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    People who play Videogames are living in a satisfied world. Especially in the newest era of Videogames, you have the will to choose from many Consoles and it's Games on the market. But sometimes, choosing the "right" Console can give you some trouble. You can confirm that we live in a Generation of Consoles now, where one Console gets two or even three different SKU Launches - promising an even better Gaming Experience - within one or two years, several Game Titles are running better on "this" console compared to the comptetiton or a specific Game Title won't see a release on your Console, you choosed before, at all. Then you have Gamers, who prefers to play their purchased Game Titles on their PC. Sure there are some benefits like you won't have problems about any Restrictions about the Output Resolution or Gameplay Framerates, mentioned before. But it can't help you when a Game Title sees a "Console-only"-Release. Luckily there is a solution for this problem. :) As you know, we present you the newest Progress Report from the Great Team behind RPCS3 and this months one shows that more and more Game Titles, which never saw a Release for PCs are getting a better compatibility from time and time, including that one Game TItle where you have to ride with your horse through the wide steppes of America in it's Western era of time, which many PC Gamers still waits for a PC Release today.


    • Progress Report: July 2019

      Thanks to kd-11 fixing broken rainbow colored reflections/lighting and transparency issues in Gran Turismo games and Silent, a new RPCS3 contributor fixing an issue in Gran Turismo HD where the tail lights were the wrong color. We are now closer than ever before to these classic racing games being considered playable!

      For the compatibility list, it was another quiet month as testers were predominantly occupied with testing pull requests before they were merged. The Playable category remained the largest, while the Ingame category showed a small increase. A similar decrease can be seen in the Intro and Loadable categories, dropping the Loadable category to an all-time low of just 20 titles. Finally, the Nothing category doubled in size to 4 games, although it should be noted this was possibly due to an inaccurate report from a tester, which is to be corrected soon.


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    Full Progress Report:
    Additional details about RPCS3:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Roxanne, Sep 10, 2019.

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