PS4 RetroArch (PS4) R3 Released: New libretro Cores Added (Dramcaset / Jaguar / ScummVM /) + Source Code

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    Following the initial release of R1 and the followup of R2, developer @OsirisX has just released R3 for the PS4 Port of RetroArch with new core being added, various bug fixes to go along and also a release of the promised source code is included as well.. The new update provides ps4 support for Flycast (Sega Dreamcast), Bettle PSX, Virtual Jaguar, ScummVM, Stella-2014 (Atari 2600), Vectrex and SameBoy are the new cores included (emulation like dreamcast is experimental and many games have speed issues) in this release This update is based on RetroArch v1.8.4 and the Core Updater has been enabled, multi-controller Support has been added (up to 4 can be used), previous R1/R2 only one controller was supported. Also some cores that need have added support for keyboard and mouse controls. This port has evolve quite nicely and should be even better with now the source code release and likely will becomes part of the official release as this is still considered an "unofficial" port, but likely to become the official port.

    Also the developer has created a Core Updater, which provides another method to update the cores. It help keeps the main pkg lite and you can also download indvidual cores via RetroArch itself as that bug of downloading cores has been fixed. See all the latest details below pertaining to the R3 release.

    • Sorry for the wait guys. There were some bug fixes on the frontend side that needed to be ironed out before I made a new release.

      r3 release changes:

      • - Re-based to RetroArch v1.8.4
      • - Added online core updater support.
      • - Added multi controller support. Up to 4 controllers can be used. (1 controller per user login)
      • - Added mouse and keyboard controls for cores that support it.

      New cores include:
      • - Flycast (Sega Dreamcast)
      • - Beetle PSX (This is non hw version as the PS4 currently doesn't meet the GLES requirements for hw version)
      • - ScummVM
      • - Virtual Jaguar (Atari Jaguar)
      • - Stella 2014 (Atari 2600)
      • - vecx (Vectrex)
      • - SameBoy (Game Boy / Color)

      Note there is a new way to to install the core files. Install and run the Cores Installer app to get the cores. (The app can be deleted after installing the cores) Alternatively you may download them using the Core Updater in RetroArch.

      Core are now installed to /data/self/retroarch/cores. This is needed to get the core updater working.

      RetroArch_PS4_r3 (frontend pkg)

      Cores_Installer_r3 (cores installer app)

      Source changes can be found on the ps4 branch here.

      My builds can be found here. (Any updates to my core and frontend files will be placed there)

    • Libretro Cores added to the PS4 Port by release build

      R1- Initial Release
      • 2048_libretro.self - 2048 core
      • dosbox_libretro.self - DOSbox 0.74, MS-DOS Emulator
      • desmume2015_libretro.self - Nintendo DS [NDS]
      • fceumm_libretro.self - FCEUmm, Nintendo Entertainment System [NES]
      • gearboy_libretro.self - Gearboy, Game Boy [DMG + Color]
      • genesis_plus_gx_libretro.self - Genesis Plus GX, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive & Sega CD & Sega Master System
      • mame2000_libretro.self - MAME 0.37b5, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
      • mame2003_libretro.self - MAME 0.72, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
      • mame2003_plus_libretro.self - MAME 0.72+, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
      • mednafen_gba_libretro.self - MednaFen GBA, Game Boy Advance [GBA]
      • mednafen_lynx_libretro.self - MednaFen Lynx, Atari Lynx
      • mednafen_ngp_libretro.self - MednaFen NeoPop, Neo-Geo Pocket [Color]
      • mednafen_snes_libretro.self - MednaFen SNES, Super Nintendo [SNES]
      • mednafen_vb_libretro.self - MednaFen VB, Virtual Boy
      • mednafen_wswan_libretro.self - MednaFen WonderSwan, Bandai WonderSwan [+ Color]
      • mgba_libretro.self - mGBA, Game Boy Advance [GBA]
      • parallel_n64_libretro.self - Nintendo 64 (Experimental) [N64]
      • pcsx_rearmed_libretro.self - PCSX ReARMed, PlayStation 1 [PS1]
      • picodrive_libretro.self - PicoDrive, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive & Sega CD & Sega 32X
      • quicknes_libretro.self - QuickNES, Nintendo Entertainment System [NES]
      • snes9x2002_libretro.self - Snes9X 2002, Super Nintendo [SNES]
      • snes9x2005_libretro.self - Snes9x 2005, Super Nintendo [SNES]
      • snes9x2005_plus_libretro.self - Snes9x 2005 Plus, Super Nintendo [SNES]
      • snes9x2010_libretro.self - Snes9x 2010, Super Nintendo [SNES]
      • snes9x_libretro.self - Snes9x, Super Nintendo [SNES]
      • desmume_libretro.self - Nintendo DS [NDS]
      • fbalpha2012_libretro.self - FB Alpha 2012 v0.2.97.29, Arcade Machine Emulator [Various]
      • fbalpha2012_cps1_libretro.self - FB Alpha 2012 CPS1 v0.2.97.28, Capcom Play System [CPS1]
      • fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro.self - FB Alpha 2012 CPS2 v0.2.97.28, Capcom Play System II [CPS2]
      • fbalpha2012_cps3_libretro.self - FB Alpha 2012 CPS3 v0.2.97.29, Capcom Play System II [CPS3]
      • fbalpha2012_neogeo_libretro.self - FB Alpha 2012 NeoGeo v0.2.97.29, SNK Neo-Geo AES/MVS
      • fmsx_libretro.self - fMSX, MSX 1/2 Emulator
      • mednafen_pcfx_libretro.self - Mednafen PC-FX, NEC PC-FX
      • mednafen_supergrafx_libretro.self - Mednafen SuperGrafx, NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx
      • mupen64plus_libretro.self - Nintendo 64 [N64]
      • mupen64plus_next_libretro.self - Nintendo 64 [N64]
      • yabause_libretro.self - Yabause, Sega Saturn
      R3 - Latest Additions
      • Flycast (Sega Dreamcast)
      • Beetle PSX (PS1) (This is non hw version as the PS4 currently doesn't meet the GLES requirements for hw version)
      • ScummVM (Misc (PnC) PC games)
      • Virtual Jaguar (Atari Jaguar)
      • Stella 2014 (Atari 2600)
      • vecx (Vectrex)
      • SameBoy (Game Boy / Color)

    • via @GrimDoe (various footage from releases R1-R2)

    Release Source:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 14, 2020.

    1. joeyj40
      i installed this and the core installer and when i run the app theres no cores
      it says core directory not found
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    2. hyndrid
      Same ! :(
    3. joeyj40
      The core installer (Cores_Installer_r3.pkg) is a bit confusing.
      I thought the cores will be installed when I run Cores_Installer_r3.pkg on the PS4, but only another installer will be installed that you have to run on the PS4 again to install the cores. I understand the idea behind separating the program and the cores so that everyone can decide for themselves which core they need.

      In my opinion I find it better to install the emulator and the cores together ...

      A little feedback about the cores.
      - Core Flycast and dreamcast/naomi roms are not playable, Its like a sliedshow (even if the PS4 Pro Turbo is enabled)
      - ScummVm is running fine :) ... some video sequences are jerky

      i didnt see a second installer how do u get the cores to show up ?

      i just checked and i do have a folder called cores in data self retroarch cores but still no cores even after using the installer and trying to download the core nothing
      Last edited: Feb 14, 2020
    4. Vegeta
      You need to set the core directory in settings so RetroArch can see the cores you downloaded with the online updater.

      Set the directory to: /data/self/retroarch/cores
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    5. joeyj40
      awsome ty got it working
    6. joeyj40
      is there a way to install the roms into retroarch so i dont have to run them off of a external hd
    7. asp0909
      serious sound failures in snes9x current ... please fix
    8. Grim Doe
      Grim Doe
      - Added multi controller support. Up to 4 controllers can be used.
      (1 controller per user login)
      So can you do 2 Players playing in one game like Fighting Game's ?
    9. Vika23
      Noone cant fix it ? I'm install front app and cores, but then im run core installer is freeze 0 percent
    10. kewiiNNN
      How about making a Video core so you can stream on twitch and everything? the FFMPEG core?
    11. asp0909
      the last time I tried all the cores malfunction, especially the one from snes ... did they fix them?

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