PS VITA / PS TV RetroArch (Vita/PsTV) - Now a True multi-system Emulator (AIO VPK)

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By STLcardsWS on Oct 10, 2016 at 10:43 PM
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    The libretro team & vita developer frangar has been making significant progress on the RetroArch (Vita/PsTV) nightly builds in recent weeks with things really moving at a rapid pace this past week. First, we seen 4 player Support Added, Rear Touchpad Support (Vita) added for L2/L3/R2/R3 buttons with support for those same buttons for the PsTV counterpart, but then things really started to heat up as we started to see some big improvements as frangar was able to get the Dynarec working on HENkaku enables devices, which essentially means greatly improved emulation.. Plus,

    We have seen several cores (more is expected) that have supported the dynarec, gpSP which gave GameBoy Advance Emulation a boost, we seen improved PSX emulation recently, and the picodrive core see Sega32X & Sega CD running at very respectable speeds. Emulation is really heating up and with a dynarec supporting multiple cores, this is something to really keep a close eye on. Then the libretro team with the latest nigthly builds figured they fix one annoyances on the Vita Port by making it a multi-system emulator instead of a bunch of standalone.


    • Recent Additions to RetroArch vita/pstv
      • 4 Player Support Added
      • Vita: Rear TouchScreen Support (L2/L3/R2/R3 Buttons)
      • PsTV: L2/L3/R2/R3 buttons now supported on a connected input device
      • Dynarec now supported, improved emulation for various cores
        • PicoDrive - Sega32x , SegaCD (SVP chip) see speed improvements & greatly improved playability and emulation.
        • gpSP - Gameboy Advance Emulation, now most if not all games getting 60 FPS
        • PCSX - Sony PlayStation 1 - See huge speed improvements
      • RetroArch Vita now becomes a mult-system emulator, instead of standalone cores and many vpk. Now and AIO VPK solution.

    • Thanks to @atreyu187 for the ScreenShots
      RetroArch_Vita_PsTV_1_VPK.jpg RetroArch_Vita_PsTV_2_VPK.jpg bios.jpg cores.jpg

    • Well RetroARCH finally did it you guys!! Latest nightly build has a nice AIO VPK you can freely switch cores. Takes about 4 seconds but all in all runs very smoothly. Enjoy guys I am off to play with this amazing release.

      Also you must manually move all SELF/CORE files to /ux0:/data/retroarch/cores for the app to see the cores and the familiar XMB style interface will pop up. Also BIOS files go in the /ux0:data/retroarch/system/ directory to take full advantage of gpSP/PCSX ReARMed cores and more.

    Download & Source: libretro (vita - nightly)
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 10, 2016.

    1. STLcardsWS
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    2. atreyu187
      Yay love when my tips make main page, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy all over. But should also be noted some big changes have happened in the PCSX core. Most games are now at least 30+ FPS in fact Tekken 3 with a few small tweaks runs buttery smooth.
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    3. STLcardsWS
      @atreyu187 you have tried this? i just downloaded the latest nightly and its all standalone vpks.

      Edit I see now Retroarch.vpk it has both (standalones & AIO (which explains the bigger size) (but at first was looking at the build from the 9thon my HDD that could of been my issue :) )
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    4. STLcardsWS
      I already had it noted and @kozarovv made a mention of it last week
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    5. atreyu187
      Also you must manually move all SELF files to /ux0:/data/retroarch/core fir the app to see the cores and the familar XMB style interface will pop up.
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    6. atreyu187

      No I mean in the last two days some big changes have occurred on PCSX as I am seeing noticeable differences between this build and the October 8th build I just had installed.
    7. pinky
      for some reason, my system can't connect suddenly.
    8. kozarovv
      Nice screenshot :)
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    9. pinky
      might be a good thing to show a screenshot of that.
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    10. pinky
      I figured out the problem. the system was relaying the wrong password to my router. I'm not sure how that even happened.
    11. DeViL303
      So @STLcardsWS can like his own posts now eh , So that's how hes winning the "like competition"!! :)

      Imagine that pinky, being able to like your own posts, you would probably faint! :-p
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    12. pinky
      everyone loves pinky. ;) on a serious note, I don't deserve all those likes that I have. the likes should go to u , @aldostools , and @bguerville . I know a bit about every system, not a lot. :)
    13. atreyu187

      It was my post he just added some meat to the content.
    14. atreyu187

      I'll screen shot it later and add. They do this as the VPK can't install to ux0:/data but also allows us to only use the cores we want instead of all the unneeded ones. I mean come on who is actually gonna use all 20+ cores? LOL but don't forget to put your BIOS files in place either or you won't be able to use some of the advancements like gPSP. I will screen shot that as well. I have NDS, Sega CD, Sega 32x, PC Engine, GBA, PSX and Atari 7800 bios files in place but I am sure there are more needed.
    15. bguerville
      I knew there was some kind of conspiracy at play... [emoji23]
    16. atreyu187
      So I added screenshots of where to move core self files and where the BIOS files are needed for cores that require/improve and emulator.
    17. pinky
      the cores go in ux0:/data/retroarch/core or ux0:/data/retroarch/cores? my system isn't finding the cores regardless.
    18. atreyu187

      Check the screenshots tab man they show the files and where they go with the files in place. Just took them and they are fully working for me.
    19. STLcardsWS
      You should be able to change the path of the cores to anything with-in retroarch directory and/or with manual edit of the retroarch.cfg file (or load and use a custom one as well)

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