PS VITA / PS TV RetroArch Vita - progress from latest beta, psx emulation, and more

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By kozarovv on Sep 26, 2016 at 1:37 PM
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    Last time when we reported release of beta build RetroArch Vita, a lot of thing wasn't working yet. But even then there was visible progress since Rejuvenate hack releases. Today after almost two months from our latest report, a lot of new things are done. Playstation 1 emulation is finally working, and users reporting that even games that not working on official Sony emulator from 3.18 FW are working now. 4 player support on PS TV with RetroArch Vita, and Tyrquake is now working. Many new emulators, and many optimizations done to old ones.

    Still is a lot to improve but progress until now is huge. XMB menu layout well known for almost all Playstation consoles users is finally included in Vita/PSTV builds, Every core with multiplayer support already is working in that mode on PSTV. RetroArch is growing in to new features very fast, and it's look like devs didn't said last word yet! Big thanks to main Vita build maintainer frangarcj, and everyone involved in RetroArch development.


    • Below list can vary in every nightly release, because nightly releases are still improved. Sometimes you can also notice some slowdowns, or speedups on different nightly releases. This is normal, as nightly releases are for testing purposes and sometime developers trying something new. And later revert changes if is not working as it should.

      Working cores:

      Home Consoles:
      • Atari 2600 (Stella): Working at full speed.
      • Atari 7800 (ProSystem): Working at full speed.
      • Genesis (Genesis Plus GX): Working at full speed.
      • Genesis (PicoDrive): ~60fps, Working at full speed.
      • Genesis 32X (PicoDrive): Low fps, but working.
      • NES (FCEUmm): Working at full speed.
      • NES (Nestopia): Working little bit worst than FCEUmm but still very good
      • PC Engine (Mednafen): Working Very good, almost full speed
      • PlayStation (PCSX Re-ARMed): Getting now ~30 fps which mean is full playable
      • SNES (Snes9x 2005): Looks like best SNES solution for now, full speed in most games.
      • SNES (Snes9x 2005+): Very good framerate, but worst than 2005 without "plus"
      • SNES (Snes9x 2010): ~40fps on standard games.
      • Sega Saturn (Yabause): Very low framerate, probably not gonna be better.
      • Vectrex: Full speed

      • Atari Lynx (Handy): Full speed
      • Game Boy (Gambatte/TGBDual): Full speed
      • Game Boy Advance (GPSP): Running very good, but still not at full speed in many games
      • Game Boy Advance (VBA Next): Running good, but still not at full speed
      • Neo-Geo Pocket (Color) (MednaFen): Full speed
      • Virtual Boy (MednaFen): 25fps-30fps.
      • WonderSwan (Mednafen): Full speed on WonderSwan, Very good speed on WonderSwan Color roms.

      Arcade Systems
      • Final Burn Alpha: Varies by ROMset, generally better performance than MAME however. But still can be better
      • CPS1 (FinalBurnAlpha): Full speed
      • CPS2 (FinalBurnAlpha): Full speed
      • Neo-Geo (FinalBurnAlpha): Full speed
      • MAME (0.37b5): Varies by ROMset, generally full speed in most cases, possibly slower than FBA yet slightly more accurate(?).
      • MAME (0.78): Running roms below half of original fps. Still need optimizations

      Computer Systems
      • MS-DOS (DOSBox): Still doesn't seem to work (core is loading correctly, but not running exe)
      • ZX81 (81): ?
      • ZX Spectrum (Fuse): Full speed.

      Engine Ports
      • 2048 (Logical game created by Gabriele Cirulli): Working.
      • Cave Story (NXEngine): Full speed.
      • DOOM (PrBoom): Full speed.
      • Quake (TyrQuake): With default pak0/pak1.pak, 40fps-50fps, adjustable in settings.

    • In latest builds libretro developers made a lot of improvements to cores itself. But what new features are added from latest beta?

      New features:

      • Save/Load-States are currently working
      • 4 player support now on PS TV with RetroArch Vita, and Tyrquake
      • XMB user interface
      • Local split screen link cable multiplayer gameplay on TGB Dual
      • PS TV 2-player support in all cores

    • Some teasers of current functionality, done by libretro, and by youtube users.

      CtSw2McWYAAOjBL.jpg proxy.jpg CtTGVCMWAAAKvjZ.jpg CtUQKFVUIAAdzke.jpg

    Checkout also our RetroArch Vita Thread with additional information: Link

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Sep 26, 2016.

    1. kozarovv
      Tips for running PCSX ReARMed core:

      • Use BIOS instead of HLE
      • Use latest Henkaku (release 6)
      • You can make interlaced games run faster by turning off interlacing in Quick Menu -> Options
      All that should give you around 44 fps in Tekken 3. :)
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    2. kozarovv
      @Ezio any chance for some new release for PS3? Nightly-a-like? I'm sure there is also done some progress from latest beta :)
    3. Ezio
      Yeah, there's some progress also on ps3, actually new cores working (81 and 2048), 'remove entries from playlist' and 'hide tabs' work too (new features), prosystem core supports now all the the commercial roms (unofficially) and some other stuff in to-do state (improved ode ps3 version and better cfw compatibility).
      I would like to do a new release the next week, i hope i get Twinaphex approvation. :P

      About pcsx-rearmed:
      - Set interlaced 'on' and not off and you get 10 fps in addition to your current performance
      - Set v-sync 'off', you get more fps (use it only on vita, on pstv you could get tearing)
      - Hacky trick:
      - Set only frame skip to '1' and let all the default settings, you get 60 fps and perfect audio.
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    4. kozarovv
      Sounds nice, we are waiting for it!

      Thanks for the info. :) I will add it to resource post here:
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