PS3 RetroArch 1.6.3 - Improved PS3 Release from libretro

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By STLcardsWS on Aug 4, 2017 at 6:40 PM
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    The libretro team has released a new update the PS3 port of RetroArch, supplying a DEX version for Custom Firmware users, ps3 dev & libretro Contributor @Ezio follows up that release with a CEX version and also a ODE version for user's who may be using one of the Opical Disc Emulators (ODE). This update comes equipped with the missing cores from v1.6.0 and this might be the first release for the PS3 to contain the o2em core, which is a simple Odyssey 2 & Videopac+ emulator for those wondering. but Ezio_PS does confirm the Atari ProSystem emulator is now fully working once again and for those who have been awaiting a fix to Neo Geo Pocket there is very good news about that core on the horizon View all the details and downloads available for Custom Firmware (CEX & DEX) and Optical Disc Emulator (aka ODE) versions of the popular multi-system emulator that now contains 27 libretro cores. (note: neo-geo pocket has incoming fix as Ezio explians).

    RetroArch_PlayStation _3_PS3.jpg

    • RetroArch 1.6.3 (PS3)

      General changelog (All Platforms)
      • IOS: Fix GL regression – 32bit color format cores were no longer rendering
      • CHEEVOS: Add support for N64 cheevos and other small fixes.
      • CHEEVOS: Add ‘Achievements -> Achievements Verbose Mode’. Ability to display cheevos related messages in OSD, useful for RetroAchievements users.
      • AUDIO: Audio mixer’s volume can now be independently increased/decreased, and muted.
      • AUDIO: Mute now no longer disables/enables audio but instead properly mutes the audio volume. Mute is also independent from the audio mixer volume.
      • INPUT: Add mouse index selection; ability now to select between different mice
      • INPUT: Fix ‘All Users Control Menu’ setting
      • LINUX: Add a tinyalsa audio driver. Doesn’t require asoundlib, should be self-contained and lower-level.
      • LOBBIES: Announce the RetroArch version too
      • LOCALIZATION: Add Traditional Chinese translation
      • LOCALIZATION: Update French translation
      • LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation
      • LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation
      • LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation
      • MENU: Add ‘User Interface -> Views’. Ability to display/hide online updater and core updater options.
      • NETPLAY: Disconnecting one client shouldn’t cause everyone to disconnect anymore
      • NETWORK: SSL/TLS support, disabled by default
      • SCANNER: Fix PS1 game scanning
      • SCANNER: Move content list builder into scanner task with progress, fixes menu freeze with large playlists
      • SDL2: Fix ‘SDL2 driver does not see the hat on wired Xbox 360 controller”
      • SETTINGS: Fix regression ‘Custom Viewport is no longer overridable per-core or per-game’
      • VITA: Add cheevos support
      • VITA: Add support for external USB if mounted
      • WAYLAND: Fix menu mouse input
      • WII: Add support for single-port ‘PS1/PS2 to USB controller adapter’

      • We have posted a DEX version. We hope that separate community members can convert this to CEX and then offer it to us so we can host it. (UPDATE see next TAB in article for CEX & ODE version)

    • via @Ezio

      This version is better than 1.6.0 since prosystem core works again fully.
      Recently (about 2 days ago) ngp core has been fixed and it is again working on ps3 after several years. Latest time i saw it working was on RA if i remember good. Anyway i'll build a little pkg including the fixed core in the next days, so ps3 users can enjoy again with it.

    • Included Cores: (much improved from version 1.6.0)
      • 2048_libretro_ps3
      • fbalpha2012_libretro_ps3
      • fceumm_libretro_ps3
      • gambatte_libretro_ps3
      • genesis_plus_gx_libretro_ps3
      • gw_libretro_ps3
      • handy_libretro_ps3
      • mame2000_libretro_ps3
      • mame2003_libretro_ps3
      • mednafen_gba_libretro_ps3
      • mednafen_lynx_libretro_ps3
      • mednafen_ngp_libretro_ps3
      • mednafen_pce_fast_libretro_ps3
      • mednafen_pcfx_libretro_ps3
      • mednafen_supergrafx_libretro_ps3
      • mednafen_vb_libretro_ps3
      • mednafen_wswan_libretro_ps3
      • nestopia_libretro_ps3
      • nxengine_libretro_ps3
      • o2em_libretro_ps3
      • prboom_libretro_ps3
      • prosystem_libretro_ps3
      • quicknes_libretro_ps3
      • snes9x2010_libretro_ps3
      • stella_libretro_ps3
      • vba_next_libretro_ps3
      • virtualjaguar_libretro_ps3


    UPDATE 2: Here is a more current version with additional fixes

    Source(s): /
    Official Project website:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 4, 2017.

    1. Johnnie
      thanks great work
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    2. Xplaya
      Awesome Work
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    3. nCadeRegal
      Awesome news here. I love that pic, where the eff did you find that? Thanks to the libretro team
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    4. lord3490
      I got excited when I first read N64 :biggrin:
      Then I realized it was the changelog for all platforms :oops:
      Anyway, would have been huge if n64 emulation would be possible on ps3 but then again, I can play n64 games on my PSP(s), PC(s), pi2, pi3, smartphone (haven't tried actually), wii and last but not least: my n64 :D
      Great work though and I love the new look (I haven't updated in quite a while).
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    5. STLcardsWS
      original was a pic of a NES skin for the PS3, just edited it slightly with a retroarch logo on it..

      here was another pic
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    6. Ezio
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    7. Drag
      Hello @Ezio, it's happening that bug in save station on super nintendo, Like that time in the earlier version.
      And there is something wrong with the version of the retroarch cex, is showing icone in black block and is buggy, when I try to close a rom, the retroarch is buggy, it's hard to explain.
      CFW REBUG 4.81 CEX!!!
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    8. Ezio
      I haven't any issue and i'm on rebug 4.80 cex. Can you try a fresh (cleaned) installation?
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    9. djluiluv
      @STLcardsWS Hey There! I just wanted to take the time to give you a gigantic Thank you for all your hard work as well!! My favorite thing on my PS3 by far is my Retroarch v1.0.0.2 (RetroXMB Edition) .pkg and was wondering if the community could possible expect an update to this *incredibly beautiful Hombrew? Haven't seen any new updates in a long time for it. Perhaps a Retroarch 1.63 (RetroXMB Edition) .pkg udate? Please and Thank you ahead of time and ***Eagerly await a reply to this!*** ***Thank You @STLcardsWS !! :)
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    10. Drag
      Cex version shows an icon bug.
      Version RetroArch cex or dex save state super nintendo bug.
      Clean install, rebug 4.81 cex.
      The same bug that happened in a previous version.
      Some games freeze when using the resource load state, other games are with the sound bug.

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      Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
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    11. Ezio
      Thank you for the video, I've been able to reproduce the issue, it's extremely annoying. I remember i fixed the same issue on 1.3.6 but it appeared again. lol

      Anyway I guess it's better to wait this time since a new version of retroarch (1.6.4) is on the air and it will be very soon released (with a little surprise).
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    12. STLcardsWS
      I won't have the time for awhile, doing all i can to keep psx-place flowing with news. We are extremely short-handed in a few area's .

      But its easy to update: Just replace the cores with the new ones with the excising pkg. (unpkg and repkg with the new cores) or manually add them in the SSNES1000\USRDIR\cores (You should see the RetroArch Cores Then also a folder (called RetroXMB or it might be v1.0.0.2 I can't recall what i named it lol.. but just add all the new cores there overwriting the existing ones in whatever folder that was. Then your Roms should then be using v1.6.3. (if everything was set up correctly).

      That should work fine, now i have not tested RetroXMB with v1.6.3 , but 1.6 did work. I have really wanted to spend some time putting together a clean release for the newest version, but really two names should get a thanks over myself @doobz & @aldostools (they did alot for the project at different times)
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    13. Drag
      With a little surprise, that's wonderful!
      Great @Ezio
    14. djluiluv
      @STLcardsWS ***Huge Thank You** for replying back and letting the community know that!! I love the PS3 scene bc of the incredible minds behind all these awesome releases and If you find the time to formally update RetroXMB That would be awesome!! @doobz, @aldostools and @STLcardsWS, Thank you for your amazing work in the scene!! All these New-Gen fans out there in the wild on the New Gen band wagon with almost *no real homebrew and Im chillin at home retroin' everything from PS3 down lol. Long live PS3 CFW Hombrew!! - Look forward to more :encouragement:
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    15. Ezio
      The little surprise has been revealed: nightlies for ps3 will be available at the same way like for the other platforms.
      Meanwhile RetroArch 1.6.4 is offically available here
      I worked with the libretro guys to do it possible. :)
      Please test and report feedback, i'm not so convinced about the size of the cex and ode version, on my end it should be about 200 mb.
    16. Naut
      Nightlies for ps3 ? that is awesome! Things are getting better and better for us that love Retroarh on the Ps3.looking forward to this, cheers Boys!
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    17. Naut
      Just tested the 1.6.4 CEX version and all the icons are black now :smile new:

      and MAME 2003 is missing
    18. djluiluv
      Now this is what I was talking about. This scene is where it's at folks!!:encouragement:
    19. Drag
      Hello @Ezio ,all icons are with black blocks, continues with the bug save state of super nintendo.
      MAME 2003 is missing

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      Last edited: Aug 8, 2017

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