PS4 reactPSPLUS Payload - ReActivate PS Plus Games on PS4 5.05 (Release by Zer0xFF)

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By STLcardsWS on Jun 3, 2018 at 10:35 AM
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    So you have your PS Plus Subscription and well you can't use the games the service offer's because your on firmware 5.05 (exploited PS4 firmware)?. Well, there is now great news there as a solution arises thanks to Zer0xFF as the developer discovered a way to "reset" the timer on the content by tricking the clock by using the new reactPSPLUS payload. The PS Plus subscription requires you to check into PSN from time to time and with an exploited system that is currently not possible. So, this becomes a great solution to regain the goodies from your subscription to PS Plus. Sony states that long as you have an active PS Plus Subscription you will not lose access to your game collection, which as we know is not 100% factual. What they fail to mention is that if you do not update your console to latest firmware and agree to the ever changing Terms of Service's you also lose access to the content EVEN if you are paying for the service. So, hacks like this give power back to the honest user's, Who just enjoy homebrew and system hacks on the hardware they purchased and as well as the content they purchased through various services.
    Note this is for ONLY PS PLUS Games and not Regular PSN Games

    • Reactivate PSPLUS Games - PS4 5.05 - Back To The Future PS4 Edition
      If you haven't been living under a rock, You've probably heard that about 5.05 kexploit being released few days ago.

      And one of the 1st things I checked/backuped on my PS4 is my licenses and, while doing so, I noticed the PS Plus game license were still on PS4 even after my subscription has ended, I figured if we can change the internal clock (aka rtc: real time clock) we could get the games to work again. well last night I did just that, I spent few hours looking at sceSblSrtcSetTime() which seems to have been updated somewhere between 1.76 and 5.05 with few SAMU-side checks to prevent time manipulation, yet Sony left a reset function (which I assume is needed for some internal work), which we can call (which reset the time), then we can call sceSblSrtcSetTime() and set our own time and vola.

      20170531125927.jpg You can find the code on Github and Payload.

      Basic How-To-Run Tutorial
      you need a 5.05 console, open (if you see All Set, close and open the page and it should say Awaiting Payload...) or any other exploit page that also has payload loader.
      Send payload with (change to your PS4 IP)

      the payload would set the internal clock to 2012/2013 and your PS+ games would start working, you wouldn't even need to have HEN enabled to use these games since they're legit games and would work normally like any digital game. if you're not connected to the internet, you will not need to run this exploit again since the time change is permanent. it might be worthwhile dumping your games to make sure you never lose access to them.

      Small Memes
      P.S. that sceSblSrtcSetTime(0) would set the time to 1/1/2012 (PS4 epoch time :P) I wonder if it has any signifcant to PS4 development.

    • reactPSPLUS
      A simple code that will reset PS4 internal clock back to 2013 thus in turn activating PS+ Games that has been previously or are currently on the console​

      • PS4 must (at the moment) be on 5.05 update.
      • have a payload loader running (aka open twice until you see Awaiting Payload...)
        • or any other means of running this code on PS4

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Discussion in 'PS4 Tools' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 3, 2018.

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      Not for me as I don't want fake time stamps in trophies but thanks anyway. Nice finding.
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