PS4 provides more fake PS4 news (They want your pageclicks for purposely misleading you)

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 10, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 10, 2017 at 12:38 PM
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    Well this is nothing new but is very sad and well i figure I needed to speak on it a bit, since i get this questions about these type of claims often,, Scene sites are promoting FAKE NEWS left and right., It really should tell the user who is the creditable news sources in this scene and who is not. Why is not reporting the latest PS4 "progress" about 4.50 PS4 LINUX that has spewed out these fake news sites mainpage? Well, the simple answer is WE DO NOT REPORT FAKE NEWS, so that would be the main reason as there is no legitimacy to the claims of a PS4 4.50 Linux Hack. There is not much news for the end user on PS4 hacking,most of things stay private until they are ready or the time is right . Did you know about other groundbreaking exploits in advance or did they just appear?

    Its seems like every month or so there is a new "holy grail" claim posted there and it attracts alot of clicks (there is your motive), Has anything come out of these past claims? No, because they are from horrible sources and anyone that has been in the community knows facts do not add up or there is simply no facts but just some user(s) posting random junk. but as long as you can get a title off it and write some BS along with it, then well you have the latest PS4 fake news story. Right now anyone could write some BS write up about PS4 hacking and it will posted it there on the mainpage and formatted by the site admin himself with various site links added and such.


    The person with these claims is not the most trustworthy person (racer0018) as has pointed out with the first initial claim of that hack was "detailed" on PSXHAX , Racer0018 has NEVER been considered a developer or hacker and was in the PS3 Community for awhile, so now this guys is going to pull a PS4 exploit out of his butt (i dnn't see an exploit but something dropping from that image above).. I highly doubt that to be the case.Infact the facts do not add up and someone with as many trust issues as both PSXHAX and racer0018 have in the community, safe to say this yet another troll attempt they are doing on the scene.​

    We have a bad source on the information, with claims and BS wrapped in those claims and we have a dishonest scene site who is promoting this claim in PSXHAX (aka PS3news aka PS4news) So no real facts , no details and comes from this untrusted source.​

    Already it seems like they are preparing the delivery of disappointment with news that now 4.50 release. They chose to say it works on the beta 4.50 (with no proof) so they could then claimed Sony patched it later. A real hacker would not even talk about something until 4.50 was already public,
    Quotes via Racer0018 (just prior to 4.50 official release)
    This whole idea that a hack on lower firmware is good for the PS4 community is funny as well. ITS A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF PEOPLE that will stay on lower firmwares and even if you are in that group you wont get much out of it . WHY? because it will be a ghost town!!!!! you think certain scenes are dead, a firmware that a couple hundred even thousand (which is too much to say honestly) is not going to be any good for the PS4 community in terms of launching what the PSP / PS3 / Vita / PlayStation TV has done with hacks that originate on the current firmware at that time. the hacks for those other systems did not come on a previous firmware they originated on the latest firmwares. Which is a huge difference, 4.0X is no different then 1.76 right now. If majority of devs / people can't easily reach that firmware then development will be very slooooooowwwww. Has there been an explosion on 1.76? So what would make 4.0x different?​

    I don't see much of this but some tired excuses of why they could not do it, Likely the claim will be Sony patched it ing 4.50 or they will blame it on the community not believing them or something dumb.

    Fake PS4 news is nothing new and seems that PSXHAX is the catalyst in the scene in promoting these scams, Here is some past articles we have done on the shady world of PS4 Hacking news:

    This story here was a fake dev, seeking donations They (psxhax) frontpage this without checking into at all and from a random no name member, who later they banned and removed the link, but it spread like wildfire because of them promoting this scam (and also gave the guy dev status as well then, so you can't trust who these guys label as developers). Also, here was a story and view from also giving a bit of warning on this same subject

    The Place that gives you news you can trust

    Update: They have said it does not work on 4.50, now that is shocking (well not really, as they were putting that thought out there before 4.50 went live).
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 10, 2017.

    1. STLcardsWS
      He was a good guy for the scene, he made a couple of good decisions there
    2. pinky
      well, u could see it like this. when I was banned, yes I angry. u can even ask @atreyu187 , I didn't want to come back, I wanted all of my posts and tutorials deleted. I wasn't angry at anyone really but myself. I thought about it some, and I knew that if I left things like that, I'd regret it later. that's what helped me to understand that holding on to past indiscretions was holding me back. maybe rasputin or garyopa or whoever haven't learned I did come back hoping to make ur site better than it ever was. :)

      @STLcardsWS , that's y I took it personally.
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    3. tthousand
      The best damn conman the scene has ever 'scene' :D I've tried to tell you all I know the future, but you guys keep questioning my tactics... just trust the dude!

      Was?!?! Well, yeah, you got me there :P
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    4. bitsbubba
      Well duh! You're from the future, 2029 to be exact :-p
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    5. pinky
      judgment day has already passed, so the only way to save us is to protect sarah connor in the past.
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    6. STLcardsWS
      Get the train back on tracks derailing this thread a bit :)

      No worries we are good :)
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    7. pinky
      agreed and understood. let me just one last thing - I know I drift off topic a lot, but it's to make the atmosphere more fun. being serious all the detracts people from posting. in fact, I have one member with 0 posts who's been asking me for help by writing to my profile. I really don't mind any question even ones that should be obvious since we were all noobs at one time. I hope u understand what I'm saying. now, back on topic. :)
    8. bitsbubba
      According to the new movie it sometime this year
    9. pinky
      really? u mean genisis? I thought it was 95 or 97 in T2.
    10. bitsbubba
      Genisys is a cross platform operating system it goes online in 2017 . Because of the outcome of each movie The Judgement Day progress in years
    11. pinky
      that's some cheap shit there, just to prolong the franchise.
    12. tthousand
      @STLcardsWS BTW Thank You for making these guys vouch for their mistakes. Keep fighting the good fight!

      -OFF TOPIC-

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    13. Tranced
      Was my first too LOL, then got banned for a crappy reason and went to psgroove which was then bought by Caputo and after that was recruited by @tthousand at scene.
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    14. pinky
      I"ve been banned from maybe 7 sites including this one. next banning means retiring and deleting my mediafire account.
    15. GregoryRasputin
      Getting banned is fun, i have lost count at how many sites i have been banned at.

      On Topic
      I think this thread has been the kick in the ass PSXHaX needed, it got other websites noticing and seems to have gotten results.
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    16. pinky
      not for me. that's when I digged up an old account on gbatemp when I was known as godreborn, not pinky. I have a fledgling content site asking me to be staff. I don't want to be on a content site. and, if I did, I wouldn't be here. this only happened a few days ago after iso's entire network got hacked. it's made up of ex iso staff including the lead admin. I never realized how much the ex lead admin hated me. he tried to snuff out my existence by deleting all posts, then banning me. I've grown tired of this shit tbh. I got banned here for starting drama when what does this thread do?
    17. GregoryRasputin
      This thread probably would have been drama free had i not commented, it is a fault of mine, i see something that i think is wrong and have to comment, that's all on me and is the reason why i get banned from most sites.

      But i have to strongly disagree with the thinking that this is a drama thread, this is an awareness thread which lest people know about a bad website, it and informational article that gives people great guidance.

      @STLcardsWS could have hid all the posts and made it read only, but he gave people the freedom to discuss the subject and probably didn't expect me to be so mouthy.

      There are very few English scene sites that i care about and would be upset if i got banned from, Wololo and here are probably the only two that i care about, all the other ones mean nothing and if i haven't been banned from them i probably will.
    18. SockNastez
      Well with the latest post telling everyone he plans to change the sites ways and remove problem posts (racer, gtawwekid, etc.) possibly he has learned what it takes to run a site like that.


      I however think it won't be very long until another problem comes up from psxhax, hopefully he removes it. If not it will be this situation all over again.
    19. GaryOPA
      I understand the whole point of this thread was to bring awareness to FAKE NEWS regarding PS4 v4.50 hacks or possible hacks, still which I never promoted on my site, as it was totally unconfirmed, and then suddenly, I get dragged into as if I am involved with this site, I was not even a member, that is the part I call 'Site Wars', pulling in names, and dirt and other things totally unrelated to the original topic or point of bringing awareness to the subject.

      And clearly the 'awareness' part worked or Zima would have not suddenly changed his page, removed threads, and claim to be clearing house, until he can figure out a new way to bring in a bunch of fresh new blood to sucker in with his rumors and clickbait.

      I just wish the name-calling, mud-slinging part would end, it does nothing to help the uses or make our scene sites better, we all try to bring the news the best way possible and yes, maybe I promote commerical devices from time to time, but I no way gotten rich over it, and its double-edge sword, alot of the 'scene' sadly would not exist it was not for the others, some thing that is not true, but it is, maybe someday I will write a book about the whole truth of underground and scene, and how its double-edge sword with alot of people hiding under multiple nicks playing both sides of fence, but again we getting off-topic.

      REMEMBER EVERYONE THERE IS NOTHING AT ALL FOR PS4 v4.50, the LAST PUBLIC RELEASE was v1.76 and THERE IS PRIVATELY v4.01 and v4.05 but that is NOT PUBLIC and MAY NOT BE, AND WHEN IT IS IT WILL BE FRONT PAGED NEWS ON ALL THE TRUSTED SITES, LIKE HERE, PSX-Scene, PlayStationHAX, MaxConsole (yes!) and Wololo's Blog, and HackInformer and EurAsia, anyplace else question the sources and check the sites just listed!
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    20. tthousand
      I got to admit I have thought the PS3 scene would make for a good drama movie(s). I forget about all the drama that was around before us guys got here.

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