PS3 Resident Evil Operations (Paintown Mod) : Re-Released no longer needs Mod Pack V2

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By STLcardsWS on Jun 4, 2016 at 8:32 PM
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    PS3 Developer @Markus95 has contacted the PSX-Place Staff as the dev has Re-Released the Paintown mod Resident Evil Operations. NO longer does this modded Paintown release need (what is often very hard to find) Paintown (Mod Pack v2). Now this requirement is no longer needed to run this RE mod to Paintown, which should make some user happy who could not track down mod pack v2. Tell us what you think of this impressive Paintown Game Mod and if you have not tried it before, It's a very good homebrew creation.​


    • By searching the Internet, it is now impossible to find the Mod Pack V2 Paintown including 3 former Mods, nothing serious to be ...
      Where it really problem is to enjoy the Mod Resident Evil Operation Paintown because it is mandatory that Mod Pack v2.
      Here is a reprint of Resident Evil Operation Paintown for CFW 4.xx, not requiring the Mod Pack v2.

      I took this reissue to correct two important bugs, improve certain courses and animations, as well as some additions to see in the (changelog tab)
    • .
      CHANGELOG: -- V1.01: MOD Resident Evil Final Version:
      • - 5 players + 3 secrets
      • - Internships 18 + 2 courses + 1 Bonus training tutorial - 15 enemies
      • - 3 difficulty levels
      • 3 different endings
      • 1 per character intro
      • Added an end by level of difficulty (3 slightly different purposes)
      • Adding a level of violence (body explosion)
      • Visual improvements -Explosion of body-
      • Filter settings automatic HD (xbr)
      • Fixed a bug preventing the easy end
      • Fixed a bug preventing the FINAL STAGE

    • 2121.PNG re3.png [ 55454.PNG

    Download: Resident_Evil_ Operation_Paintown_v1.01.rar - 214.7 MB
    Mirror: mediafire
    Mirror: Mega

    Source: logic-sunrise​
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 4, 2016.

    1. crj1985
      I am not able to download it. I clicked on the link had popups, after I closed those it said I had to wait 45 minutes to download it because I already clicked on it but nothing downloaded
    2. Markus95
    3. Zoilus
      How does this relate to the Paintown 3.6.1 v3 Mod? is THIS actually the V3 mod itself? I found and downloaded the V3 but it needs V2 paintown mod so Im thinking maybe this is it with the v2 built in?

    4. atreyu187
      Uploading mirror as we speak and removed the useless RAR file since compression doesn't do anything for PKG files. Adding Mega mirror then I will try to get a mediafire link as well posted.

      This seems to be a standalone PKG needing only to install this PKG file to play. Haven't heard squat about Paintown in a year at least, I am happy to see this. I will report back once I get some testing time.


      Seems I needed to hit F5 before replying to a post that has been open all day. Seems Mediafire isn't needed as one is posted above (which BTW thanks!!) but I will also add Mega once done.
    5. atreyu187
      Added Mega link above and now HERE
    6. bitsbubba
      another one of my cover creations, makes me happy to see them still being used (even if it's only by @STLcardsWS)
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    7. atreyu187
      Speaking of covers, can you give me an example link of what launchpad XML should look like? Say the file was located here


      If you don't mind as I seem to be doing something wrong editing my XML file if you would be so kind sir.
    8. bitsbubba
      sent you PM!!

      on subject I wonder if this can be turned into an iso, has anybody tried? either way it can be incorporated into Launchpad
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    9. atreyu187
      Want to look into thst aswell as check my inbox. Does anyone have blank templates for PS1, PS2, PSN, PSP? I saw the one for PS3 ganes just can't recall there.
    10. bitsbubba
      PS1, PS2 & PSN are there just un-commented I don't have any PSP games
    11. kozarovv

      Launch pad should be able to run installed apps by:

      <target type="u">psgm:play?id=game id</target>
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    12. bitsbubba
      Yes which I have mentioned above [emoji14]

      Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G530A using Tapatalk
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    13. STLcardsWS
      Hey mods,

      Quiit derailing the thread :) Some of these later post would be better if moved into the launchpad thread. Rather then in the Paintown Resident Evil Operations Thread.
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    14. pinky
      a derailed thread where I'm not involved?
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    15. atreyu187

      Well crap it's kinda my fault it seems. As I have been toying g with the new dual windows app on my Android. Had both this and the webpad opened. Was adding the link here for the mirror and I just saw bits mention of a cover my thought process I guess thought I was posting on that topic. Xenfro is more mobile friendly but didnt mind the old site as I feel I have more control.

      Anyhow back to the topic at hand. Has anyone here ran this yet? Plan to do so myself but curious if anyone else jas thst can answer the users questions, well maybe at least some of them.
    16. JediKnight007
      I get the following message when installing (maybe not word-for-word, but close)...

      " The update cannot be installed. Target software not found."
    17. STLcardsWS
      Still on 3.xx fw?
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    18. Mingus2000
    19. Markus95
      No daveyshambles release mod RE for mugen in paintown... in first time...
      After i have contact davey for working with him on mod RE for paintown...

      Davey is mention on credits of mod...

      And it s me who compile this new version ;)
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