PS3 RetroArch 1.6.7- Fixed PS3 Nightly 09/03/17.

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Ezio, Sep 3, 2017.

By Ezio on Sep 3, 2017 at 4:50 PM
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    Hi guys, here we go. This release has done because the current PS3 nightlies don't seem to work like they should, so the main reason is a more stable homebrew.


    • (nightly 2017-09-03)
      RetroArch v.1.6.7

      DEX PS3 build!UVwyEJZL!UwIAaYCDiGbk9UnAJBrN18VPrQYQbQmgtNuUwYo5wnw

      CEX PS3 build!lQJFyLSS!p28HM1RUcq7pT-HD_lhRoAEQV8p6AEYhMuAYeHRtZ2o

      ODE PS3 build!gAQ3gbhK!qZnvQFP-c4SXqj4Mb2-F67oL_o17RcgDU4AC_6_TfT0

      • Better stability than nightlies
      • New experimental core: fbalpha. (it works only for some games, so you could get black screens or freezes)
      • Include all previous fixes like save/load bug on the snes9x2010 core and standalone pkgs released in the last weeks such as neogeo pocket core, mame 2003 and prosystem with latest available database
      • Favourite, Image, Video, Music, Netplay tabs
      • Added downloads folder, it includes freeware and shareware contents: cave story, doom, quake
      • Ode build: savestates, savefiles, playlists, configs, bios, favourite now should work on usb0001
      • Updated frontend, assets, cores, database, info files to the latest available source

      New cores will be added whether they work and released like add-on packages.

      • Libretro developers team
      • Libretro and RetroArch contributors
      • Emu developers behind the cores

      Have fun!
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Ezio, Sep 3, 2017.

    1. antonioks
      How wonderful my dear, more and more complete is the retroarch of the ps3, who knows even colors of msx, Mr.Boom, dinothawr, scummvm ... only time will tell, thank you very much. Always a hug and success.
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    2. Naut
      Very nice release this one, i love it! Will install it on all of my 3 ps3 consloses:eagerness:

      Gj boys, thx for all ur hard work.

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    3. antonioks
      Ezio I did the tests in this version that you made available, I tested the CEX version, with my ps3 slim CFW snake ferrox 4.81, I tested almost all colors, and only 2 times occurred locking the ps3, which had to shut down by ps3 power, core FBA ALPHA behaved perfectly no play I tested caught with it, ran all CPS3 games perfectly, and even the game of Neo Geo TKOF2003 that had graphic bugs running through FBA2012, ran perfectly with the FBA Alpha, I found the 2003 Mame more stable in the audio part, than the last mame 2003 that you had available, especially with the game Batletoads, which in the old mame2003 core was noise in the opening audio, I tested the core mame2000 with the game Moonwalker did not load the boot, stopped in a lilac screen, and I tested the game Outrun with it occurring one of the freezes of the ps3, the other freezing occurred with a hjogo of the core Vectrex, I think that now we have a perfect retroarch for ps3, I cried even of emotion with qu ality that got retroarch on ps3, a tip that would look nice in retroarch, would be the main gui show the temperature of the CPU and the GPU of ps3, it would be very interesting to follow how much the ps3 is warming as the use, I notice that the retroarch , not only in ps3, but in android and also in wii, accumulates memory, after using one time loads one game, then another .... it gets kinda weary the gui going through the configurations, maybe it ends up accumulating a lot of cache, and costing a little to release it. A big hug and thank you.
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    4. Underball
      I will test tonight or this week, but this sounds like a great release! Thanks again Ezio!!!!
    5. Phil
      Ive Just baught a gaming pc and god is retroarch so much better on it, it has so much potential and unfortunately a don't think the ps3 can handle it which is a shame :happy halloween:.
    6. STLcardsWS
      Obviously would be better on pc. A niche platform vs widely used platform. X86 vs Cell .. More devs target pc. Plus since v1.0 ps3 been way behind the other ports. But ps3 is one of original platforms for retroarvh. Pc always will have more potential in general. But yes the pc port is very good
    7. Underball
      Everything seems to be working great... except shaders. I normally use CRT CGWG fast, which is a simple single pass shader. It works fine in 1.6.3. No shaders at all in 1.6.7.
    8. m0nkey
      xbr/xbr-lv2-fast.cgp works in 1.6.7

      The emulator is still unstable though; it crashes whenever I try to load a second rom.
    9. sandungas
      Which emulator and roms ?. please be more precise, they seems to be fully at bughunting tasks and this kind of reports are only useful if are precise, otherway could confuse or annoy them a bit
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    10. Drag
      Thank you @Ezio and all involved
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    11. m0nkey
      I have a full set of fba and mame2003 roms loaded into playlists. If I load a rom from the mame2003 playlist then try to load it (or any other game) using the FBA playlist the system will hard lock. It seems to happen no matter what rom combination I try. Things work fine if I just have a small number of roms but once I created full rom set playlists it crashes every time.

      I'm using the CEX package and all the roms and playlists are on an external USB.
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    12. sandungas
      Thanks, much better explained, now people could try to replicate the error to verify when it happens, i guess next step is to try the same but with other cores to see if is a general problem that affects all cores

      Or to try with other roms, you mentioned the selected roms doesnt makes differences though... but im thinking maybe worths the try to do the experiment by loading several of the most smaller roms (simple games that doesnt requires much fireworks)
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    13. Ezio
      Playlists don't work properly on the ps3 port of retroarch, it's a known issue such as content scanning and network code for download features.

      Anyway, a first addon package could be out there in the next days since @Zar is doing a great work by fixing compilation issues for other cores.
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    14. ZeroOne
      I'm not sure about these issues but mention just in case it helps:

      Genesis Plus GX core crashes loading content the second time if bootrom option is enabled.

      PCE_Fast core resolution incorrect after loading content the second time if Aspect Ratio set to 1:1 (4:3).
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    15. djluiluv
      Nightlies are lookin awewome! Excellent work!
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    16. ZeroOne
    17. pancho0112
      Dear Developers:
      My novelty is referring to the game golden sun GBA, when I summon the djinn the game is frozen and the PS3, there is a way to correct this error?
      Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.
      PS: apologies for my English, is translated directly from google
    18. Versatile
      Anybody has issues where if you try to load a save game state for sega genesis or snes, it freezes?
    19. Ezio
      Save/load savestate bug on snes core should be solved, no idea about genesis core does the same issue. I can try on my end this weekend to see if it happens. Are you using this nightly build? Which roms do you get issues? Can you name one for snes core and other one for genesis core?

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