PS3 RPCS3 (PS3 Emulator) - January 2019 Progress Report (+ useful Extras and Tools)

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By Roxanne on Mar 18, 2019 at 4:02 PM
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    A new Year, a new Progress Report begins. Kinda late for March, I know and yes it's not the first time I use this excuse for being such late. But the Team behind this wonderful PS3 Emulator RPCS3 thought about that instead of bringing you a monthly updated Progress Report only this time - which still shows some impressive Progress from each Month if you ask me - they decided that it would be a good start for the first Progress Report of 2019 to release some additional Tools together with the January 2019 Progress Report. So while you can enjoy their Progress for January both down below and on their Blog post (also linked down below), the Team behind RPCS3 teased several Tweets about their additional Achievements they did since the beginning of this year. You want an example? Well, maybe you didn't know about but since RPCS3 also supports a Basic Network Functionality, it will allow you not only to emulate some AAA Game Titles. It can be also useful to emulate other Non-Gaming Applications and various Media Applications as well. So there is no problem at all to watch some Videos using the official YouTube-Applications for PS3 via RPCS3, viewing the newest Episode from you favourite Anime Series on Crunchyroll or why not enjoying a full-length Hollywood Blockbuster on Netflix, for instance. How cool is that?​


    • Progress Report: January 2019

      Performance improvements from Nekotekina's Approximate Xfloat implementation (as seen in the previous GoW 3 video) continue to impress as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Ni No Kuni, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and Uncharted see a big performance uplift.

      Over at our forums, a few user and moderators have come together to acquire and test titles that have not been tested recently. Our developers have also been hard at work debugging niche issues that seem to prevent a few titles from progressing ingame. The results of their targeted efforts gives us veracious compatibility statistics from which we can see a big decrease in Intro and Loadable categories and a corresponding increase to Playable and Ingame categories.


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      Well-known Streaming Service Crunchyroll is running on RPCS3 showing the 6th Episode "A New Comrade" from the Anime "The Rising of the Shield Hero"

      Crunchyroll running on RPCS3 while browsing through it's Anime Library

      The official "PS3 YouTube Application" is running on RPCS3 as well, showcasing the newest Video of the Progress Report, which you can watch above :)

      Watching a full movie on Netflix via RPCS3? Because, why not?

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    Full Progress Report:
    Additional details about RPCS3:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Roxanne, Mar 18, 2019.

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