PS3 retroarch mame (no gui) 0.78 overlays problems

Discussion in 'RetroArch' started by PankoTantefasse, May 13, 2019.

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    Hello all. I have a problem with retroarch mame 2003 (no gui, no xmb frontend, just simple menu with load mame2003, settings, etc) which came with the mame 0.78 complete pack for ps3. I can't get overlays to change for every game, I can add only manually per game if i run a rom and then open its overlay.But what can I do to make them change automatically?
    I have retroarch with mame 2003 core but it's simple, no xmb gui or something and it folder structure is like this:
    (etc other cfgs)

    USERDIR folder:
    (other couple of files)

    CORES folder:
    OVERLAYS (added by me)

    I have the OVERLAY folder with around 200 png+cfgs (thanx John Merrit for those arcade overlays) and I also have, I guess this is the override cfg for retroarch to launch per game overlays - thanx to user Floob for those (ex: for rom 1943 I have in Overlay two files - 1943.png and 1943.cfg and i also have
    I want to use retroarch scanlines shader (I can't use retropie's pi crt shader - thanx to Davej by the way- because it has another extension .glsl and from what I see I can use only .gl shaders, I guess .glsl works with retropie only).
    What I don't know is where exactly I should place the (ex: just to make them work, to make retroarch.cfg make use of individual games cfg (which are responsible to launch the overlay's game.cfg). I made the modifications in retroarch.cfg as I read on the internet and removed the lines with input_overlay and added those two lines game_specific_options = "true" and auto_overrides_enable = "true" and also in mame.cfg (removed the input_overlay lines)
    but still no luck, when I run a rom it launches with previous loaded overlay and it doesn't change automatically (doesn't load the new rom's cfg I guess).
    What can I do , what should I change/add just to make retroarch/mame pick the right when I run a rom and launch the correct overlay together with the game? Where should I place the I rename them?I changed them to game.cfg and placed in rom folder, in cores/system folder, but no luck. I let them as they were and placed them as mentioned and again, no luck. What should I change more in retroarch.cfg and mame.cfg?
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