PS3 Release - Rebug 4.81.1 DECR Lite Edition

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    Behind You
    Lets start with a warning here, or at least some advice. This custom firmware is not for retail PlayStation 3 consoles. So this is not for the average custom firmware user. This custom firmware is for those lucky developers, who we are lucky to have around releasing awesome stuff, that have these special development units. These dev units are referred to as PS3 Reference Tool Dev Kits a 'console' used in the development of games and PS3 apps. They are rare and we know that a awesome developer has recently acquired one. Here we have Rebug's latest release Rebug 4.81.1 DECR LE - Cobra 7.31. For the developers.


      • FEATURE – DUAL VSH/XMB Selector
      • (Supports DEX VSH to unlock PS1/PS2/PSP/BD/DVD Playback)
      • FEATURE – Package Manager
      • (Replacement for the standard ‘Install Package Files’ option)
      • INCLUDED – Rebug Toolbox 02.02.10 *DECR* EDITION
      • (Install included Rebug Toolbox or higher for full compatibility)
      • PATCHED – Appldr: LV2 memory hash check is disabled
      • (Memory protection on LV2 is disabled in higher level)
      • PATCHED – LV1: Disable System Integrity Check
      • (Safe to use with mismatched COREOS/SYSCON versions)
      • PATCHED – LV1: Undocumented function 114
      • (Allow mapping of protected memory)
      • PATCHED – LV1: Skip all ACL Checks
      • PATCHED – LV1: Peek and Poke support
      • (Unused LV1 call 182 and 183)
      • PATCHED – LV2: Peek and Poke support
      • (LV2 Syscall 6 and 7)
      • PATCHED – LV2: Peek and Poke support for LV1
      • (LV2 Syscall 8 and 9)
      • PATCHED – LV2: LV1 CALL System call
      • (LV2 Syscall 10)
      • PATCHED – VSH: Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files
      • PATCHED – VSH: Disable Unlinking/Deleting of act.dat
      • (Improved patches applied)
      • PATCHED – VSH: Disable NEW PSP DRM Check
      • (Allowing unsigned PSP pkg contents on 4.75 or higher CFW)
      • PATCHED – DEX VSH: Disable Epilepsy Warning for Faster Boot-Up Speed
      • FUN FEATURE – In Game Screenshot
      • (Allows taking screenshots in Game)
      • FUN FEATURE – Enhanced Remote Play
      • (This unlocks the limitation of working apps/games for remote play, by disabling SFO flag check)
      • FEATURE – Cinavia protection fully disabled
      • (Supports BD iso rips, AACS must be decrypted)
      • FEATURE – Partial BD/DVD Playback support on COBRA mode
      • (BD/DVD movies can now be played on DECR, However, COBRA MODE is required, Only Region free ones and ISO rips)
      • FEATURE – Cobra 7.31
      • (Disabled by default (Optional), Toolbox required to Enable)
      • (Full Webman intergration supports DECR 4.81)
      • FEATURE – XMB CFW settings v0.1a
      • (XMB icons for simple CFW tasks available via REBUG TOOLBOX 2.02.10 DECR EDITION)
      • FEATURE – PSN/SEN Accesibility
      • (PSN /SEN Accessible , Access to PSN Store is also available)
      • FEATURE – XMBM+ Compatibility
      • (XMB Manager Plus developed by Team XMBM now supported via standalone pkgs.)

    • Package Manager is a replacement for the standard Install Package Files option under Game in the XMB. It allows for the install and deletion of .pkg files from dev_hdd0/packages, dev_usb/packages and the standard Install Package Files locations. In addition to this, your downloaded PSN content ‘bubbles’ will appear under this option instead of cluttering your Game menu with uninstalled content.


      Navigate to Game in your XMB and click on Package Manager (It will be where Install Package Files usually is). You will find three options.

      PlayStation®Network Content

      Manage your downloaded PlayStation®Network Content.

      Install Package Files

      INSTALL package files from Storage Devices and your PS3.
      PS3 Hard Disk (dev_hdd0/packages)
      Package Folder (dev_usb/packages)
      Standard Package Location (Standard Install Package Files locations)

      : The Install All Packages is only available by pressing the TRIANGLE button when the Standard Package Location option is highlighted because the PS3 will only install ALL packages from the root of a storage device as of the moment.

      Delete Package Files

      DELETE package files from Storage Devices and your PS3.
      PS3 Hard Disk (dev_hdd0/packages)
      Package Folder (dev_usb/packages)
      Standard Package Location (Standard Install Package Files locations)

      Highlight the file you would like to delete and press TRIANGLE. The sidebar should appear.
      2: Press CROSS on either Unlink or Unlink(Folder) (Both do the same thing for now).

    • Rebug Toolbox is application designed to complete the full function of REBUG DECR LITE EDITION firmwares. it is also an FTP server and is packed with a bunch of other useful tools.

      1: In the PS3 XMB go to Game menu
      2: Select Package Manager
      3: Select Install Package Files
      4: Select PS3 System Storage
      5: Select REBUG-TOOLBOX-02.02.10 DECR EDITION.pkg

      Displays Firmware version, Toolbox version, IP address, current LV2 Kernel and Target ID type and free HDD space.

      Quits Toolbox and returns you to PS3 XMB.


      Perform either a Full or Soft reboot or the PS3 system.
      Soft (LPAR Reboot Only)
      Soft (LV2 System Call )


      Shut down your PS3.

      REBUG TOOLBOX v2.02.10 *DECR* EDITION *MUST* be installed to enable TOGGLE COBRA MODE

      Switches between NORMAL and REBUG mode
      NORMAL mode which uses the DEBUG XMB is the default mode after installing Rebug.
      REBUG mode sets the PS3 to the latest available version spoof (updatable in the future) and allows swapping between DECR and DEX XMB.


      This option only works in REBUG mode and lets you select either the DECR or DEX XMB.

      ** DEX MODE ensures PS1/PS2/PSP/BD/DVD playback while on COBRA mode**

      Enable or Disable mysis’s XMB CFW settings plugin v0.1. The feature is available via Network Column on XMB after Enabled.

      COBRA mode is DISABLED by DEFAULT, not meaning it is required to run this firmware, this is optional.
      This option can toggle COBRA mode to enable COBRA 7.31 payload on boot [dongless NO DRM feature see below]

      This is also DISABLED by DEFAULT, unlike previous REBUG/COBRA release, this won’t be auto-enabled when COBRA gets enabled. However, to enjoy better experiences with COBRA, please enable webMAN

      A collection of LV1 patches that can be used for better compatibility with some PS3 tools.

      TOGGLE QA:
      Enable/Disable QA flag. Enable for easy downgrade and other extra features on all 3.55-4.81 CFW, HOWEVER, on DECR, this option does nothing, please do not use this.

      Load lv2_kernel.self.[KERNEL_NAME] from USB or /dev_hdd0

      Backup or Restore the PS3 system settings from USB

      Create /dev_hdd0/packages folder or your PS3 to be used with Package Manager.

      Save LV1 memory to dev_usb000 or dev_usb006 or dev_hdd0 if usb is not found.

      Save LV2 memory to dev_usb000 or dev_usb006 or dev_hdd0 if usb is not found.

      Backup your current NOR/NAND to file on dev_usb000. Takes about 45secs for NAND

      Dump your eid root key for DECR/DEX or DEX/DECR conversion.


      L3 changes clock/temperature display
      L2+R2 enable screensaver
      START+R2 take a raw rgb screenshot
      Auto-turn-off if idle for 1 hour
      Telnet to PS3 ip at port: 8080
      FTP access with writable dev_flash mounted as dev_rebug
      (port: 21, user: anonymous, password: (anything))

    • What is XMB CFW settings?
      CFW Settings v0.1 {xai_plugin)
      is an ultimate add-on for XMB, developed by mysis. This plugin is disabled by default, however can be enabled via REBUG TOOLBOX 2.02.10.
      More info regarding Cfw settings v0.1 via PlaystationHAX


      • XMB Icons for nice CFW tasks, available in Network Column
      • Simply select and it’s executed!
      • Rebug Settings – Toggle COBRA and Debug Menu Type
      • Dump Tools – Klicense, File Secure ID, IDPS, Disc Hash key
      • Service Tools – Display Minimum Downgrade FW Version, Rebuild Database, Check File System, Entering Recovery Mode (NOR Models Only)
      • Advanced Service Tools – Entering FSM (!!!DO NOT Install FW while on FSM that may lead RSOD!!!), Remarry BD drive and RSOD fix
      How to Enable XMB CFW settings:
      • By default, XMB CFW settings is disabled, to enable the Features, simply access the REBUG Toolbox.
      On the XMB select Package Manager
      Select Install Package Files
      Select PS3 System Storage
      Select REBUG-TOOLBOX-02.02.10 DECR EDITION.pkg
      Access Rebug Toolbox from XMB
      6: Scroll to 2nd column Selector, and select 3rd option Toggle CFW settings
      Select Enable, and exit to XMB, then system will reboot with XMB CFW settings now enabled on the CFW.
      8: The plugin is available via Network Column on XMB.

    • What is Cobra 7.XX?
      Cobra 6.0 and lower was CobraUSB and needed a USB dongle to use its unique features,. This was the first product by the Cobra Team who is now behind the CobraODE. After the Cobra Team launched the first ODE device, Community News Writer STLcardsWS inquired about the future of the CobraUSB device as it seemed to be shelved (unofficially at the time). STLcardsWS according to the Cobra Team Representative Magneto asked if the device could be made open source for the community, since the team had all but moved onto ODE products. That is when Team Cobra gave in and threw a bone to the PS3 Homebrew Community. Shortly, after that time is when we seen the first official source code release of CobraUSB (link of this story). While this proved to be a huge advancement in the PS3 development community it however was a rough release as it contained all the USB security source code also. While developer’s like u$er was able to use parts and makes sense of some of the functions (which helped create PRX Loader, the first plugin system for the PS3)., most developer struggled with the source as it had alot of unnecessary parts included to protect the USB device when the Cobra Devs wanted to keep this system closed sourced.

      Several weeks later, the Lead CobraUSB developer (who was not aware of the first release when it happened) released the first Dongle-Less Cobra CFW using Rogero’s 4.46 CFW as a base. The developer also updated Cobra 6.0 to Cobra 7.0 with new features and cleaned the source removing all the security garbage (link to this story). Thus making it a complete release with full instructions and details for scene developers. Since that time we have seen its evolve and added to many CFW’s. Below you can view some of the features that are built into Cobra System with some additional explanations.

      How to Enable Cobra Features:

      By default Cobra 7.31 is disabled, to enable the Cobra Features simply access the REBUG Toolbox.

      WARNING!!!!!!: For the full compatibility with COBRA MODE, please ensure your unit has a fully working BD Drive and disable BD Emulator, the option is available on CP Admin page or DEBUG SETTINGS

      1: On the XMB select Package Manager
      2: Select Install Package Files
      3: Select PS3 System Storage
      4: Select REBUG-TOOLBOX-02.02.10 DECR EDITION.pkg
      5: Access Rebug Toolbox from XMB
      6: Scroll to 2nd column Selector, and select 3rd option Toggle Cobra Mode
      7: Select Enable, and system will reboot with Cobra now enabled on the CFW.

      Cobra 7.31 Overview
      • PRX plugins at boot time (sprx)
      • ISO Suppport: PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/DVD/BluRay (Split ISO support on FAT32 drives)
      • Network Support: PS1/PS3/DVD/BluRay /PKGs (guide)
      • Blu Ray Movie region free functionality
      • webMAN integration, for game rips on NTFS HDD, please use latest prepNTFS 1.10 MOD version to scan/refresh game lists
      • NTFS HDD Support (prepNTFS, or multiMAN Required to scan contents)
      • PS2 ISO Support for BC (HW) / non-BC (SW) Consoles
      • Syscall 11 – Cobra lv1 Peek
      • Syscall 15 – Allow execution of any LV2 internal functions
      • PSNPatch stealth plugin support
      • ***ISO rips are required to get 100% support, for ex) after disabling syscalls, games like Call of Duty will not be able to play unless you use ISO rips, please DO NOT expect everything to be fully functional when you are disabling the built-in features from COBRA. Folder rips are NOT compatible with PSNPatch’s stealth mode due to its ability to disable COBRA’s disc-less feature for folder JB rips****
      • PS3MAPI support, allows you to attach process via its own API app.
      • Backup Protection Removal, Add full PS3 Backup support on all multiMAN/webMAN,IRIS manager forks and Managunz.
      • Target Manager 4.20-4.70 fully supported.
      • Allow modification on Syscall 6/7/8/9/10.
      • **IMPROVED Stability the annoying issue with hanging on boot on some old DECR models is fixed.***
      General Cobra Plugin Information
      • Support for plugins at boot time:
      • The number of vsh plugins has been increased from 1 to 7 slots.
      • Slot 0 is reserved for use for iso plugins (netiso.sprx and rawseciso.sprx).
      • Slots 1-6 are for boot plugins.
      • Plugins are loaded in the following way:
      • text file: /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt shall contain a plugin path per line.

      How to Install a Plugin:
      • Copy plugin_name.sprx to you internal ps3 hdd (ex: /dev_hdd0/).
      • Create or Edit boot_plugins.txt in the root of the hdd (/dev_hd00/boot_plugins.txt) and add a line for the new plugin. Assuming you placed the sprx also in the root of the disk, add: /dev_hdd0/plugin_name.sprx). Add a new line for each plugin.
      • Then Reboot PS3 Console!
      Cobra 7.31 PS2 Features (4.81 Cobra)
      PlayStation 2 on NON-BC (DECR) Consoles

      Software (SW) Emulation: Support for PS2 ISOs in non BC consoles was removed in Cobra 4.30 (usb), due t ops2_softemu missing. It has been re-enabled now by hacking of ps2_netemu. You can use it in the same way as before, just load an ISO and launch from disc icon, Cobra core takes care of rest. No need for encrypted isos, isos patched with limg sectors, etc. Just your normal PS2 isos dumped from discs. However, there is NO SUPPORT for Optical Discs in PS2_NETEMU.

      Note 1: Don’t forget to set the memory cards in XMB, in the old memory card utility for PS/PS2, as ps2_netemu won’t let you assign them in game.

      Note 2: Decrypted Config files can now be used , put the CONFIG file in the same game path
      For example)
      dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/God of WAR2.ISO
      dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/God of WAR2.ISO.CONFIG
      Decrypted CONFIG files are available via PSDEVWIKI
      *PS2 Support on Internal HDD ONLY: dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/

    • REBUG LITE CFW 4.81.1 FOR DECR System’s Preview

    • COBRA mode / webMAN currently disabled by default, if you want to use Cobra 7.31 features, please enable Cobra mode via REBUG TOOLBOX 2.02.10 DECR.

    • Following homebrew applications are supported:
      Any version of multiMAN (COBRA mode only), IRISMAN 4.81.1, webMAN MOD 1.45.06,
      reactPSN 3.20, PSNPatch 2015/7A, movian/showtime and PS3MAPI

    • QA is supported in all REBUG FIRMWARE. However, it is not recommended to use this option on DECR / DECH systems, Please do not touch this.

    • INSTALL:
      From XMB install REBUG 4.21.x AND HIGHER over any 3.55 OFW/CFW/MFW or the same or lower firmware version CFW with spkg sig check patched or any firmware version CFW with spkg sig check patched

      From XMB REBUG 4.21.x AND HIGHER can be uninstalled with the same or higher firmware version OFW/CFW/MFW.

    Do not try and install this on your PS3 console. It wont work! It is only for DECR units.

    Download & Source:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Tranced, Jan 3, 2017.

    1. atreyu187
      Truly amazing stuff here. To find just the latest Test firmware is one thing but this that is feature rich as well is simply amazing. Then again we are talking about Team Rebug that have always pushed the retail PS3 why not the Dev Tool as well? Going where Sony can't or won't. LOL
    2. Berion
      DECR haven't downgrade blockade? When I converted my CEX to DEX, I remember that I'm be able changing newest OFW back to CFW 3.55 (to gain /home access again and copy trophies). I talk about era when last possible CFW was 3.55 and no one figure out yet how flaging works.This also work on DECR?
    3. Joonie
      Both DECR and DECH can be downgraded with the official 3.55 / spkg

      As well as converted CECH installed DEX

      QA flagging isn't required on DEX/DEH
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    4. Berion
      Thank You for answer.
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    5. Half Mile Ride
      Half Mile Ride
      Is there any way to convert a DECR system to a System Debugger? I find a lot of conflicting information on psdevwiki, this is a great release, rebug team definitely works their magic and it shows, I thank them for everything they have brought to the scene.

      Upon close inspection I've found two bugs not present in the older 4.78 build:

      After enabling webMAN in toolbox and reboot, the webMAN Games folder is nameless "" and after pressing X on it the webMAN Options folder is also nameless,
      Also when using button combos the notification that confirms the action doesn't pop up, even on vsh.

      When you go to CFW settings (after enabling it on toolbox) I checked the minimum downgrade version and it appears to not work, it tells me that it is 0.08, if that was true my system would be one of the first ever made, (a CEB Unit)


      I would also suggest to the rebug team that they remove the option to reboot to FSM in CFW Settings folder, FSM on DECR systems is very hard to remove, zecoxao gave me this advice.
    6. Joonie
      I have no idea how people were able to get that 4.78 test version I built long ago,

      anyways regarding webman you can always try to update to the latest public version

      and CFW settings' FSM toggle works fine on my DECR, so I left it there because not that many people have DECR and most of them are either collectors or real devs who need the system for development.

      regarding that minversion, I think you should contact @mysis about it.

      his source is closed so I couldn't do anything about it,
    7. Half Mile Ride
      Half Mile Ride

      I'm sorry if I am not supposed to have it but on the bright side I learned a bit more of the system while being on rebug than latest OFW. Thanks for making that CFW, really stable too.

      I tried installing latest webMAN but disabling syscalls wouldn't work, I'd be surprised if sony even scans for CFW syscalls on Reference Tools. Probably they will now.
      - Anyway I fixed the issue by downgrading to 3,55 and back to latest OFW then again to this CFW, after the first boot it BlueScreened, luckily I had stored my xreg file in a safe place so nothing was really lost.

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