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By Roxanne on Dec 21, 2018 at 12:09 PM
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    Hacking and Exploiting Video Game Consoles by both Hardware and Software always had a high demand by many people, not only when we talk about Consoles who had the name "PlayStation" inside. In fact, a lot of Hacks and Exploits can come across aboard when we compare all Releases from a whole year, like in 2018. But as usual, at the end of every year, many Hackers and Developers from all different branches come together to the city of Leipzig, Germany, to present their achievements in front of the wide audience worldwide. So as for this year, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) welcomes you to join and to participate at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress - or 35C3 in short - which will held from 27th December until 30th December 2018. And because there were always many Hacks and Exploits presented for various Consoles from the "PlayStation-Family" in the past, this Thread will give you a good overview for - as the Title already suggests - Everything you need to know to keep track to the newest "PlayStation-related" Hacks and Exploits. This Thread will also keep updated if you will miss any important presentation for example, so you will be able to watch any Stream or Presentation in repeat. So better keep this Thread here bookmarked in your Favourites. :)

    Updated Coverage
    Logo of this years Chaos Communication Congress with their slogan: "Refreshing Memories"

    • The 35th Chaos Communication Congress (35C3) is an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia organised by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and volunteers.

      The Congress offers lectures and workshops and various events on a multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information technology and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society.

      The Congress takes place at

      More Information


    • This "Lecture" will be probably the highlight for all "PlayStation-related" Talks during the Congress since both very known Developers @yifanlu and @DaveeFTW will present you together their latest and newest achievements in Hacking the PlayStation Vita. This Talk will explain how the security inside the PSVita works and how they "finally defeated it." And their goal is also that their Talk will inspire more people like you to work and to tinker with the PSVita. So this talk shouldn't be missed out don't you think?

      UPDATE: This Talk is already presented, to find additional details, please click here.

      • Day: 2018-12-29
      • Start Time: 16:10 PM Local Time (10:10 AM Eastern Time / 07:10 AM Pacific Time)
      • Duration: 01:00
      • Room: Borg
      • Language: en
      • iCalendar



    • But not only the PSVita will have it's Showcase in front of the audience. One Day before, well-known Developer @m0rph3us1987 will also showcase his achievements in "Exploiting PS4 Video Apps." As already mentioned in a previous post, this Talk will explain you how to run "Unsigned Code" on the PS4 no matter which Firmware you installed on your PS4. Hopefully this Talk will give a "Initial Ignition" to the PS4 and it's Developers to see more Homebrew Apps coming on the PS4.

      For more Information about the Talk, please click here.
      UPDATE: This Talk is already presented, to find additional details, please click here.



    • The 35C3-Congress is not only about presenting your newest Achievements in front of a wide audience both in front of the people or via the Livestream. The whole Congress in General is also a nice place to meet up with other Hackers and Developers to discuss your newest Achievements just by talking with each other and drinking some coffee or beer etc. Of course everyone can join them if you will visit the Congress as well. Therefore the Organization behind the Congress gives the Hackers and Developers the opportunity to create their own - as they call it - "Assembly Rooms" where you can meet with several Hackers and Developers talking about specific topics.

      Well-known Developer @AlexAltea will also be there at such a Assembly talking about Emulation and by giving a new sneak-peek from his early-stage PS4 Emulator, called Orbital.

      For more Information about his PS4 Emulator, please click here.
      UPDATE: A Video from this Talk has been released, please click here.

      Source: Twitter @AlexAltea

      Experiments in PS4 Emulation by @AlexAltea


    • fail0verflow
      Source: 0xFFA Assembly Room

      Source: Twitter @qwertyoruiopz

      Source: Nintenbros Assembly Room

      Dolphin Emulator
      Source: Dolphin Emulator Assembly Room

    So which Presentation you are up for? You are welcome to discuss it in the Comments-Section.
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by Roxanne, Dec 21, 2018.

    1. STLcardsWS
      I think the PS4 presentation is going to be interesting and fun to watch.
      (both are going to give some good info :) )
    2. Roxanne
      Yes but sadly there will be no livestream for the PS4 Event. I hope a Replay will be available as soon as when the presentation is over.
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    3. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      I will be excited for the PS3 presentation. There has been no news for Han since a very long time. I wish they do something for superslims. I wish they make hombrew enabler for superslims.
    4. Cypher_CG89
      Would be great to get to Germany to attend it. Oh well there's always next year. And the fact I don't speak one bit of German which would make parts of the trip difficult.
    5. STLcardsWS
      Just as an FYI - this has nothing to do with the PS3. There is no presentation about the PS3..
      The guys working on such a things are here at psx-place so easy to see the status. As been mention literally dozens upon dozens of times by bguerville throughout the months and no better person knows then him ..
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    6. Fuzion9
      Looking forward to both topics. I'm very intregued on how m0rph3us achieved his ps4 video app exploit though. Hopefully someone is able to throw up the stream shortly after??
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    7. Roxanne
      Updated the Main News with two New Tabs for some who are interested.
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    8. Roxanne
      It seems that there will be a Livestream of the Talk from @m0rph3us1987 regarding the PS4. I added all Livestreams in each Tab for those who are interested.

      Also the iCalendar Feature can help you for making some Reminders on your Smartphone for example so you won't miss any action.
    9. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      Is this applicable to future firmware releases as well? I know its a dumb question.
    10. bguerville
      Thanks Rox. ;)
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    11. SAM696
      CAN NOT WAIT !! hopefully the live video replay can be available later on after its done
    12. Zazenora
      I can't speak German, but I'll definitely be here to watch it. (Been hyped for it all month)
      This is excellent reporting @Roxanne
      I can't wait for you guys to present us the details!
    13. Zazenora
      I think he's just going to present an entry point in which other developers will be able to port their previous stuff through it on newer firmwares, as well as possibly develop some quality homebrew.
      Hopefully someone will get us a current CFW that can work with the 6.02 I've been stuck on all month, since this news first released mind you lol.

      It may still be a while yet before we actually see a CFW that will work with this entry point. Or we may get an even bigger surprise. Tis the season :D
    14. Berion
      Only until Sony patch it, which is inevitable. Peoples said it works on 6.20 too. However, Video app is not part of the firmware so even on vulnerable fw, they can still update application alone. So be sure to have disabled all three automatic update options and download it from PlayStation Store. But of course the best way is blocked Sony servers on router (besides those with game patches).

      @Zazenora If this allow to run unsigend code, it must be not only an entry point. ;) If all of this is true, golden times for PS4 upcoming with "golden firmware" like i.e 3.60 for PSV or 3.40/3.55 for PS3.
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    15. fresh
      As he said in the steam, this is one way to trigger a kernel exploit. :D

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    16. Scorpion355
      So has any of you mates understood the meaning of this project? I literally have no idea how video apps could potentially help us trigger a "kernel exploit" or run an unsigned code.
    17. rasoulia
      So today is 28 Dec and we not have "kernel exploit from video app " or " Top Secret Method " what's going on???!!!!! why there is no Public way to use this Exploit. Is Fake? ( Sorry for my bad English )
    18. STLcardsWS
      Roxanne is prepping the details of todays events and what it means
      Will be news on the mainpage about it soon.

      so called "Top Secret Method" is junk far as i'm concerned ..........
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    19. Roxanne
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