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    A new update to Resident Evil Code Vita was made by its creator @Markus95 who is well known for various game mods for different games, you may recall some of the PS3 work with the paintown total conversion mods.. Now the developer has informed us that his latest creation has been updated to version 0.4 with some significant progress. RECV is using the engine from another PS Vita / PS TV homebrew in Super Hero Chronicles and is a Lua based project built with Lua Player Plus (vita) .

    Resident Evil Code Vita: v0.4 by @Markus95

    • After two first releases, here is a new version of Resident Evil CODE: Vita which passes in v0.4.
      For those who have missed the previous 2 public versions, this little homebrew is based (but is moving farther and farther) on SuperHero Chronicles source code, the purpose of this shoot mini-game is to survive the waves of enemies But also to keep as many humans alive as possible.
      This update includes a lot of new features, I added new levels, new enemies, but especially two new weapons with their own characteristics, their own menus and options ...

      The other innovations are at the graphic level, with modifications and improvements of some sprites, addition of new visual effects, but also at the level of the source code (visible in the changelog above). Resident Evil CODE: Vita comes in the form of .vpk and so installs with VitaShell or molecule like any .vpk, this version will overwrite the previous installed, so you do not need to remove v0.3 from Your console.

      I would like to thank thesuicidalrobot for the source code of Super Hero Chronicles and Rinnegatamante for IPP-Vita.​

    • Changelog: V0.4:
      • Changes to the source code (adding new functions)
      • Added a tutorial
      • Added several levels
      • Adding enemies
      • Added two weapons (uzi and shotgun)
      • Added a menu for each weapon
      • Adding a new item (human)
      • Added 3 health levels (red, orange, green)
      • Additions and corrections
      • Addition of a collision sprite (in test)
      • Increased difficulty of the game

    • Warning!
      • It is possible that if you install this homebrew for the first time, the game bubble will not appear on your console menu after the installation is complete from VitaShell, then you will have to do a database restore from The recovery menu.
      • If you encounter the error 0xfffffff during the installation of the VPK check that you have the latest version of Vitashell (1.51).

    Download: Resident Evil CODE: Vita v0.4 (mediafire)

    Source: Logic Sunrise via Markus95 (dmsg to psx-place)
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 4, 2017.

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