PS4 provides more fake PS4 news (They want your pageclicks for purposely misleading you)

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 10, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 10, 2017 at 12:38 PM
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    Well this is nothing new but is very sad and well i figure I needed to speak on it a bit, since i get this questions about these type of claims often,, Scene sites are promoting FAKE NEWS left and right., It really should tell the user who is the creditable news sources in this scene and who is not. Why is not reporting the latest PS4 "progress" about 4.50 PS4 LINUX that has spewed out these fake news sites mainpage? Well, the simple answer is WE DO NOT REPORT FAKE NEWS, so that would be the main reason as there is no legitimacy to the claims of a PS4 4.50 Linux Hack. There is not much news for the end user on PS4 hacking,most of things stay private until they are ready or the time is right . Did you know about other groundbreaking exploits in advance or did they just appear?

    Its seems like every month or so there is a new "holy grail" claim posted there and it attracts alot of clicks (there is your motive), Has anything come out of these past claims? No, because they are from horrible sources and anyone that has been in the community knows facts do not add up or there is simply no facts but just some user(s) posting random junk. but as long as you can get a title off it and write some BS along with it, then well you have the latest PS4 fake news story. Right now anyone could write some BS write up about PS4 hacking and it will posted it there on the mainpage and formatted by the site admin himself with various site links added and such.


    The person with these claims is not the most trustworthy person (racer0018) as has pointed out with the first initial claim of that hack was "detailed" on PSXHAX , Racer0018 has NEVER been considered a developer or hacker and was in the PS3 Community for awhile, so now this guys is going to pull a PS4 exploit out of his butt (i dnn't see an exploit but something dropping from that image above).. I highly doubt that to be the case.Infact the facts do not add up and someone with as many trust issues as both PSXHAX and racer0018 have in the community, safe to say this yet another troll attempt they are doing on the scene.​

    We have a bad source on the information, with claims and BS wrapped in those claims and we have a dishonest scene site who is promoting this claim in PSXHAX (aka PS3news aka PS4news) So no real facts , no details and comes from this untrusted source.​

    Already it seems like they are preparing the delivery of disappointment with news that now 4.50 release. They chose to say it works on the beta 4.50 (with no proof) so they could then claimed Sony patched it later. A real hacker would not even talk about something until 4.50 was already public,
    Quotes via Racer0018 (just prior to 4.50 official release)
    This whole idea that a hack on lower firmware is good for the PS4 community is funny as well. ITS A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF PEOPLE that will stay on lower firmwares and even if you are in that group you wont get much out of it . WHY? because it will be a ghost town!!!!! you think certain scenes are dead, a firmware that a couple hundred even thousand (which is too much to say honestly) is not going to be any good for the PS4 community in terms of launching what the PSP / PS3 / Vita / PlayStation TV has done with hacks that originate on the current firmware at that time. the hacks for those other systems did not come on a previous firmware they originated on the latest firmwares. Which is a huge difference, 4.0X is no different then 1.76 right now. If majority of devs / people can't easily reach that firmware then development will be very slooooooowwwww. Has there been an explosion on 1.76? So what would make 4.0x different?​

    I don't see much of this but some tired excuses of why they could not do it, Likely the claim will be Sony patched it ing 4.50 or they will blame it on the community not believing them or something dumb.

    Fake PS4 news is nothing new and seems that PSXHAX is the catalyst in the scene in promoting these scams, Here is some past articles we have done on the shady world of PS4 Hacking news:

    This story here was a fake dev, seeking donations They (psxhax) frontpage this without checking into at all and from a random no name member, who later they banned and removed the link, but it spread like wildfire because of them promoting this scam (and also gave the guy dev status as well then, so you can't trust who these guys label as developers). Also, here was a story and view from also giving a bit of warning on this same subject

    The Place that gives you news you can trust

    Update: They have said it does not work on 4.50, now that is shocking (well not really, as they were putting that thought out there before 4.50 went live).
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 10, 2017.

    1. Sdw100
      Shame realy there are so many good people there but the the forum itself is..... well the picture explains it
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    2. pinky
      psxhax - the tabloid of the ps4 scene.
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    3. STLcardsWS
      I see this post by PSXHAX: Who mainpages this crap

      1.) Front pages the news and excites everyone but does not have a single screenshot, video or any details. A proper news site would of done some research and a good site would of demanded some info .

      2.) Makes a guy a Developer before he even post any details or know he is a creditable source. The problem here is that a scene site (some unsuspecting user trust) now gives this guy developer status (credibility to some who dont know bette) with no proof and with a claim of PS4 hardware. I smell scam honestly, and its sites like PSXHAX that give scams the potential to really scam users in the community.

      Just as an FYI when we make some a developer here, its a bit of a process and we discuss as a staff. :) .. because we know the importance of giving that tag to someone.

      THEN After this post from the admin there he follows it up with this a few pages in the thread later
      "I had no clue who @kane1 was.. if you knew maybe you should be posting news dammit! "

      yet more caution to verify someone before making then a developer lol.
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    4. pinky
      yes, I'm proud of my developer status. it means a lot to me. I feel that my hard work has paid off.
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    5. sandungas
      \o/, right, always has been like that
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    6. Checcolino80
      A news on the scene PS4 brings tens of thousands of views, on the run fake so much money to do fear
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    7. STLcardsWS
      Yes, as owner you know well these things also.

      Plus the other motive he has, he knows us good sites will not do this fake news, So with google and search engines he tries to gain that advantage over all the legit sites in Ps4 search terms. So much of what this guys does is piss poor for the scene and he is really just screwing it up for a small bit of money.
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    8. STLcardsWS
      Look at the VIP membership PLEASE NO ONE BE SO STUPID TO BUY THIS:

      For no fee here
      • No ads here currently
      • Anyone can use the mention system
      • Also members can use the Conversation (PM) with multiple people.
      • Yes you can use a signature here without a monthly payment as well.
      • edit your own post here
      • They do have the shoutbox ( so i will give that to them)
      So be sure to get that premium membership ASAP (lmao) because they need to be shown some "appreciation while helping to support their website!" . because after all THEY ARE REALLY LOOKING OUT FOR THE USER HERE..

      You can tell when a site is about making money and you can tell when a site is about the scene first, nothing wrong with making money on your work, but if your work is to mislead others to get a bigger cut then your SCUM......
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    9. STLcardsWS
      Also looking at kane1 member introduction over at psxhax i find it funny: This is suppose to be some great PS4 hacker as they are building him up to be. but yet he needed racer for doing things a talented hacker would not need anyone to do. Just sayin' that is something to take note of here, . also he seems to play like racer is more talented then he is . Which in recent post they would make you believe the opposite.

    10. Checcolino80
      I do not think there's anything wrong with earning anything by writing articles, but the items must still reflect the reality, for example has a crowdfunding campaign that allows him to earn $ 2,000 per month
    11. STLcardsWS
      I do not think there is anything wrong with making money off your work. Writing is work especially the way yourself and myself do news.

      But when you have to result to shady tactics to earn your money and mislead a community that trust you to put up truthful content. That is the issue i see.
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    12. Berion
      And the drama is alive again. And again on Sony scene. This must be a curse or something. ;p
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    13. Checcolino80
      this is true, imagine that the developer exrap with Cemu emulator earns $ 10,000 a month, a full-time job
    14. STLcardsWS
      I am not a fan of drama in the scene, first and foremost, but sometimes things need to said. I know and see the shadiness, i have big platforms to speak my mind and that is wht I am going to do when i see shadiness done and honestly things like this, its only a matter of time before a community gets scammed by one of these stunts and it almost happeded with 2.50 CFW claims they had and if i recall those guys were seeking donations to start.

      So its not drama as much as my duty i feel to render my opinion.
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    15. thehero_
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    16. Fuzion9
      That's exactly why I just to stick to psx place & have done since it's launch :)
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    17. cots
    18. Ra-D-OH-3H
      website looking for sensation spoil everything before it develops.
    19. STLcardsWS
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