PS4 Recent PS4 Homebrew Release (Lapy's Chicken/SMS+(PSP)/BrutalDoom (v2.5+VR Edition)/Snake Ball....)

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 6, 2019 at 10:58 PM
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    We are one month into 2019 and the PS4 Homebrew scene is starting to show some signs of life . As various developer's like @Markus95 who has been tinkering and figuring out which homebrew applications from past generations console like the PS2 and PSP can play on their respective emulators on the PS4 . We have seen Markus95 already release PS2 Homebrew packages for the PS4 PGEN (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Emulator), 2048 / QuickNES (RetroArch-PS2) & just recently PSP to PS4 pkg of SMS+ (Sega Master System) emulator. Markus95 is also looking to bring NeoGeo CD next but also is looking into DaedalusX64 (n64 emulators on the psp) and FBA (Multiple Arcade) . Also 7he d4rk h4ck‏ & notzecoxao bring us from the PS2 ReGBA (GameBoy Advance) & then dragonsurfer drops DosBox emulators have been packaged for the PS4 Then SnakePlisske is back in the scene and has a couple of releases like updates to Brutal PS4 Doom (v2.5) along with a PSVR edition of Brutal Doom (v2.5), Plus the dev has a game called Snake Ball that has also been released just recently as well. Then @SilicaAndPina has recently ported GMS (GameMaker Studio) engine and ported two game Street Racing & An Untitled Story. Then we recently seen a new Flappy Bird clone with the release of Lapy's Chicken by Lapy05575948. Plus we still have the RetroArch-PS4 native port in development and progressing, so there is plenty of positives here in the early going in 2019.


    Then the possibilities on the other side of the coin with PS4 Linux as it functionality is exploding. Just recently we have seen the recent update to psxitarch to version 2.0 and some of the new / upcoming possibilities as seen in this post by Roxanne which is an excellent read if you have not read her coverage yet.

    Update (More Releases) :):
    See the PS4 Resource (Download) Section for full PS4 Library
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 6, 2019.

    1. STLcardsWS
      More PS4 Homebrew was added to the download section.

      Looking for writers to write some articles about these releases, my time is a bit limited currently sick the past few days but trying to keep things flowing. But could use some help from the community as well.

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