PS2 RetroArch (PS2) - New WIP Toolchain (by fjtrujy) could provide increased performance soon

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By STLcardsWS on Apr 12, 2020 at 7:51 PM
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    Developer @fjtrujy known for porting RetroArch to the PS2 (which now an official port of RetroArch), has also recently announced the intentions of creating homebrew projects with the PS4 (as seen here). However the developer hasn't brushed off or set aside the PS2 port. Experimenting with a new Work-in-Progress toolchain the dev has been able to maximize performance in some cores like the QuickNES core running full FPS (see comparison video below). The toolchain may even provide support for cores that require a bit more juice like the arcade emulator MAME2000, while the core has alot of work yet to be fully optimized it has shown some potential and played some games like Ghost-n-Goblins well (seen in the video attached below),

    The developer is seeking " help of the GCC community to finish, some CPU instructions are pending to implement" to maximizes the potential of this new (wip) toolchain. Additional info can be found in the recent tweets by the developer found below. Looks like its early yet for the toolchain and more work needs to be done but appears the dev is on the right track in tapping into some additional potential from the iconic and still development strong PS2.. .


    • WIP Toolchain details and Performance
      (tweets by @fjtrujy)

      • fjtrujy (March 20) Huge challenging are incoming for PS2, here you can see RetroArch using latest version of gcc 9.2.0 it could imply a great improvement to the PS2 performance in general. This is the last bullet for the PS2 homebrew!

      • fjtrujy (March 20) Just testing some cores with the new toolchain and so far I can see a good improvement, here we have TGBDual (GambeBoy Color) in RetroArch for PS2 running perfectly. With the previous toolchain it worked like 20fps slower.
      • fjtrujy (March 24) This is why is so important to have a proper toolchain. Here we can see GearBoy core running in RetroArch for PSP and PS2. In the left we can see old toolchain, in the right we can see new toolchain and also de PSP. Summary new toolchain gives 10 more FPS
      • fjtrujy (April 11) Max FPS gotten in QuickNes using RetroArch for PS2. Left side legacy toolchain, right side WIP toolchain. Like 32% faster than before. We need the help of the GCC community to finish, some CPU instructions are pending to implement.
      • fjtrujy (April 11). The WIP toolchain is using GCC, as the original toolchain is. Migrate to LLVM would mean start from the very beginning
      • fjtrujy: (April 12) Today I have been trying MAME2000 core for PS2 in RetroArch using the new WIP toolchain. It wasn't enough to run it fluid, but after a lot of adjustment in the core, at least now it runs Ghosts 'n Goblins smoothly

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Discussion in 'Emulators' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 12, 2020.

    1. Joat.None
      Great! But i'm still wondering, why the psp seems stronger than ps2 in emulation.
    2. TnA
      I'm just mentioning it for the sake of completeness...
      @uyjulian and @Maximus32 are those which made the updates to the toolchain and SDK and ported newlib! ;)

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