PS4 RetroArch (PS2) for PS4 - Play QuickNES & 2048 on your hacked PS4

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    The PS4 Homebrew Landscape is in better shape at the start of 2019, as we have seen a number of PS4 Homebrew Releases (Check out our PS4 Homebrew DL's). Along with, one of the most anticipated upcoming homebrew was recently announced and has been in development with RetroArch (PS4). RetroArch (PS2) has also been in development (by @fjtrujy) and this is important to the PS4 as well because of the PS2 Classic emulator that is unlocked on exploited PS4 Console (latest exploited firmware 5.05 currently) as the preview port of RetroArch PS2 can be played on your exploited PS4 as we have been seeing various pkgs of PS2 Homebrew for the PS4 being prepare and one of those persons has been scene friend @Markus95 who first confirmed and has now decided to release prepared pkgs for the PS4. Since the PS2 port is a preview edition there is only 2 libretro cores (aka emulators), those core being QuickNES which is a Nintendo NES / Famicom emulator and then 2048 is a homebrew puzzle game. As the PS2 port matures we could see additional cores trickle down (wink ;)) and as development also on the PS4 port we should see some amazing emulation possibilities on the PS4. Its not a matter of If now but when..... With that said, lets respect all the hard working developers and not pester them, they have shared progress and previews. We can't ask for anymore for something that is being given to us.

    Also note that the RetroArch (PS2) port is playable on PS3 HAN (CFW you have a Native RetroArch PS3 port). Wonder if anyone is going to create some pre-made PS3 HAN packages? (Update - A PS3 HAN pkg for 2048 has been made. link)


    • There is little libretro team published 2 cores (2048 and quickNES) for PS2, they allow to enjoy
      • 2048, a video game type puzzle designed in March 2014 by the Italian independent developer Gabriele Cirulli
      • quickNES, a NES emulator.
      After this publication I had fun testing these 2 cores on PS4 and it turned out that they are both functional thanks to the PS2 emulator PS4.

      We all know that the team Libretro is working right now on RetroArch for PS4, that's why I did not want to publish these 2 cores PS2 adapted for PS4, but after several requests on Twitter and by MP, I decided to finally make public.

      I still specify that these 2cores will be very quickly obsolete (not to say that they are already) between 2048 which has no interest for me and quickNES which is only a PS2 version while an emulator Native NES for PS4 already exists, so I did not see the need to publish these versions PS2, finally if it can please ...

      You will find in the attached archive 3 pkgs:
      • - RetroArch_2048_ (PS2)
      • - RetroArch_NES
      • - Roms_NES_Installer

    • icon0.png
      To install the NES Roms, you will have to create the same pkg including your own Roma, so I prepared a Fpkg to decompile with Fake_PKG_Generator (Password: 00000000000000000000000000000000).

      How to create your Fpkg with your roms:

      - Decompile Roms_NES_Installer.pkg with FAKE_PKG_Generator
      - In the folder Image / recover disc01.iso file
      - Open this disc01.iso file with CDGenPS2 v3
      - You will find a ROMS file
      - Place ALL your roms in this folder
      - Then create the iso that you rename well disc01.iso
      - Rebuild the Fpkg with the new disc01.iso file including your own roms with the same password ( 00000000000000000000000000000000). This is very important otherwise you will have a save error and your roms will be erased when launching the emulator ...

      Installation tutorial: (only to be done once (first quote))

      - Once your Fpkg created with your NES roms , install it on your PS4 with the Debug setting like any Fpkg
      - Once installed, launch NES Roms Installer on your PS4.
      - In the menu go to Cdfs: /
      - Then in the ROMS folder
      - Check all your Roma by pressing cross on each of them
      - Once all your selected roms do R1 and "Copy"
      - Go back to the main menu and go to MC0: / or MC1: / then make R1 and "paste"
      - Your roms will be copied in this folder MC0 or MC1
      - Exit the application
      - This is only to be done once ... once your roms copied, no need to do it again ...
      Launch the NES emulator:
      • - Return to the debug setting and only now install the Fpkg RetroArch_NES.pkg
      • - Answer YES to the question
      • - Then launch RetroArch NES (PS2)
      • - Load Content, select MC0 or MC1 then your rom
      • - To play...

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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 23, 2019.

    1. Yugonibblit
      move the folder CUSB00000 to your desktop the folder rom_NES_installer is not needed hope this helps:sang banghead:
    2. billykibaki1
      the the gp4 file is 3.20kb but the extracted folder is 69mb
      when i make it in to a pkg it froze on the white screen with the nes controller

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    3. Yugonibblit
      I had the same problem got it to load with only putting one rom in roms folder haven't had time to do any more

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