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    One of the most active developer's (Rinnegatamante) in the Vita Scene in terms of Homebrew Releases is back with the first STABLE version of the rinCheat plugin , This release comes with tons of new features that look quite impressive. One of these new features is "Screen Stream feature over WiFi" which will allow you to stream your Vita / PlayStation TV Screen to a PC. Also new cheats have been added to the database, ScreenShot has been improved and is now much faster, Overall the plugin has seen vast improvements. So be sure to checkout this latest release and all it has to offer in the information provided. Also, note this has been the first entry to the plugin category for the GekiHEN Contest.


    • rinCheat
      by Rinnegatamante.

      rinCheat is a multifunction plugin which allows you to do several stuffs during your gaming phase.

      • Realtime cheats with cheats database support.
      • Realtime memory scanner with (partial) heap scanner and main thread stack scanner.
      • Decrypted savedata exporter/importer with multiple saveslots.
      • Improved screenshot feature (no compression) in any game and any situation.
      • FTP Server during gaming phase.
      • Possibility to change console clockage with CPU, GPU, BUS, GPU Crossbar support.
      • Possibility to disable Auto Suspend feature while in game.
      • Possibility to stream PSVITA screen to PC while gaming.

      - Slade for his constant work pushing new cheats to the cheat database.
      - Everyone who contributed to the cheat database.
      - gnmmarechal and Red7s for testing the plugin.

    • Controls

      While in game press START+SELECT to open rinCheat menu.

      In rinCheat menu:
      • Cross = Select option / Increase selected number in the memory scanner
      • Triangle = Return to previous menu
      • Up/Down = Change selected option
      • Left/Down = Change selected number in the memory scanner
      • Square = Decrease selected number in the memory scanner
      • Start = Return to the game

      When screenshot feature is enabled (Game Hacks), press L+R+START to take a screenshot.​

      When starting a game, you can also:
      • Hold R to skip net module loading
      • Hold L to force MMC mode

    • MMC or RAM mode

      These are the differences between MMC and RAM mode:
      • Screenshots taking = Faster in RAM mode
      • Cheats List support = Limited in MMC mode (due to low available memory)

    • How to install and use
      • Place plugins and data folder in ux0:
      • Open ux0:/plugins/game.txt file and add this line to the file:
        • ux0:/plugins/rinCheat.suprx 1
      To open rinCheat menu
      • just press SELECT+START during your game session.
      How to use (CPU Clockage & AutoSuspend)
      • Pretty straightforward, navigate to Game Hacks menu and then enable such features.

      How to use (Screenshot Feature)

      • In Game Hacks menu, enable Screenshot feature then close rinCheat.
      • During your game sessions you'll be able to take screenshots by pressing L+R+START.
      • Screenshots will be saved in ux0:/data/rinCheat/screenshots.

      How to use (Value searcher/injector)
      • Navigate to Game Cheats -> Search Value.
      • In this screen you'll be able to search an arbitrary value of 1,2,4,8 bytes on stack or heap.
      • First of all set the value you want to search and its size, then press one of the two Start Absolute Search options, you'll be prompted with how many matches has been found.
      • Now you can directly inject a new value by pressing Inject value or you can unpause the game and, later, search between the matches how many changed their values by using Start Relative Search feature.
      • You can also use the Save offsets function to save matched offsets on ux0:/data/rinCheat/db/TITLEID_offsets.txt. These offsets can be extremely useful to actually write automated cheats to insert to rinCheat database.

      How to use (Cheats List)
      • When you find a good offset with the value searcher you can save the offset to actually write a cheat that will appear in the Cheats List.
      • To do so, after you saved the offsets, you have to create a file in ux0:/data/rinCheat/db named as TITLEID.txt. Here you can put how many cheats you want that will appear in the Cheats List.

      Syntax for the file is:
      • #CHEAT NAME
      • @offset @value @size

      • #999 Max Health
      • @0xB1A4A231 @0x3E7 @4

      A list of the games that are currently included in the database can be found here (Realtime tab):

      How to use (Decrypted savedata dumper/restorer)
      • Such features are available on Manage Savedatas menu. Dumper will save the savedata to ux0:/data/rinCheat/TITLEID/SLOTX where X is the currently selected Slot.
      • Edit your savedata as you wish and then you can re-inject it back by using the related feature.

      How to use (FTP Server)
      • FTP Server is available on Net Module menu. Just enable it and connect to the IP showed in the menu.
      NOTE: If you can't see any folder when connected just manually input the folder to show (ex: ux0:/).

      How to use (Screen Stream)
      • Screen Stream feature is available on Net Module menu. You can select the video quality of the stream (Lower = Best Framerate, Higher = Best Video Quality) and then you can start the stream by enabling the related feature.
      • Then you only have to start the PC application and insert the IP shown on PSVITA to connect.

      NOTE: To change stream quality when you are already streaming, you must first disable stream, then change video quality of the stream and then re-enable the stream.

      A compatibility list can be found here:

    • Changelog - * v.0.1 Stable *
      • Added Screen Stream feature over WiFi.
      • Improved compatibility with several patches (Stack Size Patch, Unusual Framebuffer Sizes Patch, Unusual Main Thread ID Patch, etc...).
      • Added multiple saveslots support for decrypted savedatas.
      • Added new cheats to the cheats database.
      • Fixed wrong colors in screenshot feature for MMC mode. Now they are correctly took.
      • Improved speed for screenshot taking and savedata dumping/restoring in MMC mode.
      • Several patches to the Memory Scanner, now it's more stable.
      • Added GPU crossbar clock to the Game Hacks.
      • Now Heap Scanner and Net Module states are shown on rinCheat main menu.
      • Now Heap Scanner and Net module availability are checked at each rinCheat main menu triggering.
      • Now Net Module requests are resolved in realtime (No need to resume the game to make changes effective).
      • Fixed export/import savedata for games that have huge files in savedata (Ex: Dragon Quest Builder). Now works as intended.
      • Now settings will be saved on MMC for next games startup at rinCheat menu closing. (Ex: If you change CPU clock, this will be auto-set to the same value when you start the game the next time).
      • Now the cheats list is correctly shown without any graphical glitch."


    GekiHEN Entry -->
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 13, 2016.

    1. atreyu187
      Is the DB file contained within the app now? I am away from home and can't look directly into it ATM
    2. bitsbubba
      Is this working for Mai dumps also because I know it's based on Vitamin plugins
    3. pinky
      probably does. I think the same dev made the save app I used for tales of hearts r save. the saves r saved to the same folder as the cheats r in this app, so I assume as such. u can just extract the vitamin vpk file with .7z or .rar. then, drop the content into a folder. look at the param.sfo to know the title id. rename the main folder after the title id, and install with mai dump. I did that earlier today, and I had no issues with it. I had to do that with one of the ps plus games, because the game download was glitched on both the vita store as well as the ps3. it would error on the vita, and on the ps3, it would start downloading, then say preparing, then cancel out of the download. afaik, what works for vitamin should work for mai dumps. the only difference is that the vpk is packaged. as long as the game works, there should be no difference. also, mai dumps do double check suprx and self files when dumping. vitamin doesn't. however, the game probably wouldn't boot if not all self, suprx, and modules were decrypted.
    4. pinky
      @bitsbubba , I'm not sure it matters (don't think it does), but the appcont folder on ux0 is where dlc is contained for games, but if u select mode 5 in mai dump, the dlc folder is created in the game's title id in ux0:app/title id/dlc. I think vitamin games should still work with that considering they're decrypted games. and, I don't think the dlc folder is created unless u select mode 5 for that specific game. I also noticed that u can drop dlc into the mai_appcont folder on ux0:, but I think it has to be decrypted content. it will find it upon loading mai dump. if it's not decrypted, it will find it in appcont, decrypt, then send it to ux0:app/title id/dlc. that's what I've learned from the issues I had with tales of hearts r dlc. I had bought all costumes, and it hit me that clearsign and keystone as well as the protected file system (pfs) folders were present. those files won't be there if decrypted. :)
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    5. barelynotlegal
      been following this for a while. i have found some more offsets, and came across this
      but noticed they are .lua, is this for save data as i noticed "needs_crc32" from what i remember thats a bruteforce option as well. i have adapted them to .txt just incase as i dont have any of the games on disk, just cartidges
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    6. atreyu187
      Plugin works with both. Heck some games REQUIRE rinCheat or even amphetamine plugin to work. Resident Evil Revelations 2 does not work unless you have both of these plug-ins enabled.
    7. barelynotlegal
      I have noticed that too. With the lua file could i just use text and apply those offsetts ornisnitnfor save data mods/cheats
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    8. atreyu187
      I wish there was a ready made AIO DB file set. I haven't used this yet except for my one game that needs it. Maybe @bitsbubba can do for rinCheat what he did for the PS3's Artemis providing a single download with all the database files.
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    9. barelynotlegal
      Looks like lua is for savedata. I was going to try motostorm but ran out of time

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