OFW, since the tools to add ecdsa signature and the keys are still from 3.55 downwards, so it's possible that sony hasn't added protection measures yet. we could theoretically use a bought ps1 classic from the store as template and use it to copy activation settings to another eboot/iso.bin.edat combination we'd forge. the only issue would be passing the data (either with data transfer or with an ODDE)
    3. atreyu187
      Makes sense and neat to know that the 3.55 keys are still used in any area on the PS3. Thanks for the info and I guess PeXploit could be used for those below 4.75 for install as well as you said using it as a template.
    4. zecoxao
      yeah, it should be possible. then again i don't know how much did sony patch on ps1 classics
    5. aldostools
      I haven't tested this yet... it looks to me like a lot of steps to do something that backup managers (including multiMAN, Iris, webMAN and RetroXMB) already can do without any effort from the users...

      My question is, would it be possible to create a psx placeholder like the one for ps2?
    6. atreyu187
      That would be neat but I prefer this over a manager as I love the quick access from the XMB. I even use Cobra though admittedly looks worse then loading from IRISMAN
    7. aldostools
      RetroXMB uses IRISMAN to load the isos quickly from XMB. Anyway it would be interesting to see a PSX Classics Placeholder...

      BTW have you tested the bad looking games switching between psxemu or psxnetemu in /setup.ps3 ?
    8. zecoxao
      yes, it should be possible. however you'd need to reverse engineer the code used in psx2psp in order to fast-forward the process...
    9. thx1138
      this is so cool ,seams a bit like the PSP days of getting your PSX games to run on your PSP there was a program/app that pretty much did it all for you used it all the time back then , something like that for the PS3 would be great
    10. zecoxao
      I've added the Instructions and some scripts to make your life easier on the mega link. Please consult them, if you want to make a template for psx classics. Thanks
    11. Omage
      Where is
    12. zecoxao
      thanks for reminding me. i added it now (inside a zip) because mega said it already exists. added.
    13. Omage
      Run ps1iso.exe not find iso.dat
      iso.dat is ISO.BIN.DAT this file? I rename it

      Run get R / S value is not the same every time?
    14. zecoxao
      iso.dat is the ISO
      R and S are always random ;)
    15. Omage
      But need to edit 'r +' change 'rb +'

      But more CD ALL IN ONE How to make?
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    16. zecoxao
      same method but append isos

      iso.dat: <-(iso1(eof)iso2(eof)iso3(eof)iso4)->
    17. MOST Hated
      MOST Hated
      edit which 'r +' to 'rb +' in ??


      Appending R: & S: to iso.bin.dat at the end will look like this?
      Should the last line be 16 bytes?

      00 77 9C F0 10 C7 55 42 75 42 AC 40 95 C9 3C 91
      01 69 E9 07 34 00 53 07 BA BD B8 CF 59 7C A8 50 
      63 AA 46 8E E2 D9 29 F2 68 0E
      I really want to figure this out but my finished game errors on xmb..
      It be nice to get the NTSC Fear Effect 1 & 2 multi-disc working since they have disc switching problems,
      but I can't get a single disc game working..

      Maybe a script could be written for the hex patching stuff?


      Also appending multdisc to iso.dat, shouldn't the iso.bin.dat become 4mb instead of 1mb ?
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    18. kozarovv
      I really can't help here (i never tested this), my only advice for you [MENTION=20220]MOST Hated[/MENTION] is to use mentions. [MENTION=502]zecoxao[/MENTION] in this case, then you have more chance that he will answer.

      Edit: I realized is your first post. Welcome on site. :)
    19. MOST Hated
      MOST Hated
      Thanks for the warm welcome :)

      Yeah. I caught onto this late because it should of been bigger news playing psx games the official psn xmb way.. Imo

      I followed every step. Step for step and I get an error when running the game on ps3.

      I built two ps1iso.exe 32 / 64 since I'm on windows 10 pro.. Just in case.

      I'm not sure where I'm failing at.. I'm usually good with this stuff.
      I had no problem making PS2 Classics the manual way before the GUI by [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] was released.
      For some reason I can't get this working.. I'm not gonna pull hair out over it though.

      Some help from [MENTION=502]zecoxao[/MENTION] and [MENTION=1840]Omage[/MENTION] would be appreciated.

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