PS VITA / PS TV QuickLaunch Installer - A Utility that installs LiveArea [Quick Launch] Shortcuts by 1upus

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 3, 2017 at 7:12 PM
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    We all like a bit of eye candy and customization on our homebrew devices. Well developer 1upus has created a new utility for vita / pstv homebrew community. As this (vpk). You may recall about a year (Oct 2016) when DarkBlack711 (reddit) @atreyu187 (psx-place) detailed methods how to remove Ads and replace with custom entries such as homebrew shortcuts. Since that time we have not seen the process mature much or many tools released around it but now thanks to 1upus there seems to be a user-friendly solution that can be done on the device it self with this homebrew that is an installed vpk for HENkaku (3.60) exploited PS Vita & PlayStation TV devices. Add some custom looks to your Live Area Screen with Quick Launch Installer (v0.2 currently). We hope to see this utility mature, devs like feedback and idea's especially these projects that are early in development..


    • QuickLaunch Installer
      This tool installs custom shortcuts to multitasking menu (push PS button on LiveArea) on HomeBrew enabled PS Vita.

      Default shortcuts for installation:
      • VitaShell
      • Adrenaline v6+
      • PKGi

      Multilanguage support
      • QL installer supports external language file for menu translation. Please use ux0:data/qlinstall/lang/english_us.txt as base to make your translations.

      • Add support for user-friendly custom shortcuts installation.
      Update -v0.2:
      • Added autoupdate function

    Download & Source Code:
    Shout-out to the crew over @ BiteYourConsole,net for the Alert

    Mirror @
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 3, 2017.

    1. Berion
      What this application doing? I mean, what exactly doing? I'm asking because when I just copy whats_new to proper place, nothing show up in this menu. So what's the difference between this app and copying resources by file manager?
    2. pinky
      it may be able to do it on a permanent basis unless I missed something. if u do this manually, the system will revert the menu back to normal unless u disable something. I can't recall what that something is though. I just remember @atreyu187 telling me about it when I told him that my custom menu with vita shell, adrenaline, and something else reverted back to normal. this happened twice I believe before I asked that guru of the vita. ;)
    3. thehero_
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    4. Berion
      @pinky I'm not sure if I understand You, my problem is that I don't have this "menu", so it's not replaced, it's just not exist. ;) On Home screen, I have only currently open applications but without bottom replaced ads. I also didn't yet turned off any of the system apps.

      @thehero_ Thanks for app, but for me it doesn't work (nothing appearing after reboot in this menu). So, maybe this must be somewhere registered first? Could You post a file tree from your "ur0:/shell/"?

      What about themes menu? How this will work? I saw a placeholder in menu, that's why I'm asking. I already made one but cannot test. ^^"

      It must exactly three objects or in this menu fitting more?

      How can I add uri to www?
      <target type="u">psgm:play?titleid=NPXS10003</target> or
      <target type="u"></target> or something else?
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    5. kozarovv
      @Berion our region doesn't have that menu. I even get ban on some known henkaku related site when tried to explain that it doesn't exist, and asking what I can do to enable it. XD
    6. Berion
      Are we speaking on console model or SEN account region? My PSTV is VTE-1016 and I'm registered in SEN for Poland.
    7. kozarovv
      Probably (99% imho) SEN region. But I never tested other region to be honest. My only not Polish PSN account is too valuable to test something like this. :)
    8. pinky
      @Berion , I meant making the menu permanent. rebuilding the database isn't the only way it reverts back. I think the option I mentioned involves connecting to sony's servers. it will update the what's new section without your consent. if it's not permanent, it's not really worth it. it may be if that option can be turned off properly; not so much if it isn't. you don't even need to connect to psn for the what's new section to be replaced. it's pretty frustrating. lol
    9. thehero_
    10. Berion
      @thehero_ That's the version which I tested before. "whats_new" doesn't work for me, nothing appear in Home Screen.

      @pinky Well, it is not permanent if it's updating by Sony servers but there are peoples who doesn't connect to Sony servers like i.e me so they never change it. ;)
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    11. thehero_
      [QUOTE = "Berion, post: 88122, membro: 1431"] [USER = 24619] @thehero _ [/ USER] Questa è la versione che ho provato prima. "whats_new" non funziona per me, niente appare nella schermata iniziale.

      [USER = 3657] @pinky [/ USER] Beh, non è permanente l'aggiornamento da parte dei server Sony, ma ci sono persone che non si connettono ai server Sony come ad esempio me, in modo da non cambiarla mai. ;)[/CITAZIONE]
      ma la vecchia versione ha funzionato?
    12. Berion
      No. ;) I mean only that Your program works (it launches and installing everything what is need in proper place). Only Vita OS doesn't show them.

      - - -

      I've made my skin, could someone test it? Thanks. ^^ I'm not sure if background is not to dark.

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    13. thehero_
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    14. Berion
      I cannot test it because none of What's New appear on my console. ^^"

      So images must be 8bit. Ok. Thanks.
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    15. pinky
      bummer. do you happen to remember the option you disabled? I'm pretty sure mine is disabled, 'cause I looked for all connection options and found one that I think is correct. the main problem with this is that the system will download updated "what's new" content without needing to connect to psn much like it can download and update the white list without a new, system update.
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    16. szczuru
      @kozarovv @Berion I have polish SEN account on my Vita and QuickLaunch is working :) I can see "whatsnew" menu installed by QL app :)
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    17. kozarovv
      On true Vita or On PSTV?
    18. szczuru
    19. Berion
      @pinky With the exceptions when users blocking Sony on router level. ^^" For me, I even do not connecting console to the internet any longer.

      Anyway, in my specific case, I logged to SEN only for properly activate my console and retrieving AccountID, also for trophy sync since I have already finished those few exclusive for PSV games which I wanted to play. I never used any of the system apps besides those which works silently in background and of course web browser, e-mail and trophy. Maybe there is something in registry which trigger Featured to add those ads in Home Screen; maybe i.e PlayStation Store app doing that but because I never use it, it was never appeared and do not works. This can be easily checked but I don't want risk my account for such tiny silly thing. Maybe indeed for my account region (?) on VTE-1016 (?) it's disabled somehow, just like @kozarovv said?

      TBH I'm not interesting in using such option. I just want hack it because it's always fun to change something which someone prevent me to change. So I considering it in a way of boar head on the wall and bear skin on the flor. :D
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