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    RetroArch developers announced that beta release for PS3 and PS Vita/PSTV is here:
    Today we are releasing a beta version of RetroArch 1.3.6+ (latest snapshot, release candidate for 1.3.7) for the Playstation3 and PS Vita. Be sure to thank frangarcj for the latter since he went through the trouble of making sure we could make the jump from Rejuvenate to HENKaku in swift order.


    • PlayStation Vita/PS TV

      How to install:

      1. Extract the contents of this 7zip archive to a folder somewhere on your PC. This will extract a bunch of vpk files to your harddrive.
      2. On the PS Vita/PS TV, make sure the HENkaku exploit has already been installed. Go to the bubble ‘molecularShell’ and start it. Once inside the filebrowser, press ‘Select’ to start the FTP server. Write down the FTP server address you see here.
      3. Go back to your desktop PC, start up an FTP client, and input the IP address and port that was displayed on your PS Vita/PS TV. Transfer the vpk files to some place on either ur0: (internal storage) or ux0: (this being your Memory Card).
      4. On the PS Vita/PS TV, press circle to go back. Then once back inside the filebrowser, go to the directory where you extracted the vpk files. Install the cores you want.
      5. Exit the ‘molecularShell’ program. You should now be back inside the home screen. From here,
      RetroArch bubbles should start appearing in the menu. You can now use RetroArch.​

      How to install ROMs:

      1. The same way you installed RetroArch. Start ‘molecularShell’, go through the previous section’s steps 2 and 3 again, but this time transfer roms over instead. Then load them from RetroArch.
      IMG_0198.jpg NXEngine/Cave Story running on RetroArch Vita.​

      State of the port:

      What works:
      * (Core-related) CatSFC / SNES. Works fine. Should run at fullspeed for most games (dip to 42fps on Yoshi’s Island intro screen (SuperFX2 game), seems to be fullspeed otherwise).
      * (Core-related) FB Alpha CPS1. Works fine. Fullspeed. Runs all games. Use an older FBA romset.
      * (Core-related) FB Alpha CPS2. Works fine. Fullspeed. Runs all the big CPS2 ROMs. Use an older FBA romset.
      * (Core-related) FB Alpha Neo Geo. Works fine. Fullspeed. Not all big ROMs will work right now though. KOF 96 could be loaded (about 23/24MB). Might have to play around with heap to be able to get bigger ROMs to load. For now expect same size limitations as the Wii port. Hopefully we can get past this soon.
      * (Core-related) FCEUmm. Works fine. Fullspeed.
      * (Core-related) Genesis Plus GX. Works fine. Fullspeed.
      * (Core-related) Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket Color. Works fine. Framerate at around 52/53fps. There might be a new Neo Geo Pocket Color core coming soon (not Mednafen NGP) which would run at fullspeed with no problems.
      * (Core-related) Handy / Lynx. Works fine. Fullspeed.
      * (Core-related) Mednafen Wonderswan. Works fine. Fullspeed.
      * (Core-related) Mednafen Virtual Boy. Works. Too slow (around 26fps). Corrupted pitch (likely due to 32bit color). Speedups/idle loop optimization hacks MIGHT bring this fullspeed later on.
      * (Core-related) NXEngine / Cave Story. Works fine. Fullspeed.​

      What doesn’t work:

      * ROMS have to be currently unzipped now (EXCEPT for the FB Alpha ROMs).
      * No core switching yet from inside RetroArch. For now, each core is a standalone program.
      * Add Content -> Download Content currently doesn’t work. If you do try it, you might have to restart.
      * History list doesn’t work yet.
      * Save states can be saved, but cannot be loaded yet. We need to figure out why.
      * Threading needs to be still implemented.
      * (Core-related) 2048 core. ‘Start content’ does not work yet like it should. Wait until we fix this.
      * (core-related) Prboom/Doom core. Crashes after loading a Doom WAD. Wait until we fix this.
      * (Core-related) Picodrive core. Crashes after loading a ROM. Wait until we fix this.
      * (Core-related) QuickNES core. Doesn’t load a ROM. Wait until we fix this.
      * (Core-related) Gambatte core. Doesn’t load a ROM. Wait until we fix this.
      * (Core-related) SNES9x Next core. Doesn’t load a ROM. Wait until we fix this. Will likely be too slow compared to CatSFC anyway, so not sure if worth it for Vita.
      * (Core-related) DOSBox core. Haven’t tried this yet. Likely too slow to be worthwhile

      Future plans:

      * More cores, fix remaining cores that are broken.
      * Try to get Cg runtime working so we can have Cg shaders running.
      * Try to get multiple gamepads working on PS TV.
      * More.

    • PlayStation3

      Thanks to PSGL, the PlayStation3 driver can use the XMB menu driver using the OpenGL rendering backend. The simplified ribbon should be running properly in the background too.

      The PlayStation 3 port is back after it was decommissioned for a long time.
      @Ezio should be uploading the CEX/DEX versions shortly, after which they will be posted on xbins as well.​

      What doesn’t work yet:

      This version can be considered a beta release. Here are the current issues:
      • You cannot scan for content as of right now. Instead, for now you should just load content directly from the filesystem.
      • To be able to use zipped ROMs on emulators like SNES9x and other similar emulators, always use ‘Open Archive As Folder’, then select the ROM you want to use. Don’t use ‘Load Archive With Core’ which won’t work for now.
      • If you go to ‘Information’ -> ‘Core Information’, it currently doesn’t show anything. Not a big deal for now but something we will want to fix later on regardless.
      • None of the ‘downloading’ features right now will work in the PS3 port. Our networking stack code for PS3 apparently requires some customizations still. If there are any PS3 devs who can help with this, by all means.
      The PS3 version now uses the XMB menu driver, a big step-up from the previous versions’ RGUI menu driver. The font driver we are currently using for PS3 is the default bitmap font, so it doesn’t look as good as it could be, but we are going to be moving over to more fancy font rendering shortly, possibly using stb_font or something similar.

    • A sneak peek at 1.3.7 features
      Since this is a current nightly snapshot release, PS3 and Vita users are able to get a sneak peek at some of the features that will be part of RetroArch 1.3.7 for the other platforms.
      • Improved error handling. When loading the wrong ROM into a core, most cores should be able to now gracefully exit instead of just quitting or crashing RetroArch.
      • Much more complete info message system. Press ‘Select’ on any entry and 99% of the time it should show you a handy help message explaining to you what each setting does. The ‘English’ language setting is currently the one that is most complete, for all other languages we need to wait until translators have finished adding all the help messages in their own language.

    Download Vita/PSTV: Official link
    Download PS3: Cex / Dex / ODE
    Source: Libretro
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Discussion in 'General PlayStation News' started by kozarovv, Aug 3, 2016.

    1. kozarovv
      Good job dev team, frangarcj, @Ezio
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    2. kadorna2
    3. kozarovv
      To every dev on site, like you can read above (and below) retroarch team is looking for some help on ps3 build.

      Maybe is something simple, and can be resolved easy. Source is available on github:

      For compilation instruction go here:
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    4. Zar
      @Ezio ty for this update, i just saw it on :love heart:
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    5. STLcardsWS
      @Ezio any differences on this build from the other (sorry, i did not get alot of time to test the last one).

      Thanks for the news @kozarovv , You are doing great and the scene appreciates it :)
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    6. atreyu187
      Anyone know if these have icon0 and live area art? I can't seem to re-pkg VPK files without it erroring out. And it drives me insane seeing NOTHING when I go to use these.
    7. pinky
      I believe so. it shows the space invaders icon.
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    8. Drag
      the 0.9.9 version, can I use the save state and load state by holding R2 down shortcut with the right analog stick up with analog, could also speed up the game by putting down with right analog stick, I couldn't with later versions I couldn't and in this version 1.3.6 not found the core of NEO GEO POCKET, mednafen_ngp, the compatibility with the neo geo roms is same of 0.9.9. I would love if you ever retroarch could emulate the N64 on ps3, we all. There's one more thing I forgot to mention, In retroarch version 0.9.9, he recognized the roms compressed and not images cue + bin of pc engine and sega mega-cd in an iso, create a data disk with the program imageburn, copied. the iso created within an NTFS drive, and carried by webman BDISO folder, then entered the emulator and dev_bdvd appeared, already in later versions, I couldn't do it.
      Last edited: Aug 4, 2016
    9. kozarovv
      Yes that one have space invaders icons like @pinky mentioned.
    10. Ezio
      I recommend this one since there're a lot of difference between the alpha and the beta release (don't ask me because it has been renamed beta, it's pretty stable such as 1.2.2 release). Some of these differences are: removed restart retroarch since it's really little used, added a new core, introduced a workaround for overscan on glui, set off per-core configs and then removed or better set as not visible, fixed 32 bit color issue for nestopia (retroarch side), and updated all the cores, the main executable, assets, overlay and database to latest available (keep mind alpha release still used cores from 1.2.2 release, so they were enough outdated). And i was forgetting, now there's also an image column to import and view images directy from retroarch, other features should be added for the upcoming 1.3.7 version.

      @Drag, neogeo has still issues on ps3, it gives white screen (no crash) when you load a rom, it already was an issue since 1.2.2 was out, i need to investigate if it's coming from core code or from retroarch itself. Please report feedback and issues directly on the libretro forum here
      Last edited: Aug 4, 2016
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    11. ransom
      Wow I didn't think this would get released. Nice job fellas
    12. TONY-T
      Going to try it out. thanks!
    13. disyoko
      Thanks to frangarcj, keep it up the good work! I'm glad they didn't forget about us.

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    14. pinky
      on the ds, the icons r the shape of the controller for the system. however, it's more of the make than the system. what I mean is several cores have the same icon (i.e. atari 5200/atari 7800). it's hard to know which core ur selecting though, 'cause the 3ds (as cia files) doesn't mention which game/core ur selecting. it might with .3ds and 3dsx file types though but not cia. :p
    15. STLcardsWS
      A few quick test on a few cores (more coming)

      PS3 version - Basic Test:

      Basic Testing of Cores
      Vectrex core
      ---- Save / Load Works
      Atari Jaguar
      ---- Still suffers from extreme lag and performance issues, might not be a core to include in v1.3.7 or next official stable release. (maybe as an add-on POC pkg)
      --- Save / Load Not working (Appears to save as normal but fails to load, not sure which one is the problem)
      Atari 2600
      ---Note: Save/load not supported by core
      Cave Story
      -- Note: Save/load not supported by core, However the game itself has a save/load feature.
      -------(Request) The files to this game are all included in Retroarch, I really wish there was a quick auto luanch from retroarch when selecting that core. Because navigating through all the folders can be a pain (which i am sure many do not even know the game is located in the SSNE10000 folder.


      prboom (DOOM 1/2)


      Global Issues

      ---- Take ScreenShot feature is broken (fails) but honestly for the PS3 version all this has to do is show a blank screen (of paused game) and most CFW these days has screenshot enabled from XMB. This hos i believe previous versions of RetroArch did it. So should be a simple fix for that

      Hard Freeze : Atari Lynx - launching a rom without bios (non-mednafen ). At least that is what i think i did :) ..

      Things Tested and seems to operate fine
      Analog support: Quick Menu--> Controls --> User X Device Type--> Retropad w/ Analog Left or Right (option below chooses left or right stick)

      Directory Saving -- Seems to work okay (only tried a few paths)
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    16. Ezio
      @STLcardsWS Nice feedback, man. :)

      The development of Atari Jaguar is stopped for a long time, so no way to get better performance.

      I didn't know about the not working of 'Save/Load' for Atari 2600/7800 and Cave Story, i guess i'll go to check them on my end, tbh i only tested if they launched fine as they do.

      For screenshot, someone could help, i know well it's possible to do it, but i never used that feature neither seen the relative code to try to implement it.

      Atary Lynx (non-mednafen) works without bios, but you can load a limited number of roms, the ones not working give you a hard crash. For this reason mednafen lynx is also included (it requires the bios) since it has a different compatibility with roms, and probably you can get working what doesn't work with other core.
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    17. Underball
      Atari 7800 (prosystem) doesn't launch fine. The original windows version of the Prosystem Emu, and every other port besides the RetroArch version, relies on the external Prosystem.DAT Db file (which gets installed in the EMU's install folder alongside it's executable) to call on the game rom's hash value from it's index, to recognize and properly parse bankswitching, audio, and regional options for non-standard games. Whomever ported Prosystem to Retroarch altered the coding of the original emulator to incorporate the Prosystem.DAT file info into the Core SELF file, instead of leaving it as a separate file that users can access and update.

      This creates two problems:

      1. The Prosystem.dat file is no longer user accessible, which makes it impossible to update for new homebrews and hack games (which there are dozens in existence and in production/works in progress)

      2. ON the PS3 Retroarch port, this feature is not working. Games that rely on custom bankswitching values from the Prosystem.DAT db data aren't being called, so those games don't load and crash Retroarch. - however, this IS working in the Windows and Android Retroarch ports. Something broken in the PS3 port of Retroarch breaks this functionality of the prosystem core, rendering dozens of games unplayable.

      Problem #1 can be lived with, as it would take a complete re-write of the core code to correct.

      Problem #2 causes 20+ games to not load correctly or at all, that all work just fine in every other port of prosystem. It would be good if this could be fixed.

      Games to test this include:

      Commando (Atari - Doesn't load, crashes PS3 console and requires manual restart)
      Double Dragon (Activision - game doesn't load, however, you can return to the RA menu)
      Kung Fu Master (Activision - graphics are garbled, game is unplayable)
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    18. Ezio
      The save/load feature not supported by the core isn't just a bug, simply the savestate feature isn't implemented for all cores, but only for some of them.

      Btw here's a fix for CFW DEX ITA users, whether they got an 80010017 error after they installed the CEX version. In this case just apply this fix over the CEX version. -->!kFohwT5A!mcykU58IrpJ5Xq8q8rOELkSJXcZd86yAf1QtX6-eEdo-

      And here it's the ODE version for those interested. -->!YRR2DR7S!UfTZA7o3dRwc-NHX21eloAzX1K_Xxia69KSqegw09vg
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    19. kozarovv

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