PS1 Resident Evil 1.5 - New Mod Patch Released from MartinBiohazard

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    As the world awaits the upcoming release of the Resident Evil 2 remake, we have some great news for the project that was originally suppose to be RE2 but was later scrapped and known today simply as Resident Evil 1.5 (The Scrapped RE2), as game mode developer MartinBiohazard has released a new patch. It has been awhile since (2) since we have seen a new release but this one comes with plenty of new additions as MartinBiohazard continue the evolution.

    While this has not been tested to confirm 100%, it should play okay on PS3 HAN and past patches have worked on PS3 CFW. Are you a fan of the Resident Evil Series? if so here is also another recent mod (for the PC) that may interest you as well >>
    [PC] RESIDENT EVIL 2: REMAKE | Dying Light Mod


    • =Resident Evil 1.5 (Magic Zombie Door) Patch Released June - 2018=-

      To use this patch you need to have the original RE1.5 MZD (Magic Zombie Door) ISO,

      Extract the "RE1.5 (MZD).7z" file and use "xdelta" to apply the patch to the "BH2.bin" file (for more information, look "HOW_TO_USE_XDELTA.PNG" image!).

      Done! you can play now!

    • Tricks/Codes:
      Play as Leon (with RPD armor):
      800B0FF0 0001

      Play as Leon (with Umbrella armor):
      800B0FF0 0002

      Play as Leon (Era 3 version):
      800B0FF0 0003

      Play as Elza (with RPD armor):
      800B0FF0 0005

      Play as Elza (with Umbrella armor):
      800B0FF0 0006

      Play as Claire:
      800B0FF0 0007

      Play as RE3 Jill (By Juvenal Da Corte):
      800B0FF0 0008

      Play as Elza (Extra Costume) (By Juvenal Da Corte):
      800B0FF0 0009

      Play as Grant Bitman (By Juvenal Da Corte):
      800B0FF0 000A

      Play as Grant Bitman (By Rusty):
      800B0FF0 000B

      Play as Leon with jacket (By Mrox2) (Edited By Juvenal Da Corte):
      800B0FF0 000C

      Play as Marvin (By Juvenal Da Corte):
      800B0FF0 000D

      Play as John (By Mrox2) (Edited By Juvenal Da Corte):
      800B0FF0 000E

      Play as Sherry:
      800B0FF0 000F

    • Credits:
      • -Team IGAS for his MZD build.
      • -Mikhail for help me a lot in the beginning.
      • -mortician for his unhidden patch and other tools.
      • -Wes67 for create kindly a rebuilder tool for me.
      • -DXP for his hard work in create all the missing rooms for the RPD and other rooms!
      • -Juvenal Da Corte for make and let me use several rooms, characters models, and mix stuff!
      • -MarkGrass for his BIOFAT and BioHerb tools.
      • -Leo2236 for his BSSM, RE2MV and RE2RDTE tools.
      • -MonkeyMan2000 for his Resident Evil 2 BCC tool.
      • -Mrox2 for help me with some dialogues in my cutscenes reconstruction and for let me use his Leon with jacket PLD.
      • -SeiyaK0u for let me use parts of his work.
      • -Rusty for let me use his Grant Bitman PLD.
      • -The creator of the "Character modifier" and "Select player screen modifier" codes!
      • -SolidSnake11 for motivate me to fix the "Air Jesus" bug, also for the collision and "zombie get up after killed" bugs fixs!
      • -Biohazard España for the ITPS.ITP fix.
      • -Richard Mandel for help me with with Marvin's cutscene dialogue in 2F Corridor.
      • -Enigmatism415 for his Inflames's screenshots translations.
      • -biohazard_star for make and let me use his amazing L Tunnel 2 and Era-1 Lobby recreations!

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Discussion in 'PS1 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 28, 2018.

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