PS3 RPCS3 (PS3 Emulator) - June 2018 Progress Report - Runs PS1 Classics !!!

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    Well, this time it didn't took long since the last Progress Report. And since the last month showed us that more and more PS3 Game Titles getting supported for this Emulator (which is very good as well), this month the Great Team behind RPCS3 anoounces in their newest Progress Report for June 2018, that they gained the ability to run PS1 Classics via RPCS3! Yes you read it right, PlayStation 1 Game Titles running via RPCS3. Althought that they already previewed this achievement a few weeks before and the fact that only those named "PS1 Classics" from the PlayStation Store will be able to run on RPCS3 due to software limitations from the original PS1 Emulator on PS3, it is still great to see what's actually possible throught Emulation by "Emulating a PS1 Game on a emulated PS3". Now after you read this last sentence, imagine the Inception Horn is ringing in your mind. :)


    • Progress Report: June 2018

      Over the course of June RPCS3 saw a great deal of improvements to rendering and compatibility. By rewriting RPCS3's MSAA implementation kd-11 managed to fix outstanding issues with games which suffered from scaling issues or displayed garbage.

      This month RPCS3 gained the ability to run PS1 Classic titles!

      The PlayStation 3 has various types of software and hardware emulators for the most of Sony’s previous generation consoles. For the PS1, 3 software emulators were present within the firmware, namely ps1_emu (runs PS1 discs), ps1_netemu (runs PS1 classics available on the PS Store in .pkg format) and ps1_newemu (supposedly an enhanced version of ps1_netemu). However, similar to VSH, these emulators call sys_storage directly instead of using the file access library. Since RPCS3 currently has no implementation of sys_storage, support for these emulators wasn’t possible.

      However, while researching VSH functionality for RPCS3, clienthax discovered that ps1_newemu did not require sys_storage implementation which allowed PS1 classics to boot when the firmware libraries loading was set to ‘none’. However, games would still crash shortly after booting as they called on an unimplemented function, sys_io_3733EA3C, to get input data. Further debugging revealed this function to be cellPadGetDataExtra with a few additional checks. Simply returning the same function fixed the crash and allowed the PS1 Classic titles to progress ingame!

      Soon after clienthax’s PR was merged into master, Nekotekina made various improvements surrounding PS1 emulation such as allowing these titles to boot from the recents list, fix PPU and SPU cache from generating multiple times when ps1_newemu only requires it to be done once and allow custom per-game settings for these titles.

      Thanks to above contributions, RPCS3 gained the ability to run PS1 Classic titles! While RPCS3 only supports PSN versions of them, most (if not all) are playable and run well.



    Full Progress Report:
    Additional details about RPCS3:


Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by Roxanne, Jul 21, 2018.

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