PS4 Remember about Modchips? The PS4 might get (kind of) one!

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By Roxanne on Apr 9, 2018 at 2:46 PM
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    Maybe you are one of those older people who still can remember that - instead of Reverse Engineering with some Software inside each Operating System to install a Custom Firmware (CFW) - you had to take apart half of the console by soldering a "tiny little piece of additional hardware" only to get Homebrews and Backups running on your older PlayStation consoles. Not only this was way more harder to accomplish compared to "todays standards" by installing a CFW or using a Webkit exploit to get full control of your PlayStation consoles, it was mainly created for older PlayStation Hardware with mostly one goal only - which was sad enough - Piracy. But Today, Developer @_AlAzif announced "his own intepretation about a modchip for the PS4", which will help you for using the latest webkit exploits without dismantling the whole console and without any need to host some exploit files on your home server or exploiting them via the Internet.​


    • This project has been a little neglected since the 0.4.1 release almost a month ago as I've been working on another project since that release. I've haven't been hiding and posted a bit on Discord so this won't come as a surprise to some. It's a "modchip" for webkit exploits, mirroring the existing ESP8266 methods, just with more features/polish. The device can either create a network to connect to (No internet access), connect to an existing network (Works just like this host), or create a bridge (Enabling internet access though the device). It's a custom PCB that's about 25mm*18mm*4mm (Currently) so it should fit inside most consoles. The front end looks like my regular exploit host and you can view a demo (out of date) of the control panel here.

      • Control the device from your phone/computer over Bluetooth/Wifi
      • Open API for developers to interact/control the device
      • Press physical buttons on the console
      • View/Download UART data
      • Add, download, or delete exploits with one button click
      • Custom filetype (Compresses exploits into a single file to install/share)
        • Supports both Bin and JS payloads
        • Includes application to compress/extract these files
        • This is to save space and add to ease of use
      • Web based firmware updates for this device (Need no physical access to device to update it)
      • Basic usage without soldering (No buttons or UART)
      • A secret feature that'll be revealed after it's working 100%
        • If you do some snooping on the PCB you might be able to guess it

      • USB-C port (Custom pinout for internal installation, but can just run off USB power)
      • SD card for exploit storage (GBs vs 3MB)
      • User Expandable
      • Custom Case for external use (Extender to turn a female USB-C to a male USB-A)

      1. Software testing with ESP(8266/32) dev boards.
      2. Finish prototype PCB boards.
      3. Send out prototype boards. Will be a small batch, about 10 boards.
      4. "Finish" software, get feedback, make revisions to PCB as necessary.
      5. First batch of v1.0 boards. (Current bill of materials puts PCB cost @ $10 depending on interest, larger order sizes will make the board cheaper)

    • It's currently in a working state, just using the API, with majority of the features are done (Currently the bluetooth controller & the admin panel HTML+JS are not 100%) and I'll be looking for testers (Bring your own board) within the next two week or so. Contact me on Twitter or Discord if your interested in testing.

      To be a part of the first testing process you just need familiarity with the exploit process and familiarity with your ESP board (Be able to use the serial logger and flash the firmware).

      To get one of the prototype boards soldering ability is a must. There are ~6 wires to solder, 2 of which being on the PS4 motherboard. I'll eat the cost for the prototypes.

      If there is demand for prototypes, I may make a bigger order and will send them out at cost or make a bigger PCB order and send out PCBs with the bill of materials.

      When all is said and done I plan to open source all the code/PCB info so others can help further development/produce boards for others. I want to have it at a 1.0 state before releasing before having others make incompatible software/PCBs.

    So, as you already read above, this won't be a "classic modchip" which will allow you piracy ad infinitum. But before you get disappointed, this project looks still interesting, not only because it makes using the webkit exploits even more easier compared to the latest achievements, it will also come with some additional interesting features which could be "future-proof", especially when you can add newer exploits for newer exploitable System Firmwares. Even if you don't want to open your PS4 at all, it could be also run from "outside" via USB and the cool thing about is, that you have full control to this modchip via Bluetooth and/or Wifi from both your PC and even from your Phone. How convenient is that isn't it?

    If you still have your old screwdrivers and bit sets, don't throw them too far away. Maybe you will need them again sooner or later :) - Developer _AlAzif also welcomes you as a Beta Tester.

    Source: GitHub
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, Apr 9, 2018.

    1. Wroniu5
      Something like in Xbox 360 ?
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    2. darkhaxcker
    3. cygmon0
      I do remember when i had to do it on my ps2.. Great job [emoji122]

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    4. Berion
      Well, the difference is that modchips in those good old times are updates proof, as firmwares of old consoles wasn't updatable at all. Current modchips are more like devboards than anything which patching on the fly firmware in the memory. Today our tiny toys are cryptographic ecosystems mostly with per model keys which completely killing that idea. This train has been gone, probably for forever and we cannot comparing any kind of devices like above, Infectus or even Undiluted Platinum to the "real modchips". Oh well, just my point of view.

      BTW: Nice idea but isn't more convenient is server on the mobile phone? ;p

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