PS4 Psxitarch Linux released (by PSXITA TEAM) - Adds Support for 3D Graphics, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & More

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By kozarovv on May 4, 2018 at 4:04 PM
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    The PS3ITA PSXITA Team known for the work in the PS3 Scene with homebrew/cfw/tools has been working on the PS4 lately and they have a NEW Linux Distro for the PlayStation 4 (exploited) they created call Psxitarch Linux which is a based on Arch Linux. This distro contains support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Sound Cards and then my favorite 3D Hardware Acceleration, which powers emulators (that are included) such as RetroArch (linux), mupen64plus (Nintendo 64), epsxe (PS1), ppsspp (PSP) and also Steam all running on this new Linux distro. Bad news for PRO Models you will be sitting this one out for the time being as your console's are not currently supported the team does provide some additional details in the release notes. The distro also includes various applications that makes this a very intriguing release from the PS3ITA Team,


    • Psxitarch Linux: A distro for the PlayStation 4

      Psxitarch is a linux distribution for PS4 based on Arch Linux, developed to be light, not very resourceful and easy to install.

      It includes the graphics drivers (radeon drm, radeonsi) needed to use 3D hardware video acceleration, kernel 4.14.14, support for * bluetooth, * wi-fi, ethernet and USB sound cards.​


      • Window manager: jwm
      • Terminals: lxterminal, xterm
      • Web Browser: midori
      • Network Manager: wicd
      • File manager: pcmanfm
      • Emulators / Games: Steam, retroarch (MULTI EMU), mupen64plus (N64), snes9x (SNES), epsxe (PSX), ppsspp (PSP)
      • Utilities: playonlinux (Gui for wine), leafpad (Text editor), htop (System monitor), xreader (PDF viewer), xarchiver (Archive manager), blueman (Bluetooth manager)
      • Multimedia: gpicview (img viewer), xnoise (audio / video player)
      • Other..


      • If you have installed a new program and want to make it appear in the main menu go to Jwm Config and select Aggiorna Menu
      • If you want to start Steam use the voice Steam (Native), only if a game does not work use Steam (Runtime).
      • In Retroarch you will find only a few preinstalled cores (mame, genesis, turbograf and nes), you can install others by starting a retroarch and going to Online Updater and download cores . Some cores may require bios to function properly, copy them to /home/psxita/.config/retroarch/bios .
      • For those who ask, we have not included dolphin-emu in the distro because the recent versions in the repo and git do not work properly on PS4. We have compiled an old version and it seems to work with a simple "workaround" (you have to start dolphin together with glxgears), if you are desperate propio we can let you have it.
      • Kodi, has not been included in the distro for reasons of space, but you can easily install it and it should work without any modification.

      Audio via HDMI is not working but there are various ways to get around this
      • Use a USB sound card (found at a euro on ebay)
      • Streaming via bluetooth (if working) audio (you can use bluetooth speakers or headphones)
      • Use the Dualshock 4 (or the Nacon Revolution) connected via USB with a pair of headphones
      • The wifi or / and the bluetooth may not work on some PS4 or be unstable, the reason is not yet clear (does not seem to depend on the model of PS4)


      The distro is not free from bugs and imperfections but we hope this is a first step to make linux more accessible, hoping in the future to improve it thanks to your help.

      For any questions, doubts, curiosities write us in the appropriate page of the forum:


    • Schermata-del-2018-05-04-17-54-04-1000x563.png
      • A USB device (better if 3.0) formatted in FAT32 of a size not less than 12GB
      • USB hub (optional)
      • Keyboard
      • Mouse
      • The payload to start linux: Download for fw 4.55 - Download for fw 4.05
      • The bzImage (kernel): Download md5: 85d3a15a22380591f5519122f436c7ba
      • The initramfs: Download md5: a3e4d2e6a15fea750ed4e8cccacfa112
      • The psxitarch.tar.xz file (the distro): Download md5: 26bae18ccc2e2173109a7fd954657c08


      The USB device that you will use will be completely formatted, all the data will be deleted !!
      1. Copy the initramfs, the bzImage and the psxitarch.tar.xz file to the root of the USB device
      2. Connect the USB device to the PS4, if you have connected other USB devices disconnect them (you must have only one USB device connected)
      3. Start the exploit
      4. Start the payload
      5. Wait a few seconds, the screen should go black and then the rescushell screen will appear
      6. Connect the keyboard, write: exec (the keyboard layout is set to US, to write the dash you have to use the ' )
      7. Wait until the distro is installed (you should see a long list of files that are copied to the USB), the installation time varies from USB to USB (if you are crazy enough to install the distro on USB 2.0 it should take about 25 minutes)
      8. After the installation the distro should start by itself and show you the login screen, if it does not start write exec (from the next restart the distro should start by itself, you will not have to write anything)
      9. On the login screen, enter username psxita and password changeit
      10. Enjoy

    • THANKS!
      • We want to thank with all my heart who has contributed and continues to contribute to the development of Linux on PS4
      • failoverflow (without them we probably will not have linux)
      • masterzorag
      • eeply
      • valentinbreiz
      • Vultra
      • All the guys in the discord channel Official Playstation 4 Scene
      Thank you guys!!

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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by kozarovv, May 4, 2018.

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