PS VITA / PS TV Resident Evil Code Vita ( Beta 0.3 ) by Markus95

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    Following up on the first pubic release of Resident Evil Code Vita developer Markus95 has released a new update for the game based on the same engine used in another vita game (SuperHero Chronicles). This new update of this game created with Lua Player Plus (LPP), this is a major update from the initial version as several new levels and enemies have been introduced. A new in-game interface and theme music, Bug corrections and improved graphics are just some of the new enhancement you will find in this latest version of Resident Evil Code Vita by markus95


    • After a first release unpretentious, we now attack the serious things with this new version beta 0.3 of Resident Evil CODE: Vita.

      For those who missed the first version, this small homebrew is based on SuperHero Chronicles source code, the aim of this mini-game shoot is to survive the waves of enemies but also to keep as many humans as possible.

      Having made a lot of progress in programming LUA and understanding better the source code, the game starts to offer content, so I added new levels, new enemies, a new interface in-game and many others Things visible in the changelog tab.

      In spite of all this, this homebrew remains a BETA version, so you may encounter bugs here and there, you may also encounter an error that causes the game to randomly crash (very rare) Worries.

      Resident Evil CODE: Vita comes in the form of .vpk and so installs with VitaShell or molecule like any .vpk, it works under Henkaku and also TaiHEN.

      For those who have installed the BETA v0.2, remove the game on your Vita before installing this new version, some important files have changed place, you risk a conflict between the two versions if you do not erase the first release.
      I would like to thank thesuicidalrobot for the source code of Super Hero Chronicles and Rinnegatamante for IPP-Vita.

    • RE_Code_vita.png ReVta.png

    • Changelog:
      NEW -- v0.3:
      - Added several levels
      - Added several enemies
      - Added a new music theme
      - Added an in-game interface
      - Graphic Corrections
      - Improvement of the paternity of collisions
      - Added screen-intro for each level
      - Add graphics (health bar, combobar, collisions, shot, items of life, shadows)
      - Various bug fixes
      - Big changes to the source code
      - Cleaning of the source code​
      - Public Beta version
      - Changing the start menu and writing characters
      - Changing livearena icons
      - Addition of an enemy (zombie dog)
      - Added different sound effects
      - Adding music
      - Various corrections and modifications of the source code​
      - Non-public alpha version
      - Many changes to the source code
      - Changes to original sprites

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 19, 2016.

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